Australia Day Long Weekend

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Australia Day morning we went to Black Pepper for breakfast, and then did some shopping.

In the afternoon we went out to the club with new tent in tow.  Even though there were storms forecast.  Hrmm.

So we got there and assembled the tent.  It took quite a while because we'd never done it before, and the instructions were pretty crappy.  Got a bit hot and bothered.  So had a little break in the middle to have a drink and a chat with some of the people there.

Continued on. 

Made it in the end.

Our tent!

Inflated the air mattress, and filled the tent with all our crap, then went up for a swim.  And it being nearly 5pm, we declared it beer o'clock.

The swim was really nice .. until they setup the water volleyball net.  Hrmm.

Dinner was a lamb broth for entree, then another lamb stew, and haggis! and tatties and salads.  Lamb for Australia Day, haggis for Burns night.  The haggis wasn't quite as good as I remember from Scotland, but not too bad.

Lamb broth

Lamb stew and salads


Desert was a cranachan made by Chris


Did I mention the storm?  It *poured*.  And continued to rain for hours.  Apparently not as bad as back in Canberra though.

So we got back down to the tent to assess the damage.  The tarp on the vestibule had been covered in water/mud/leaves, but the interior of the tent was ok.  Just the end of the mattress/sheets were a bit wet from being pressed up against the edge of the tent.  Unfortunately neither of us could get to sleep.  The air mattress is quite sensitive, so each little movement rocks the other person around.  So I think we kept each other awake.  For hours.  Plus I was stressing about my bladder.  And of course the more you worry about needing to go, the more you think you need to go, even if you don't really need to go.  Blah.  I think I got to sleep around 2am.  Woke up at 4am for at least another hour.  Then another couple of hours sleep til 7am.  Yeah four hours sleep is probably not enough.

So we got up and had leftover haggis and tatties for breakfast.  Stu fried it, so it turned out more like the haggis we'd had in Scotland.

Leftover haggis and tatties

Then back down to disassemble the tent.  After removing spiders.


I wiped the tent down with a towel and we didn't try to properly fold it up, would do that at home after properly drying it all.  Just a quick fold and put it in the back of the car, with all the rest of our crap on the back seat.

And then home.

To find the power had been out since 7:10pm the night before :(  Fortunately the seals on the fridge are pretty good, so everything was still cold to touch, and stuff in the freezer was still frozen (a bit of meltage on the ice cubes but still mostly frozen).  

Rest of the weekend was pretty quiet.  We did go over to Potty's so he could build a Cornetto stand for the sweetie.  Because he's a manly man.  And has power tools. :)

Manly men

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