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The SIL has been playing with all sorts of photographic effects for a while now.  My brother is not impressed.  I can see where my brother is coming from.  Why take a photo of something then abuse it so it doesn't really resemble what you took a picture of.  And to some extent I agree (my biggest gripes are with the photos that take the image then mirror it or flip it around.. I really don't see the point of those).  But on the other hand, if you're just having a bit of fun, and the pictures you're taking really aren't *of* anything in particular, then putting some effects on them makes them a bit more interesting.

Like this photo of Stu taken at Knead Patisserie today.  I take plenty of pictures of Stu, but to be a bit different, I added an Instagram effect (can't remember which one!).  Not a very exciting (or even very good) photo, but the original is even less so.

iPhone fun
Or these pics of the Belconnen Markets.  The original was created with Pro HDR.  The HDR exposes for both the shadows of the shops and the bright sail.  So it's already looking better than a regular photo would.  But really the content isn't that exciting.  Why not apply an old-school filter to it, then you could look at it think it was out of someone's photo collection from the 1960s or 1970s.  

iPhone fun
iPhone fun
I really liked this picture of a random guy sitting at a table.  With the "antique" Lightroom filter it looks more interesting than the original below it.

iPhone fun
iPhone fun
And a picture of Stu's coffee.  Again, completely boring subject matter, but livened up with an Instagram filter.

iPhone fun
So I can see its point as art.  Because you're not trying to faithfully recreate the original scene.  You're manipulating something that would otherwise have little interest and have some fun with it.


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