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Why does everything take so long?  Or why does time seem to be moving so quickly?

Last night I did one thing - download and process photos.  And it took all night.  Tonight I did one thing - blog my Queensland trip.  And it took all night. 

Although we did put a solar blanket on the pool earlier this evening.

Pool cover

And a shelf collapsed on my white desk downstairs (reminscent of the time my brother's one did the same thing thirty-odd years ago when we camped out in his room), sending old fish tank chemicals (set aside for disposal) all over the floor.  Of course a bottle of methylene blue went everywhere didn't it, and that stuff is nasty.  All over the white desk (even on the laminate I didn't fully get it off) and all over the garage floor (that stuff's *never* coming off :( ).

Here I was trying to do the right thing and save them for a safe disposal (if I could find such a thing) when if I'd just thrown them out years ago this wouldn't have happened :(

Mt Coot-tha

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As far as I know I've been up Mt Coot-tha in Brisbane four times in my life.

The first time was in 1988 when the family went up for World Expo '88.  Sorry about mum's terrible print, will replace it one day with a slide of Dad's.

Mt Coot-tha 1988

The second time was in 1995 when I was dating Hao, and Dianne and Warwick took us up there.

Mt Coot-tha 1995

The third time was in 2005 when I went up with the sweetie.

Mt Coot-tha 2005

The fourth time was in 2016 when we went up with Chay, David and Kailyn.

Mt Coot-tha 2016

Been North

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We've been to Queensland since my last blog entry.  I'll get some posts up soon.  I was going to do it tonight, but spent the *entire* evening sorting out photos (from the trip and beforehand).  I couldn't geotag stuff though because Geosetter just freezes up whenever I try to do anything with it.  Super frustrating.

You'd think that direct flights from Canberra to Brisbane and back would more or less be along the same line.  You'd be wrong.

Queensland Flight Track

And I don't think I ever blogged this .. this was a holding pattern we got put in on our trip in 2012.

Holding pattern

Penguin Bloom

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I was quite a latecomer to Penguin the Magpie's Instagram, by which time Penguin had all grown up and there weren't many photos anymore.  And I didn't know any of the back story of Sam.  But I did see the "ads" for the book and thought it might be nice to have a look at.  Then at dinner with EffanC the other week we were talking about it, and I went and bought it the next day.  Beautiful photos, and a touching story that made me cry.

Image result


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Wednesday night I started coughing.  Spent the next few days feeling like crap.  And the next few days coughing non-stop.  Fun times.  Not.

Saturday we fed about seventy people at the club.  The sweetie had to do most of the food preparation though, because I didn't want to spread germs. 

Club after party

Club after party

Club after party

Dave and Kat came up for the weekend too which was nice, other than feeling like crap of course.

My back hurts, I think from all the coughing :(


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So after a pretty depressing day at work I met up with Heather to shop for the weekend's club event.  Well really it was for the after party for the actual event.  Except the actual event has been cancelled due to insolvency of a third party and so everyone is pretty devastated.  The after party is still going ahead, but it might feel more like a wake to a lot of people.  And I prolly won't get to see the little brother, who probably had more invested in the whole thing than anyone.


Also.  I'm getting sick. Hurrah.

Error in Scanner

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So this is the error I've been getting ever since the October 2016 Windows 10 updates:

"Error in scanner.  Turn off scanner and follow instructions in manual.  Scanner driver will be closed.  Code : 47,1130,0"

Error in Scanner

I get it at least half the time I attempt to scan.  If I hit OK and hit scan again (I don't bother rebooting the scanner), it'll give me the error up to a few more times, but will eventually scan.  It's really pissing me off.  I've yet to try it on a different computer to see if it's a problem with the scanner or with windows.  

But there's literally no other pages on the internet (that I could find) with that exact error code.  So if you come here looking for a solution, sorry I don't have one.  But if you do find something, let me know and I'll post it here.


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I'm sitting here eating the very last of damned white beans from over a year ago.  Finally!  Have been trying to clear some freezer space for a club event.

Yesterday we went out to the club to do some preparation for said club event.  As well as that we had a bit of a swim, and generally had a relaxing afternoon.

Friday night I finally got around to watching It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World which I'd borrowed off David ages ago.  I remember watching it maybe thirty years ago, but all I remember from watching it the first time was them looking for the treasure under the big W.  It was a very silly movie.

The last two Saturday nights we've had nothing planned (or unplanned) which as been bliss.  We've watched the first two Karate Kid movies.  I've been enjoying them.

Hungry Buddha

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On Wednesday we went along with EffanC and Scott to the Hungry Buddha in Belconnen (where Phnom Penh used to be).  We shared a lamb dish (lamb was a little dry but nice flavours), a beef dish (also nice), a fish curry (my favourite dish of the night - like butter chicken but with fish), and some vegetables (which I didn't end up trying).  As well as various naans and nibbles.  A lovely night (aside from hearing the sad news about Cricket) and we were treated to a spectacular light show as the storm rolled through Belconnen.


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Stu's high school friend Tom came to town this week, so we went along last night with him and Damien to the Durham in Kingston.  It was trivia night so the place was packed, and we had fun playing along with the first two rounds of trivia, even though we weren't officially participating (the table next to us might have overheard some of our answers ;) ).  The food service was pretty awful though.  They got our order wrong to start with.  And didn't bring us any sort of cutlery or napkins (they had been for other tables).  Had to go to the bar and try and get some stuff, although didn't end up with any forks so ended up eating salad with our fingers.  And the ribs we had were overcooked to the point of being a bit burnt.  Quite disappointed.  But other than that had a good catchup, and a lovely pleasant night to be sitting outside.


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Wednesday night we had Zac come and stay with us because Chrissie had to go to Sydney for a conference.  We watched Aladdin, which he'd never seen! *gasp* !!

Thursday night we had Ben over for dinner.  Had evil cheese and bacon chicken roast and watched documentaries on Lego and Boeing's Everett "megafactory".

Friday night we did the visiting.  I'd had a crappy day so really didn't feel like socialising, but Kit and Serena had had even crappier days so we all tried to help each other feel better.

Also I'm getting really tired of insomnia (get it, arf arf).  Twice this week I've gone to bed at reasonable time, but then woken up in the middle of the night for hours.  Partly temperature (too hot with the doona on, too cold with it off), partly my brain not shutting up, but mostly just my spine never feeling comfortable :/

Como Hotel Fire

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Twenty years ago this morning we were woken up by siren after siren screaming through our suburb at something like three in the morning.  We got up and looked out the front windows and saw orange in the sky north of us.  We thought it might have been the Como Primary School.  We got dressed and headed into the night.  As it turns out, it was the historic Como Hotel engulfed in flames.  Built in 1878, destroyed 3 November 1996, and rebuilt five years later keeping the original brickwork and facades.

Como Hotel Fire, 3 November 1996

Como Hotel Fire, 3 November 1996

Como Hotel Fire, 3 November 1996

Como Hotel Fire, 3 November 1996

Como Hotel Fire, 3 November 1996

Como Hotel Fire, 3 November 1996

Como Hotel Fire, 3 November 1996

Como Hotel Fire, 3 November 1996

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