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FridayQ: Vent

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FQ Topic: Vent

FQ1: What's the one thing above all others that drives you insane... that one dreaded event that causes you to completely lose your composure and want to kick, scream, and beat something with a big stick?
Just one??  Probably people pushing in.  It makes me hate all people and want to destroy them with fire.

FQ2: Is that all? Surely there is something else that will cause you to freak out! Here's your chance to vent and list a few other things that make you go nuts...
People making a mess, people not doing doco, people being cruel to animals, people not indicating, gravity, crap vendor support, stoopid people, anally-retentive people, people that make fun of my hobbies and interests.

FQ3: When you've been driven crazy by something or someone... and are barely containing your frustration... is there anything you can do that will make you calm down, dispell the rage, and be happy again?
Rant on my blog, have a few drinks and rant to colleagues, rant to Stu.  Ranting is a thing with me I think.  Sorry.  Or I might go and do a jigsaw.

FQ DARE: Admit it, you're not perfect... what is something you do that drives other people crazy?
Probably my ranting/complaining.

Compare with last time ...

Who needs sleep?

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Got to sleep quickly last night.  But then woke up at 3:50am and didn't get back to sleep for at least an hour and a half.


I spent the morning continuing to fight a problem that as it turns out might not have even been a problem and I may have wasted my (and a couple of other people's) time.


Tonight we watched some Veronica Mars and then I watched Crocodile Dundee.  The pub looks a bit different now than it did in the movie.

Yeah there was no way the vacuuming was getting done tonight.


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So two nights ago I went to bed at 10pm and didn't get to sleep for three hours.

Last night I went to bed and went to straight to sleep.  And woke up at 4:15am and never got back to sleep.

Yeah so basically I'm a zombie.

Zombie, zombie, zombie, yeah yeah yeah .. what's in your he-ead what's in your he-ead... (sorry.. Singstar song)

Tonight we watched a couple of episodes of Veronica Mars S2 and now it's bed time.  

I still haven't done the vaccuuming ..


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So a neighbour complained about Kit's rooster yesterday.  I was hoping that since it had been a month or two since he started crowing that maybe noone would complain.  But alas not.  She put a collar on him (I think) but it didn't make him quieter, just a bit sadder.

Anyway *my* crap day started from about 1am, when I'd been in bed for three hours without sleeping.


And then I spent the day fighting problems (not my problems mind you) and basically achieving nothing by the end of the day.

Shopping.  Home brew (not mine).  Veronica Mars.  Bed. 

Let's see if sleep works any better tonight.

I still haven't done the vaccuuming.

Had a pretty productive day today.  Got things done.  Fixed things (I hope).  Walked up the hill and hacked some portals.  Cleaned the kitchen.  Cleaned the study.  Sorted a month's worth of photos.

So yeah, pretty good day.

I still haven't done the vaccuuming.

So Friday night saw us leaving straight after work for EffanC's for F's birthday party.  This was a very pleasant evening (if a little hot - I really shouldn't have worn jeans) and we stayed outside chatting and stargazing for several hours.

Saturday morning we packed and headed out to the club.  Had a very relaxing afternoon in the pool, meat pies for dinner, and a reasonably early night.

Sunday I spent a good chunk of the morning on my jigsaw, and a good chunk of the afternoon on my longstitch - finished it, yayy!!  Then some more time in the pool, cooked a big potato bake for dinner (which everyone else helped share - so much for leftovers hehe) and then back in the pool because it was *warm* there - much warmer than outside after the change came through.  A lovely evening.

Today we cooked up bacon and eggs and tomatoes for breakfast, then came home.  I went downstairs to hide from the TripleJ Hottest 100, which was quite awful.  Did some jigsaw and watched documentaries.  One of the documentaries was Raging Planet and an episode on cyclones.  They were talking about Andrew and how it had spared New Orleans, but how much trouble it would be in if it got hit head on by a hurricane.  The doco was from 1997, and it was a little unsettling knowing that Katrina did just that a few years later... Did a couple of loads of washing, which was pretty much the only useful thing I did at home today.  Then headed out again to Stu's Japanese class for dinner.  

I still haven't done the vaccuuming.

FridayQ: Liar

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Friday, June 25th 2004...
FQ Topic: Liar

FQ1: Lie about where you spent your last vacation.
Went to the moon

FQ2: Tell an untruth about your last romantic encounter.
With Jason Isaacs.  Gosh it's been over ten years since I've had a crush on a movie star.

FQ3: Fib about the last gift you received.
One million dollars

FQ DARE: This time tell the truth on all the above!
Well last vacation was Hong Kong and Taipei.  Last "romantic" encounter I'd say the nice drive the sweetie and I took last weekend, which was not necessarily romantic in the traditional sense of the word, but was just a really nice time together talking about life and stuff.  Last gift would have been Christmas presents I guess.

Compare with last time ...  looks like I had a lot more energy to think about it last time.  Also, I didn't forget this on Friday, it's just that we went out straight after work and pretty much was out the entire weekend..

More Achievements?

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Didn't kill anyone today, I suppose that's an achievement.

And got my flex time back in the black for the first time in nearly six months.

Also went into Optus and halved what I'm paying them each month *and* am not locked into a two year contract.  Definitely an achievement.

Cooked our second night in a row of Costco ribs (beef last night, pork tonight).  Both pretty good.  Completely evil though.

Also got our wedding photo book delivered today.  And they didn't dump it next to the letter box to get rain soaked this afternoon.  Epic achievement.  And it turned out really well, the lightened pictures look a lot better.  

Pulled out all the paint from all my paint-by-numbers sets going back thirty years.  Funnily enough all the paint has dried up in them.  Even the more recent ones.  Which is a bit of a poo because I was hoping to be able to use some of those paints to finish another one I got a while back that I never finished because the paints dried up *while I was still doing it!!*  Was pretty annoyed about that.  I can use one of the paints from the last one I did (even though it dries matt) but don't have two of the other colours I need which is a big poo.  Oh well.

So I woke up this morning thinking it was Monday.  So when I realised it was Tuesday it made me a feel a whole lot happier.

But the relentless onslaught of problems and interruptions took its toll on me and I almost snapped at one point from one too many phone calls during one too many problems.

I ranted half the afternoon, and all the way home with the sweetie.

But we did have some rather evil bbq pork ribs from Costco for dinner.

And watched some Veronica Mars and sorted photos and battled with my computer running at 100% cpu from riot-act pages I had open in my browser.  Stoopid stoopid stoopid site.  Why don't they just put the full article (and adverts if need be) in the rss feed??  The vast majority of riotact pages I just skip over because it's too much effort to go and actually read them.  Fail fail fail.


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So several achievements tonight.

Firstly, I finished sorting 2013 photos into folders, leaving just a few thousand from 2014 to file.

Secondly, I finished the paint by numbers I've been working on for a while.  A bit disappointed in how it turned out actually.  Not as good as other ones I've done.

Finally, I finished watching Wonders of Weather, a documentary dad had on dvd.  The last episode featured a whole heap of Simon Carroll's work.  Just amazing.

Association ..

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  1. Language :: barrier
  2. Obvious :: no kidding
  3. Skull :: hard
  4. Insidious :: devious (no idea why that popped to mind)
  5. Struggle :: strength
  6. Unspeakable :: no comment
  7. Orchid :: flower
  8. Fish :: swim
  9. Annoyingly :: me
  10. Payroll :: tax

.. holy crap I had no idea this thing was still going  .. thanks Fiona!

Friday to Sunday

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Friday night we finished watching season 1 of Veronica Mars through.  I think that was my third time watching it through.  Still just as good.

I didn't sleep very well on Friday night.  Too many restless legs :(  Was awake for hours, so was tired and grumpy on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning I spent the entire morning cleaning the house.  Yay.  Although I *still* haven't done the vacuuming.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate vacuuming?

Marc and Jo arrived around midday and we chatted for a while.  

Then did a trip to Costco.  Because I'd never been and was interested to see the place.  It started off ok, looking around the home entertainment stuff and another non-food stuff.  But then we got to the food and thought we should see what inspired us for dinner.  Ended up picking up some lamb shanks.  But then we needed to find stuff to go with it, but it's really horrible to shop for fresh food there.  Smallest bag of potatoes was 5kg :(  Plus we didn't know where anything was and it was somewhat crowded, so it all became quite stressful.  Got through the checkouts, and then they take your receipt and count every item in your trolley to make sure it adds up.  And I'm like *what the??*  Seemed quite insane to me.  And the girl couldn't grasp that there was something buried under something else, which meant our tally was one item *under* and so she spent ages counting and getting confused.  Bizarre bizarre bizarre.  Then we thought we'd get some super cheap petrol (under a dollar a litre) but then we saw the queue, which was at least six cars waiting per bowser and thought screw that and just got out of there.

At home we started prepping dinner (it was like 4pm by this point).  But I was tired and stressed and grumpy and things just kept falling *down*.  Why does everything have to fall down??  Plus mess, and multiple people working just made it even more stressful.

But once we got dinner in the oven and cleaned up the kitchen I could start to relax a little.  So we chatted and looked at holiday slideshows before dinner.  Which turned out reasonably well.  The lamb shanks were *huge* and I didn't finish mine, and they could have done with being done a bit slower and longer.

After dinner we (read me - everyone else wussed out) went for a swim.

But then we started prepping breakfast (Marc's breakfast mince) and I accidentally knocked a wine glass onto the floor.  It *shattered*.  Into tiny pieces all over the kitchen floor :(:(:(:(  I was pretty upset because it was one of the nice ones Stu got when he left his job in Queensland nearly nine years ago.  But I really lost it when I tried to nibble a bit of onion of the spatula a bit later and dropped it trying to put it into my mouth.  I was just so sick of everything falling down I just lost it and went to bed.

Today was a fairly slow start.  Had the breakfast mince (too much food for me) and then Marc and Jo went home around midday.

Then the sweetie and I jumped in the car and went for a nice long drive out to Uriarra Crossing and Mt Stromlo (Scope is closed - boo).  We had a good long chat about life and stuff so that was really nice.

Uriarra Crossing

Cotter Dam

Mount Stromlo

Mount Stromlo

Mount Stromlo

Got home and started on season 2 of Veronica Mars.  I remember watching this in Sydney, but found my dvds were still wrapped, so was wondering how I could have seen it.  Then figured I must have watched *live*, on *tv* .. surely not!  Actually watching tv as it airs?  Unheard of! heh

FridayQ: Gadget

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Friday, June 18th 2004...
FQ Topic: Gadget

FQ1: What's your favorite electronic gadget that you own? Which gadget do you wish you owned but don't?
Tough choice between my phone and my camera.  Both of them go *everywhere* with me.
Only gadget I'm thinking of at the moment is a dash cam, but I don't drive nearly enough to make it worthwhile.
Actually I know - a quadcopter that does video you can watch live.  I want to fly vicariously through one.

FQ2: What gadget do you wish somebody would invent so you could have one? Which gadget do you wish had never been invented at all?
A teleporter.  This was especially a thing when Stu was living in Brisbane and I was in Sydney.  But even now commuting and travelling would be sooo much easier with a teleporter.
Never been invented? Can't think of anything really ..

FQ3: Do you consider yourself an electronic gadget junkie? How many gadgets are around/on you right now?
Not really.  I don't have to have the latest and greatest.  On/around me *right now* would be my phone, the camera in my bag, pedometer in my pocket, computer I'm typing this on.. maybe lasers and whatnot around my desk..

FQ DARE: Reveal a trendy gadget you bought, but are now embarrassed to own/have owned.
Had something here but deleted it so as not to offend anyone.  Nothing really.

Compare with last time ...


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So I achieved something tonight.  I finally finished the first pass of sorting my digital photos from year/month folders to folders by subject, finishing off photos from 2003 tonight.  I still have a good chunk of the last two or three years to file yet, so still a bit of work in that space.  Also did a bit of painting and watching dad's weather documentaries.

Today was yet another day of stress, problems and interruptions.

But we did have rather a nice lunch for Aquila's birthday at Black Pepper.  I had some satay chicken skewers which were delicious.


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I was having a really crappy morning this morning.  I was almost in tears at one point from the stress of everything I'm meant to be doing, but can't because of constant interruptions, people coming to me with problem after problem after problem, and people wanting servers built.  It was all feeling too much.

But then Marc and Jo had to put their dog to sleep this morning.

And you realise that there's plenty of people having it much tougher than you.  :(:(

Finished off the wedding photo book tonight and ordered our copy.  Really want to make some holiday photo books soon.

Hoping I get more sleep tonight (couldn't get to sleep til like 1 or 2am - brain wouldn't shut up).


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So mum will be pleased to hear I've *finally* gone back to editing our wedding photo book for reprinting.

I first did our wedding photo book in 2010 for the parents' for Christmas that year.  I was thoroughly stoked with how they turned out, but I wanted to change a few things for our own copy - some of the images were a little dark and needed lightening, there were a few little layout issues in places and I needed to fix some of the text.  You can't edit a finished photo book with Blurb, you have to essentially reimport it and start again.  But the first time I did this all the imported images that were vertical were showing up horizontally in the image list.  They were ok in the main part of the book, but I was paranoid that I'd go to get it printed and all the vertical images would come out sideways.  So there it sat for a few years.

Anyway tonight I fired up BookSmart to have another go at it.  For some reason I was able to open the old book and all the thumbnails look ok.  So I started doing the lightening of some of the photos.  So far I've come across one image that opened vertically in ACDSee, but horizontally in Irfanview.  So I really don't know what will happen to that image.  It *looks* ok, but if the exif data is screwed up who knows what will happen.  Just have to hold my breath I suppose.

Horror day at work today, too many things breaking for no good reason, and of course lots of people complaining about it :(:(  Was really wishing I'd stayed at home :(

Wet Weekend

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So yesterday was photo sorting, painting, and watching dad's documentaries.  We went down to Kit's after dinner for a while which was nice.

Today was a meandering start.  I cooked cheesy hash browns for brunch yummm.  Went to the markets for some food shopping late morning.  Jo and Marc popped in briefly.  Did a bit of cleaning and photo sorting in the afternoon.  Still haven't vacuumed :(

Nat and Andrew came over for dinner (roast chicken and epic potato bake) but while we were waiting for it to cook we looked at our photos from Hong Kong (both trips) and Taipei.  After dinner we read through Geek Battle questions, and put on various YouTube videos.

Photo Sorting

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Dave2 has recently posted his sagas with migrating from Aperture to Lightroom and his method of cataloging his photos.

It got me a bit more motivated to keep sorting out my photos.

You see I don't use any software to manage my photos.  I just don't trust it.  I prefer to see my photos as is in a directory structure.  I did play with Picasa once and *hated* it.  I also tried using windoze built in tagging feature and hated it even more.

So now I just keep files in directories.  In the olden days I used to file all my photos by year then month.  This was fine for when I only took a few photos per month, and I kept an excel file database to manage it all and it was all good.  In January 1999 I got my first digital camera.  I loved that camera.  I used it for five years.  But I only properly documented all my digital photos for the first year or so.  Then it all got too hard because I took so many photos.  So it became impossible to find anything unless you knew *when* something was taken.  I could spend ages searching through months and months of photos trying to find a photo I took of something.

In recent years I've changed my photo sorting to be by subject.  This generally works a whole lot better.  But I still haven't finished sorting my photos.  I get little bursts of enthusiasm from time to time, but it's an awful lot of effort.  

So I just keep plugging away at it.

Today I was filing some of the first year of photos I took on my digital camera into my folders by subject structure.  I found some fun ones mum would probably like of the mess they made repainting the house in 1999..

Dining room mess

Dining room painting

Dining room painting

Dining room painting

Family room painting

Family room painting

FridayQ: Musical

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Friday, June 11th 2004...
FQ Topic: Musical

FQ1: Do you play any musical instruments or have any musical talents? Whose musical talent would you most like to have?
I learnt to play the recorder as a kid, and the very basics of keyboard.  I have a *tiny* bit of musical talent that I got from my dad.  But really not very much.  I remember one of the most amazing things I ever saw by a talented musician was called "Five Notes".  It was at a show and she asked for five musical notes, and then a list of composers.  She then proceeded to improvise a tune based on those five notes, in the style of five different composers.  Just amazing.

FQ2: What was the last musical event you attended?
Gosh that took a bit of digging up!  It would have been Phantom of the Opera on my birthday in 2013.  The last band I saw would have been 1927 in 2012.

FQ3: Give it up... to which musician would you most like to have an "all access pass" for the night?
Traditionally David Bowie.  But then he got old, and he straightened his teeth - boring!

FQ DARE: Reveal a musical artist or group that you are embarrassed to like.
I think I probably said Abba last time, although that's not that unfashionable anymore.  Maybe Katy Perry?  Although "like" is stretching things a little - I got her Complete Confection cd because I kinda liked the sound of a few of her songs, but really never learnt any of the songs very well.

FQ CHALLENGE: Mention the above artist or group in a comment you leave on some other blog, then provide the permalink URL where we can find it! (No fair lying about how much you think they suck and no cheating by leaving the comment on somebody else's FridayQ entry!). Extra creativity points for somehow working them into a completely unrelated conversation.
ok so I didn't get the extra creativity points, but here's my link.

Compare with last time ...


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So today is my twelfth blogiversary.  

12 years.

Holy crap.

Other than that, happy birthday David Bowie and Elvis.

And here's to another twelve years and then some of blogging ...  while we remember the bushfires in Como of January 1994


Wii Unfit

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Mum came back from the little brother's tonight.  We had a very nice swim in the pool and talked about family and life and stuff.

Pool with eggnog

Then I cooked dinner - cheesy meatballs and cutlets.  Yumm!

Then we played on the wii for a while.  I checked in for the first time in two years.  I might have put on weight.  Sigh.  Mum lost weight.  More sigh.  At least I won at bowling and tennis heh.

Had a bit of a blah day today.  Too much *crap*.  So when the sweetie decided to come home early because he's been feeling crappy from the cold he has, I came too.  We watched some Veronica Mars and got pizza.  Yeah real healthy dinner there.  Hrmm.  Really must get some more veggies to go with all the leftover meat we still have in the house..

Other than that I watched more of dad's documentaries, did some paint by numbers, and watched Source Code.  Interesting movie but the ending just leaves you questions.. 

Whoops so I didn't post all weekend..

This ring tail possum was at the club on NYE.  I touched its tail because I could.

Ring tail possum

Friday was super hot.  The birds were suffering.  Crows and magpie larks were coming to the fountain at the Labor Club to get a drink and cool off in the shade.

Crow at the Labor Club

Did our food shopping and came home.

Saturday I did some housework, and got a bit annoyed that it feels like I'm *always* cleaning the house.  It's just never ending :/

We did jump in the pool to cool off though which was nice.

In the evening we went over to EffanC's to have a glass of bubbly and some cheese before we went to the movies.  

Pre movie bubbly

Wine at the Palace

Palace Electric wine

Then back to their place for a fairly late dinner (of some very nice quiche and salad).

Sunday was more suffering in the heat.  

In the afternoon mum came down from Sydney to stay.  She *finally* had a swim in our pool (for one reason or another it'd never happened before).  I had a beef stew going in the slow cooker all afternoon.  For dessert we had Heston Blumenthal's Hidden Orange Pudding.  I'd seen these advertised on tv before Christmas, but didn't get one.  Then on Friday saw them for half price so grabbed one.  It was pretty good.

Hidden Orange Pudding

Hidden Orange Pudding

And today was back in the deep end trying to stay afloat again.  

The Imitation Game

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The Imitation GameOn Saturday night we went with EffanC to see The Imitation Game.

We went to the Palace Electric cinemas in New Acton, which we still hadn't been to since they opened a couple of years ago.

It was all very civilised and we took some wine in, although had to hold onto the glass the whole time so it didn't get knocked off (there's no actual drink holders and I accidently knocked Stu's water bottle off at one point).

Anyway, the movie.

Loved it.

Thought it was very well done and some great performances.  It had some very funny moments, but also some sad ones, especially at the end.

FridayQ: Escape

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The other month, Dave2 resurrected his FridayQ posts.  I did many of these ten years ago (holy crap has it been that long ???) but I also missed a lot because I actually often found them too hard!  Often it required thought and brainpower that I just didn't have.  Anyway, I thought it might be fun to work through them for the next year (until I forget) and compare answers with ten years ago.  And I even still have a "category" in my blog, which is pretty disturbing in itself!

Friday, June 4th 2004...

FQ Topic: Escape

FQ1: What is your favorite way to escape from everyday life?
Movies, tv (to some extent), internet.  Jigsaws, although that gives me plenty of time to let my brain wander, which sometimes goes into fantasyland, sometimes about life in general.  Alcohol to some extent.  Travel, but not nearly enough of that :)

FQ2: When was the last time you made an escape? Where did you go?
Well our last proper holiday was to Hong Kong and Taipei.  Given that I did almost no planning for it, I guess you could say it was an escape.

FQ3: If you could escape to anywhere on earth right now, where would that be?
Gosh.  Probably Europe somewhere.  I love Europe.

FQ DARE: Post your passport photo (or your driver's license photo if you don't have a passport).
I *hate* my passport photo.  These days you're not allowed to smile for your passport photos which makes me look completely retarded.
Kazza's passport photo

Compare with last time ...

So we had last night out at the club.  But it was a pretty quiet night for us.  In fact we were struggling to even stay awake til midnight.

Today we came home and I did mostly housey stuff.  Setup dad's slide scanner with the idea of maybe scanning slides while watching the 900 or so episodes of various documentaries he'd taped off tv (I'm sure I can toss most of it).  But after a couple of test scans I'm not happy with the slide scanner.  The drivers are super fussy and aren't working properly, which means the "intelliscan" isn't working - just quick scan.  But the quick scan is pretty down and dirty and the scans are very "soft" - focuswise.  Really not happy with the results, and don't want to put in the effort of scanning seven thousand slides for less that great results.  Might have to investigate a better quality scanner.

Other than that took care of the puddle, had a swim in it (finally), then watched some Veronica Mars with the sweetie.

Also we might have had bacon and eggs for brunch and pizza for dinner.  Such a healthy start to the year.   Hrmmmm.

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