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Friday night we finished watching season 1 of Veronica Mars through.  I think that was my third time watching it through.  Still just as good.

I didn't sleep very well on Friday night.  Too many restless legs :(  Was awake for hours, so was tired and grumpy on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning I spent the entire morning cleaning the house.  Yay.  Although I *still* haven't done the vacuuming.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate vacuuming?

Marc and Jo arrived around midday and we chatted for a while.  

Then did a trip to Costco.  Because I'd never been and was interested to see the place.  It started off ok, looking around the home entertainment stuff and another non-food stuff.  But then we got to the food and thought we should see what inspired us for dinner.  Ended up picking up some lamb shanks.  But then we needed to find stuff to go with it, but it's really horrible to shop for fresh food there.  Smallest bag of potatoes was 5kg :(  Plus we didn't know where anything was and it was somewhat crowded, so it all became quite stressful.  Got through the checkouts, and then they take your receipt and count every item in your trolley to make sure it adds up.  And I'm like *what the??*  Seemed quite insane to me.  And the girl couldn't grasp that there was something buried under something else, which meant our tally was one item *under* and so she spent ages counting and getting confused.  Bizarre bizarre bizarre.  Then we thought we'd get some super cheap petrol (under a dollar a litre) but then we saw the queue, which was at least six cars waiting per bowser and thought screw that and just got out of there.

At home we started prepping dinner (it was like 4pm by this point).  But I was tired and stressed and grumpy and things just kept falling *down*.  Why does everything have to fall down??  Plus mess, and multiple people working just made it even more stressful.

But once we got dinner in the oven and cleaned up the kitchen I could start to relax a little.  So we chatted and looked at holiday slideshows before dinner.  Which turned out reasonably well.  The lamb shanks were *huge* and I didn't finish mine, and they could have done with being done a bit slower and longer.

After dinner we (read me - everyone else wussed out) went for a swim.

But then we started prepping breakfast (Marc's breakfast mince) and I accidentally knocked a wine glass onto the floor.  It *shattered*.  Into tiny pieces all over the kitchen floor :(:(:(:(  I was pretty upset because it was one of the nice ones Stu got when he left his job in Queensland nearly nine years ago.  But I really lost it when I tried to nibble a bit of onion of the spatula a bit later and dropped it trying to put it into my mouth.  I was just so sick of everything falling down I just lost it and went to bed.

Today was a fairly slow start.  Had the breakfast mince (too much food for me) and then Marc and Jo went home around midday.

Then the sweetie and I jumped in the car and went for a nice long drive out to Uriarra Crossing and Mt Stromlo (Scope is closed - boo).  We had a good long chat about life and stuff so that was really nice.

Uriarra Crossing

Cotter Dam

Mount Stromlo

Mount Stromlo

Mount Stromlo

Got home and started on season 2 of Veronica Mars.  I remember watching this in Sydney, but found my dvds were still wrapped, so was wondering how I could have seen it.  Then figured I must have watched *live*, on *tv* .. surely not!  Actually watching tv as it airs?  Unheard of! heh

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