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Live Long and Prosper

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I liked that quote so much it was the sig on my email for years.  

I was so fascinated by Spock I used to watch Great Mysteries of the World every week just to see Leonard Nimoy.  

Rest in peace.

FridayQ: Criminal

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Friday, July 30th 2004...

FQ Topic: Criminal

FQ1: If you could steal something and be assured of getting away with it, what would you take?
Probably a few million dollars so I could invest it and live off it so I wouldn't have to work anymore.

FQ2: If you could vandalize something without fear of being caught, what object would you deface?
Blues Point Tower
Ugliest building in Sydney, if not for its design but the location which makes it stick out like a sore thumb.

FQ3: If you could trespass someplace where you were not allowed and nobody would find out, where would it be?
The next Soyuz rocket to the ISS.  I've always wanted to go into space..

FQ REDEMPTION: Time to redeem yourself for the above stated criminal activities! If you were allowed to write a new law, what law would you create?
Outlawing stoopid people?

Looks like I never did this one last time..


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So last night we finished watching Veronica Mars season 3.  And I was just annoyed last night as I was the last time I saw it in 2007 when it just *stopped*.  And then I read this morning that Rob Thomas did that deliberately!  Bastard!!

Anyway, tonight we watched the movie again.  Which was great, probably better than the first time I saw it because the series was so fresh in my mind, and not a seven year gap like last time.  Although her super lowered voice annoyed me.  I thought it may have been the production, but possibly related to her pregnancies .. maybe..


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So we were about to get in the car to head off to work today when I noticed the pool level was a lot lower than it should be.  It looked to be at about the bottom of the skimmer box, so my first thought was that piping had broken to the filter/pump, and the pool had drained off.  As it turns out, it was siphoning itself off via the hose.


One end of the hose had been in the pool since the last top up a while ago.  The other end I'd draped over the edge, having disconnected it from the tap a couple of days ago to fill up a watering can.  Then the wind last night blew the end onto the ground, and the pool started draining.  Was super annoyed at the waste of water and a little worried about the flood (which, fortunately, seems to have drained fairly well).  But I was glad that it wasn't broken piping, and that I discovered it before a day of water had the chance to drain out.

In other news, all the documentaries I'm watching on America and its national parks is making me want to go back there!!  Just don't know that I could convince the sweetie..


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I first found out that paint-by-numbers were a thing back in the early eighties.  My best friend at the time, Donna Bonnefin - her brother Paul had been given a set of a collie.  I was amazed and wanted to do one.  So I somehow got a double set (could have been a Christmas or birthday present) and did them.  The brush that came with the set with pathetic, and I was still quite young and my motor skills weren't the best, so I actually did most of them with toothpicks.  I gave one each to my nana and grandmother, where they were displayed until they moved into hostels/nursing homes, at which point I got them back.  Since then I've done several over the years.  I am not creative at all but have great attention to details and patience, so these things work well for me.

So this was the first paint-by-numbers I ever did.  Much of the detail was done with toothpicks but the larger areas and blended areas were done with a brush.  These were oil paints which took *forever* to dry, which meant blending worked really well because both sides were wet.  This one went to nana.

Paint by numbers swans

This was the other one in the set - it went to grandma

Paint by numbers ducks

I'm pretty sure these horses were next.  I was still doing some of the detail in toothpicks, but was a bit better with a brush.

Paint by numbers thoroughbreds

Paint by numbers thoroughbreds

Paint by numbers thoroughbreds

Then I think were these kittens.  Before I left Sydney I was giving things away left, right and centre, and sadly I gave these away too.  I'm actually really regretting it.  I hope the person that got them didn't just chuck em out.  I did at least put my website on the back, just in case...

Paint by numbers kittens

Paint by numbers kittens

Then a couple of puppies.  Little bit boring as a very small range of colours.

Paint by numbers puppy

Paint by numbers puppy

I did the bears a bit later on in life - maybe around my uni days.

Paint by numbers bears

These swan lake ones I did as an adult, but I got super frustrated because a couple of the paints dried up before I finished them.  The first one is missing just some of the dark brown, while the second is missing some of the blues as well.  All the sets so far except the very first two were by Craft House, so was a little disappointed.  They're oil paints too, which means that even though I could probably make up the colours using my latest set, it wouldn't be the same because the new paints are acrylic and dry quite matt, whereas the oils have a nice sheen.

Paint by numbers swan lake

Paint by numbers swan lake

And this is the one I completed just recently (bought it for the summer break a year ago).  I was a bit disappointed in this.  It looked nothing like the box for a start, because the paint-by-numbers was modelled on an actual painting, and this looked really nothing like it.  Plus there were mistakes, including on the face where there were two large areas next to each other with the same number which made it look really dumb, so I improvised a bit.  Another annoying thing was this was the first set I'd done where you had to blend your own colours.  Sure it doubled the available colour palette, but it was really painful to work with.

Paint by numbers fox

I'll update this post when I finish my latest set :)

ok here we go.  This took like four months to do - felt like forever!

Paint by numbers - Lakeside Village

Piling High

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Thursday I had a horror night from not feeling well in my stomach (I hadn't even drunk that much at drinks), to hurty hitting at midnight.  So not much sleep then.

Friday I donned my Sadie gloves for a little cleaning (although not as much as I would have liked).  That night I watched the Shawshank Redemption which I hadn't seen in years. I wouldn't mind reading the book some time.

Saturday morning first thing we had brunch, did some food shopping and went to Bunnings.  And then it was after midday.  How does that happen?

Lamb mint chili chocolate sausages from Market Meats Belconnen - they were pretty good!
Lamb mint chili chocolate sausages from Market Meats Belconnen

Then headed out to the club.  Did a bit of trench digging, but ended up helping measure curtains up for hemming.  We hung them in the bus later and they looked amazing.  Had dinner there and chatted to J&H for quite a while and I even went in the sauna.

Caravan spider

Bus curtains

This morning we came home earlyish via breakfast at Quangers Scottish Restaurant and Office Works.  

Bridge grin

I did some painting and fish stuff and gardening.  Accidentally started watching Secondhand Lions on tv and ended up watching the whole thing, was quite good.  Then went and did our food shopping for the week.  Tonight was Veronica Mars and dad's documentaries.

The piles of crap on my desk are getting higher and higher.  Really must clean them up ..


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CitizenfourLast Wednesday night, we went out for dinner with EffanC (to Kinh Do - lots of really yummy food).

Then we headed into Civic to see Citizenfour.

I thought it was very interesting and thought-provoking, although I did get distracted from time to time by the whole film making process.

My dad used to lose it at governments doing that sort of stuff.  He was completely paranoid, hated the idea of "big brother" and even raged at having to do the census.  But, probably because he was like that, I feel a lot less paranoid.  Maybe because I feel like I have such a boring life that why would anyone *care*?  Probably not the right attitude, but I suppose it's one of the lesser likely things to keep me awake at night.

And, relatedly, it was just that same morning that I was doing some testing of our proxies (Simon says!) to see what is logged during image searches, and what images are returned from sites that are blocked.  It seems the image searches return images from Google rather than from the blocked site itself, means that things can show up that shouldn't.

So for anyone watching, that image search I did on "weapons making" was just for testing!


So this was dinner at Kinh Do

Kinh Do spring rolls

Kinh Do grilled chicken lemon grass

Kinh Do pork

Kinh Do beef cashew nut

Kinh Do ginger fish

And this was the bar at the theatre

Palace Electric bar

FridayQ: Decorated

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Friday, July 23rd 2004...

FQ Topic: Decorated

FQ1: How have you decorated the walls of your living space (photos, posters, works of art, etc.)?
Not much.  We're total slackers.  We've been in this house over six years and we've only hung like half a dozen things.  Actually Stu has.  All I've got up is a Lego mosaic.  Most of the walls are still bare.

FQ2: How have you decorated your body, both intentionally (piercings, tattoos, etc.) and unintentionally (wounds, scars, etc.)?
I have my ears pierced.  And a few small scars.

FQ3: How have you decorated your computer's "desktop"? Post a snapshot if you want.
My computer at work cycles through several holiday's worth of photos at random.  At home I have a photo of the earth at equinox 2013 taken from APOD.  I used to use my own photos but most of them aren't any good.

FQ PROJECT: Decorate your blog today! Create some art with an online Etch-a-Sketch (like the one here) and post a snapshot of your efforts (or, if you're not an Etch-a-Sketch fan, draw us a picture using whatever you want).
Ha.  I'm not creative at all.  So here's a sneak preview of what I'm working on at the moment.  Art without the creativity!!
Paint by numbers preview

Compare with last time ...


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I've been playing Candy Crush for probably the last year and a half or so.  But I've pretty much given it up.  I got thoroughly sick of hard level after hard level that would take days each to get past.  Some of the hard levels were interesting or took a little bit of skill, but most were just tedious, or you died too quickly (death by bombs urgghh), or were just plain impossible without sheer amounts of luck.  I got up to 690 in reality, a thoroughly awful level that pushed me over the edge of quitting, and 272 in Dreamworld, which I imagine would only be possible to with an awful lot of luck and/or boosters.

I wonder if King keeps stats on what levels people quit at.  Because they do change the difficulty of levels sometimes.  Maybe if they were to do that I'd come back to it.

Today I spent about six hours doing doco and change paperwork.  Didn't actually *do* anything :/


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Headed out to the club first thing yesterday.  That is, we didn't leave til after 10am and with a shopping trip didn't arrive til nearly midday.  Had a bit of lunch and then the sweetie went to work on his essay, and I went up to the kitchen to help prepare dinner.  


Several of us spent the entire afternoon prepping veggies while others cooked.  We cut up ten kilos of potatoes, half a sack of onions, a kilo of garlic (garlic oil *hurts*, who knew?), thirty cucumbers, half a box of bullhorn peppers, lots of zucchinis, several large bunches of spring onions, several large bunches of bok choi, a couple of huge pots full of cabbage, a bowl of ginger, a huge bowl worth of mini egg plants.  And that was just the veggies.  There was also probably 10L worth of fried rice, fifty drumsticks, fifty chicken wings and a *mountain* of pork.

All to feed forty people.


As you can imagine, there was a lot of leftovers.  And I mean *a lot*.  We could have easily fed another hundred people with the leftovers.  In fact most of it (including at least three quarters of the garlic (which *hurts*)) wasn't even cooked up.  The whole thing offended me actually.  There was so much left over there wasn't the fridge space to store it.  Although I did make a valiant effort at it before bed.

But the food that we did manage to eat was really good, and after dinner R&L put on some music and a whole bunch of us danced for ages which was heaps of fun.  Mostly sixties and seventies music, with a couple of Adele and Kylie songs heh.

This morning I woke up early stressing about all the food and whether it would all go to waste.

Went with EffanC to Bungendore for a light breakfast, then came back with lots of freezer bags and bagged up all the veggies for people to take home.  I made a cabbage bake for dinner tonight which was evil but good, and used up some old cream and bacon that was in the house.

Other than that it was just painting and watching Veronica Mars and dad's documentaries.

I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

And my fingers still smell like garlic.

FridayQ: Stupidity

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Friday, July 16th 2004...

FQ Topic: Stupidity

FQ1: Admit it, sometimes you are not the sharpest tool in the shed. What's something stupid you've done recently? (The FridayQ doesn't count!)
It usually involves drinking a little too much and feeling a bit under the weather the next day

FQ2: Children do idiotic things all the time because they just can't seem to help it. What's something stupid you did as a kid?
Jumped up too fast from being on the floor playing with my brother - because mum was coming in from outside and I was meant to be getting ready for school.  I pulled a muscle in my leg and it made it hard to walk for a few days.

FQ3: Sometimes, being a bit of an idiot is required (or fun!). What's something stupid you will be doing in the future?
It usually involves drinking a little too much and feeling a bit under the weather the next day

FQ OBSERVER: People are morons. Without naming names, what's something stupid you've seen somebody else do?
How about the guy the other day we saw swerve across two lanes of traffic to take an exit..

Compare with last time ...


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Hi there, I'm looking for my husband.  He laughs like a hyena.  Yes that's him.

I found the above ad tonight on one of dad's documentary tapes where he hadn't edited out the ads.  This was early-mid 2005 - ten years ago!  Then I realised ten years ago wasn't actually that long ago .. hrmm.

Spent a good funny while going through old Yellow Pages ads trying to find it :)

After the horror of yesterday, today was a quiet dream.  We fixed one of the problems from yesterday (I got the three relevant parties in a room and they sorted themselves out).  Then I spent the afternoon just Getting Stuff Done.  Infinitely better day.

Tonight I started the new paint by numbers set that arrived this morning, while watching dad's nature documentaries.

Worst Day Ever

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ok not really

cause noone died

I have to remind myself of that on occasion to keep things in perspective

Realised yesterday morning that I've somehow managed to delete the resized and geotagged copy of our Hong Kong and Taipei photos from last year.  Dunno how or when.  And I'm not holding out much hope that they'll be on my backup disks, because I do mirroring and any deletions will be gone from them too :(  So that totally sucks because it means I'll have to geotag all my photos all over again :(  At least it wasn't the masters I suppose.  I should have done a dad and made 17 backups.

Also, we finished watching Veronica Mars season two last night, and started on season three.

Vacuumed the pool today and went in it.  It was pretty cold, under 24C, but very refreshing on such a hot day.

One year on

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Last night was one year since dad died.  I've been listening to the list of "Dad songs" I posted last year.

Mum is doing well, and loving her new life in the retirement village.

There's some things I miss about dad (his technological knowledge and some of his quirks), and some things I certainly don't (his grumpy personality).  

I still have dreams that he's still alive, or that he recovered and came home to a house/garage that we'd cleared out of all his stuff.  The number of times I said "sorry dad" while we were getting rid of his stuff.. I think it haunted me slightly.

Yeah so what a marathon effort that cleanout was!  It took us about sixteen months, although it really accelerated in the last two months when mum had to move out.  I well and truly lost count of how many trips to Sydney I did!

Parents' Garage

Garage cleanout

Dad's workshop

Workshop cleanout

Dad's workshop

Workshop cleanout

Back alcove Back alcove

Back alcove Back alcove

Front alcove Front alcove

The end of the week

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Wednesday I met up with the sweetie and we went to the Wig&Pen at its new premesis.  I have to say I was a little disappointed - it certainly doesn't have any of the character of the old pub.

Thursday was pretty meh.

Friday I went offline and spent about five hours doing doco/paperwork, and then about an hour doing all the changes I'd just written up.  Finished the day with a little fun doing clean up and diagrams.

Today was just bumming around the house sorting out stuff.  The sweetie made up these zucchini/cheese fritters which were quite nice.

Is it bed time now?

FridayQ: Suggestive

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FQ Topic: Suggestive

FQ1: Suggest something to read, something to watch...
Star Trek VI by J.M. Dillard, probably my favouritest book ever.  And Veronica Mars.  Totally awesome show.

FQ2: Suggest someone to admire, someone to stare at...
The sweetie!  One of the most wonderful people I know.

FQ3: Suggest someplace to go, someplace to avoid...
Go? Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, where do I even start? heh
Avoid? I can think of a few places I've had bad travel experiences at, but nothing enough to say don't go there.  That I can think of.  I'm sure I'll think of something later.  If I do I'll add it here.

FQ PROJECT: Suggest an itinerary for somebody visiting your city by listing the five must-see attractions of the area.
Well it depends a lot on what you're interested in.  For me I like towers and high places, so I'd suggest Mt Ainslie (free) and/or Black Mountain Tower.  Probably a tour around Lake Burley Griffin to see all the public buildings and the carillon.  Questacon is a favourite of mine because I'm a science geek.  The parliament houses if you're into that sort of thing.  And there's plenty of galleries if you're into that sort of thing.

Compare with last time ...


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Today consisted of Getting Stuff Done.

Tonight consisted of Veronica Mars.

And an epic potato bake and lamb roast.  Which I prepped this morning.  But didn't get on til 6:30pm.  So we didn't eat til well after 8pm.  Whoops.

Two months to go

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Photo sorting that is.  November and December last year (and a little bit this year) and then I'll be done with the first pass of sorting my ditigal photos into folders.  There'll still be quite a bit recategorisation needed to get everything into a setup that I'm happy with.  Then I'll need to finish scanning and sorting my prints.  And one day mum and dad's...  (and we won't even go there with all the holiday photos...)

Backtracking a little.  The other night at the movies we saw a trailer for The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and were talking about it and it came up that we should watch the original.  So last night I went over to EffanC's to watch it (left the sweetie at home to work on his uni assignment).  We chatted and nibbled for a while before watching it.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, I thought it was very well done.  Must go see the sequel.  The sweetie came over and saw the end of it and then we went home.

Today I was able to work through some of the work that's been accumulating while sorting out problems, so that was good.

Early night tonight.

The Theory of EverythingAnother week, a different scientist/mathemetician.... last night we went along with EffanC to see The Theory of Everything.

I quite enjoyed it.

Eddie Redmayne's performance was brilliant.

I found it quite emotional (but then, we went to Palace Electric, so I'd had a couple of glasses of wine).  

But it is mostly about the relationships.  For the geek in me I would have liked a bit more of the science as well.

Didn't get much done for the rest of the day yesterday.  Just a bit of house tidying, jigsawing etc.

Today not much either, other than a bit of food shopping at the markets this morning.

But you'll be pleased to know I finally did the vacuuming.

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