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I've been playing Candy Crush for probably the last year and a half or so.  But I've pretty much given it up.  I got thoroughly sick of hard level after hard level that would take days each to get past.  Some of the hard levels were interesting or took a little bit of skill, but most were just tedious, or you died too quickly (death by bombs urgghh), or were just plain impossible without sheer amounts of luck.  I got up to 690 in reality, a thoroughly awful level that pushed me over the edge of quitting, and 272 in Dreamworld, which I imagine would only be possible to with an awful lot of luck and/or boosters.

I wonder if King keeps stats on what levels people quit at.  Because they do change the difficulty of levels sometimes.  Maybe if they were to do that I'd come back to it.

Today I spent about six hours doing doco and change paperwork.  Didn't actually *do* anything :/

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