Two months to go

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Photo sorting that is.  November and December last year (and a little bit this year) and then I'll be done with the first pass of sorting my ditigal photos into folders.  There'll still be quite a bit recategorisation needed to get everything into a setup that I'm happy with.  Then I'll need to finish scanning and sorting my prints.  And one day mum and dad's...  (and we won't even go there with all the holiday photos...)

Backtracking a little.  The other night at the movies we saw a trailer for The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and were talking about it and it came up that we should watch the original.  So last night I went over to EffanC's to watch it (left the sweetie at home to work on his uni assignment).  We chatted and nibbled for a while before watching it.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, I thought it was very well done.  Must go see the sequel.  The sweetie came over and saw the end of it and then we went home.

Today I was able to work through some of the work that's been accumulating while sorting out problems, so that was good.

Early night tonight.

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