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So mum will be pleased to hear I've *finally* gone back to editing our wedding photo book for reprinting.

I first did our wedding photo book in 2010 for the parents' for Christmas that year.  I was thoroughly stoked with how they turned out, but I wanted to change a few things for our own copy - some of the images were a little dark and needed lightening, there were a few little layout issues in places and I needed to fix some of the text.  You can't edit a finished photo book with Blurb, you have to essentially reimport it and start again.  But the first time I did this all the imported images that were vertical were showing up horizontally in the image list.  They were ok in the main part of the book, but I was paranoid that I'd go to get it printed and all the vertical images would come out sideways.  So there it sat for a few years.

Anyway tonight I fired up BookSmart to have another go at it.  For some reason I was able to open the old book and all the thumbnails look ok.  So I started doing the lightening of some of the photos.  So far I've come across one image that opened vertically in ACDSee, but horizontally in Irfanview.  So I really don't know what will happen to that image.  It *looks* ok, but if the exif data is screwed up who knows what will happen.  Just have to hold my breath I suppose.

Horror day at work today, too many things breaking for no good reason, and of course lots of people complaining about it :(:(  Was really wishing I'd stayed at home :(

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