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Net worth

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Spent entirely too much time on the calls database this weekend. A lot of hacking perl and mysql was involved. Even managed to break the sql server in the process. It seems that if you do a select from multiple tables but don't put in the links properly, it generates rows over and over again. I don't know how many lines it was going to return, but it generated a 200mb temp file before the partition filled up. Later when I did a similar select on just a small fraction of the database, it returned over 2000 lines. Still haven't figured out the code properly, need to figure out how to do joins.

But I did get a bit of an admin interface working, where clicking on the categories prints out a summary of each entry. And I think I got a nifty date select working, that selects everything since the previous Sunday. Can anyone suggest anything better/more elegant/more compact than this:

select * from calls where date > DATE_SUB(DATE_FORMAT(now(), '%Y-%m-%d'), INTERVAL DAYOFWEEK(now()) day);

Opened the blinds to my balcony this morning and was met with this spring's first azaleas bursting forth with petals. Then I opened the door and was met with a blast of deliciously warm air. So I opened all the windows in the place to let some of the warm air through.


Just went and bought some fishies - two new Juli cats. Cutest little things.

It also appears that Jeans West have changed the sizes of their jeans. I bought a couple of pairs a couple of years ago, so went in to buy another two the same size. When I tried them on (after getting them altered - I assumed they would be the same) they are actually looser than my old jeans. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean I could get fatter without noticing so much :( Looks like the story they did on one of those current affairs type shows is true - clothing manufacturers are making their clothes a little larger so that people can fit into a smaller size and feel good about it *sigh* Needless to say I'm "not happy, Jan".

*buzz* :)

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Got pleasantly buzzed tonight which was lovely, thanks Dave :)
Had drinks again up at the Coro for Dave's last day at cia, and had a pretty decent turn out which was great. Photos should be a lot of fun .. mwoohahahha :)

A google search on "Black Mountain Tower" brings up my holiday photo page on conspiracy from last year (here) as number 3! Go figure. I have no idea why, really, it's got two mentions of the place on the whole page, yet it ranks really highly in Google. Spins me out.

Didn't quite get around to posting last night, I realised after I'd turned the monitor off. Of course then I couldn't really be bothered as it was way past my bed time anyway. As it is I've got nothing to say anyway. Oh well, so ends another day in the boring life of kazza.

I tried fixing up my Stoopid Quizzes blog tonight, and thought I'd stuffed up the templates completely, even though it was identical in design (cut and pasted) to this master blog. Spent probably 3/4 hour trying to figure out what was wrong with it, then suddenly realised it was simply because I hadn't posted to it in a while, and so the body page was blank. The only reason it worked before was because I'd overridden the index page to show the last 15 entries rather than the past week. This setting was overridden when I pasted the index style of the master blog. *sigh*

Anyways, after I figured that out, I created a new blog called "Top Stuff" which I'll add stuff to every so often with top favourite likes, dislikes, wishes etc. Check it out.

On the way to Striker's the other night, I ran over a screw in my car. Being a Saturday night, there wasn't anywhere to get it fixed, so we pressed on, and decided when we arrived that it was a slow enough leak not to have to do anything then and there. I checked again later in the night, and got home on it ok. I checked it again on Sunday, and it was still fine. Even on Monday morning it still hadn't flattened very much. I tried to take it to the last place I'd had a tyre fixed, but they weren't open, so pressed onto work and took it to the one down the road from work. When I came back to pick it up, it was $27.50 ! Which is about $17.50 more than I expected to pay as the last time it was only $10 at the other place. Grumbled to myself about this but let it pass.

So then tonight I needed to fill up with petrol and stopped at the Budget Petrol nearish to home. It took ages to fill the tank, and I thought it was running really slowly. Then when the bowser said I'd only half filled the tank it cut out. I didn't believe it (my guage had been on empty) and continued filling. Only when fuel started bubbling out did I decide it really must be full. I went in and paid, grumbling but not knowing why it was being silly. I started the car, and sure enough the guage was full to overflowing. As I drove off, I pondered the situation and decided I'd saved about $15 in petrol. I also decided I should call them and let them know their bowser was faulty. But I can't actually find them in the phone book (they've changed names), so they're just going to have to live with it until someone else tells them.

Weekend nonsense

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Saturday was interesting. I met up with Jacqui (who I saw last weekend for the first time in 12 years) and Tanya (who I also hadn't seen in 12 years) for lunch. We ended up shopping, having lunch, shopping, having coffee, shopping. I came home six hours later. Then it was off to Striker's for his birthday party. Was a very strange night. Somehow I don't think I'll be going back any time soon. Was annoyed with Campbell after hanging around for hours later than I wanted to, only for him to decide to stay anyway and not get a lift home. sigh.

Today I was tired and grumpy, so slept in and didn't go to church. Watched the Mole most of the afternoon and really didn't achieve anything else.

Some more silly stuff. A Google search on "kazza" puts me at number 2! A Google search on "MacGyver DVD" puts me at number 4! All because of a silly comment I made months ago about wishing they'd put MacGyver onto DVD. "care bear quizzes" puts me at number 6. Go figure.

I also saw some teeny Angel fish in a pet store. So I came home and looking at old pictures of mine - my angels have all grown so much! They've doubled in size in the past couple of months.


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I don't care what anyone says, 30 year old + 15 year old = disturbing

Flipping MT. Just lost a whole paragraph because when you hit back by accident, you can't go forward and get back what you were typing >:(

Was just commenting on the wierdness of Christmas in the Harry Potter world. I've always found it quite strange that the world of Harry Potter celebrates Christmas and Easter. The whole "Christian" and "magic" world are so totally opposite, you couldn't have them both at the same time. Wizards would be just as anti-christian as Christians are anti wizards. Why would wizards celebrate a holiday that wouldn't even exist without Christ? If there was such a thing as a magic world, Christianity wouldn't actually exist. I just find it really odd.

friday five following..

1. When was the last time you laughed?
Just recently (watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone)

2. Who was the last person you had an argument with?
Probably Kinh

3. Who was the last person you emailed?
Someone at work I think.

4. When was the last time you bathed?
Shower this morning

5. What was the last thing you ate?

Van vs Bus

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I think the bus won, although not sure who was in the wrong. Bus was turning right and hit by oncoming van. Someone went through a red light or entered the intersection when it wasn't safe to do so. Ambulances and police everywhere.

Very tired. Not sleeping well.

Ordered the first three Harry Potter books online. Couldn't find a bookstore that didn't want you to go through a whole username and password registration setup epic, so chose the least user unfriendly one of the lot - Collins - to buy them through.

Aside from that, not much.
School reunion was good for one thing at least - catching up with my best friends from high school (who didn't go to the reunion, but at least now we're all in contact)

Lost my bet

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I had a bet going with one of our customers about the cia support mail. I said they wouldn't ask me back, he said they would. I lost.

Not entirely sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing yet. I was starting to get used to the idea of not having to do the support mail when I got home. Although I am in a much more of an "I don't care" attitude. So I'll do what I can and not stress over it. I was only asked to help out until the new staff can be trained up. :)

1. How much time do you spend online each day?
24 hours. Really. Oh ok if you take out sleep and driving time, about 15 hours
2. What is your browser homepage set to?
At home,, at work, about:blank
3. Do you use any instant messaging programs? If so, which one(s)?
Yup, ICQ
4. Where was your first webpage located? - a guy from Melbourne University who I met in a newsgroup gave me the space in his home directory
5. How long have you had your current website?
I've had since July 1 2002 when AusRegistry first released domain names. I was actually the first person in Australia to register a domain name :) (thanks Guy!)

My butt is somewhat numb.. not sure if from cold or working it too hard. My ankles feel like they've been in a lumpy vice for several hours. My thighs are feeling a bit strange. My ears are hot. My fingers are cold. My back has this dull sensation that I suspect will escalate to full scale pain by tomorrow.

The cause of all this agony? I went ice skating tonight :)

Jim and John came along, but they only stayed for just over an hour (they didn't want to do themselves injuries before they go off skiing next weekend). I wasn't going to pay $14 and then leave after an hour though, so I stuck around. It was such a quiet night I even had the ice to myself for a little while. The most there ever were on the ice aside from myself was just four other people. It was actually really good, I got lots of practise spinning around and going backwards and spinning back to forwards again. Spent probably and hour and a half just practising that (Jim can do it so effortlessly, makes my attempts look pretty pitiful). I actually stayed til the place closed at 9pm, so over three hours there :)

All in all my birthday was a pretty suckful day. A few things did help though. Like subway for lunch, picking up some space lego in the afternoon, Luc and Lizzi's for dinner (I couldn't face going to dinner with my parents), and then firetwirling at Glebe with Striker.

Friday morning I woke up to find my fish tank siphoning itself off onto the floor. The air hose to the air stone had worked its way loose off the stop valve, so there was nothing stopping the water coming out. Fortunately it had only been going for a short time and only a centimetre or so had siphoned off. If I hadn't slept in I may have gone to work before it started and would have come home to an empty tank with 100L of water all over the floor, which would have been an absolute disaster. I repositioned the stop valve to the top of tank, so even if it comes off now, it won't be able to siphon anywhere.

Friday at work wasn't any better. Dinner at James and Georges was nice, but a little wine and I lost it a couple of times over absolutely nothing.

I had all this other stuff I wanted to write about my birthday, except it's all too depressing.

Yesterday was somewhat better. Met up with Jacqui for lunch, and we chatted for three hours at Maccas of all places. Then last night was the Jannali Girls High School reunion. It was interesting but rather strange. Most of the people I was interested in seeing weren't there, and at least one that was wasn't really interested in talking to me anyway. I actually enjoyed catching up with some of my teachers more than many of the students. But then I was always the unpopular one at school, and a teacher's pet, so that's hardly surprising.

Today I finally finished Vic's latest project that he wanted me to work on, so that was good. I'm sure there'll be plenty of bug fixing to do though.

So here I am facing another week. I'm not at all looking forward to it. In fact I'm rather dreading going back to work tomorrow.

1.. what to say

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Chris talked to me on icq today.. in a way I wish he hadn't cause it's left me feeling miserable ever since. He asked about birthday plans, which up until a week ago would have included him. But as it is, even though I can't think of anyone else I'd rather spend my birthday getting drunk with, he's probably the last person I'd want to spend it with cause it'd just make me crazy. *sigh*

nothing more to say really

Had to laugh a lot at this today. After spending a week patching our machines in anticipation, and blocking netbios to be sure, it felt kinda good to watch the rest of the world run around in a mad scramble trying to fix up broken machines when it finally hit.

But the mood of the day was marred in the afternoon by my boss piking on, and therefore cancelling, ice skating that was supposed to happen tonight. Went home totally grumpy cause I'd managed to organise a group of people to go out (which never happens) only to have the night cancelled. grumble.

I did manage to hack one of vic's scripts enough to make it work though, which is always a good thing. Although it has some issues, it's a lot further along than it was earlier this evening.

3.. yoykes and away

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Flipping slammer. Flipping backup exec. Who on earth would install a whole database server just to keep track of what backups are running? So that wasted my day and just now trying to find the appropriate patches for a cut down piece of crap software.

Had roast pork for dinner at my parents place today though which was nice, and me little brother came along also which was good. Left a bit early though to get home and do upgrades. Yay.

Finally managed to get onto another school friend of mine today. We haven't spoken in probably 12 years. We're going to have lunch together next weekend, should be cool.


another dinner at Alan and Marylon's tonight .. much fizzling involved :)
This was after a quick trek to the Power House Museum this arvo to catch up on a few things I didn't finish last time I was there. I think I've pretty much seen everything in the museum there now.. except some of the steam engines in action .. Will definitely also have to get to the Observatory soon though to see Mars at very close proximity.

1. What's the last place you traveled to, outside your own home state/country?
Outside my state: ACT at the end of last year
Outside my country: USA in 2000
2. What's the most bizarre/unusual thing that's ever happened to you while traveling?
Running into someone I knew in New York City (ok, so I was travelling with him, but we'd split up for the day and were doing our own separate things. We ran into each other outside Macy's)
3. If you could take off to anywhere, money and time being no object, where would you go?
The Moon. Otherwise, Europe for a year or two.
4. Do you prefer traveling by plane, train or car?
Plane no question. Biggest fantasy is that I could fly .. I wanted to be a pilot too..
5. What's the next place on your list to visit?
Long term plan is Europe.. short term maybe Tasmania or Lord Howe Island

Drinks at the Corro for Carl

Just got home from the "Corro" for drinks for Carl's last day at cia. It's certainly a much more civilised place than the Sly Fox, and even cheaper. So was all good.

A couple of people I know in real life have seen my blog in the past couple of days, which is rather a disturbing thought. I've been writing this for the past 8 months with noone paying any particular attention, and then suddenly I get two in one week. I hope it doesn't mean that I'm gonna stop writing about some stuff, knowing that these people might read it, or pass it onto other people I know who may read it. I'm sure it will have some effect though. We'll see I guess.

My party has been rescheduled to Friday. I'm a bit over it now though, so *whatever*. I'll turn up (assuming it doesn't get cancelled or whatever) and see what happens.

Going back in time an hour.

In the words of Striker (who for some reason I still link to and read his blog every day, even though he *never* reads mine, and never talks to me on icq) .. "kill me and put me out of my misery". No seriously, please can someone kill me. I don't have the guts to do it myself but I can't face this world anymore. I've had enough. My party's been organised for a day, and it's already been cancelled. Seems the people who were going to have to give up bible study aren't willing to, and worried about the burden it'll put on George (which I'm more willing to accept).

Can someone remind me what the point of life is again?

8.. zzzzzzz

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Another mindless day patching computers
Two floors down, still many to go.

Couldn't get the key into the ignition this arvo.. the thingie inside had twisted around and gotten stuck. Fiddled and fiddled and eventually gave up and called the NRMA. They fiddled and got it unstuck, yippee. Decided it was a good time to book the car in for a service anyways :)

My party has been loosely organised, and people have agreed to turn up.. woohoo!! Not that it will be a big thing, just a few friends over to James and Georges for a dinner party.

aus lightning
So I get home and load up my blog, and it's a balmy 23C (it's mid winter) and my weather pixie is wearing her light pink dress. I open up all the windows in the flat because it's so warm and dry and there's a strong breeze going so a good chance to air out the place.

So then a few hours later I'm sitting on the loo and I hear rain. Not a lot, but it just seemed so strange when the air felt so dry. Reload my weather pixie, and only 37% humidity. Check the radar - yikes, big front coming over from the southwest with lots of rain. Check the lightning tracker, and well, that's the picture you see above.

So not only is the weather crazy, but Google has moved me up from number 4 to number 2 on a search for "kazza" .. woohoo!

So this is all after a mind-numbing day spent patching people's machines against the threat of the latest Microsoft exploit. One floor down, only about 8 to go :/

So according to the radar the rain is getting closer. May have to go close all the windows.

10.. like a yoyo

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Keeping myself busy .. at work patching computers against the latest exploit.. hanging around at cia.. shopping.. watching The Mole (flipping ran out of tape and missed the last 10 minutes >:( ) .. half watching tv and programming

Which means while I'm distracted I'm actually in quite a good mood. Whenever I stop though, things catch up with me. Like passing within 200m of *his* place on the way home and getting that rather sinking feeling.

Gonna go back to my perl.

5 nights and 3 of them getting happily drunk, it's all good.
Ok perhaps not from a Christian perspective, but you get that.

Tonight was first of the month at Alan and Marylon's with lots of lovely wine and fantastic company, and easy to completely suspend reality and just enjoy oneself.

Last night, no alcohol but still a good night out with Sydney Cave Clan, walking up drains and bridges, and again suspending reality. Photos are on conspiracy under events if you want to see.

Two nights in a row getting to bed at 5am, tonight I'm looking forward to getting 8 full hours of sleep.

Need to finish on something more positive before I slither into bed.. um.. .. well I did get some cool sql programmed today .. and there was the climbing up inside a bridge last night... and dinner tonight.. I think that should keep me going..
nightie night

I've had enough. Really. I don't want to play anymore. I'm so sick of everything.

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