You win some, you lose some

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On the way to Striker's the other night, I ran over a screw in my car. Being a Saturday night, there wasn't anywhere to get it fixed, so we pressed on, and decided when we arrived that it was a slow enough leak not to have to do anything then and there. I checked again later in the night, and got home on it ok. I checked it again on Sunday, and it was still fine. Even on Monday morning it still hadn't flattened very much. I tried to take it to the last place I'd had a tyre fixed, but they weren't open, so pressed onto work and took it to the one down the road from work. When I came back to pick it up, it was $27.50 ! Which is about $17.50 more than I expected to pay as the last time it was only $10 at the other place. Grumbled to myself about this but let it pass.

So then tonight I needed to fill up with petrol and stopped at the Budget Petrol nearish to home. It took ages to fill the tank, and I thought it was running really slowly. Then when the bowser said I'd only half filled the tank it cut out. I didn't believe it (my guage had been on empty) and continued filling. Only when fuel started bubbling out did I decide it really must be full. I went in and paid, grumbling but not knowing why it was being silly. I started the car, and sure enough the guage was full to overflowing. As I drove off, I pondered the situation and decided I'd saved about $15 in petrol. I also decided I should call them and let them know their bowser was faulty. But I can't actually find them in the phone book (they've changed names), so they're just going to have to live with it until someone else tells them.

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