11.. yes, today was different

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5 nights and 3 of them getting happily drunk, it's all good.
Ok perhaps not from a Christian perspective, but you get that.

Tonight was first of the month at Alan and Marylon's with lots of lovely wine and fantastic company, and easy to completely suspend reality and just enjoy oneself.

Last night, no alcohol but still a good night out with Sydney Cave Clan, walking up drains and bridges, and again suspending reality. Photos are on conspiracy under events if you want to see.

Two nights in a row getting to bed at 5am, tonight I'm looking forward to getting 8 full hours of sleep.

Need to finish on something more positive before I slither into bed.. um.. .. well I did get some cool sql programmed today .. and there was the climbing up inside a bridge last night... and dinner tonight.. I think that should keep me going..
nightie night


Dave said:

cheer up mate. :-)

I like drinking with u. :-D

August 7, 2003 3:21 PM


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