9.. The world's gone crazy

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aus lightning
So I get home and load up my blog, and it's a balmy 23C (it's mid winter) and my weather pixie is wearing her light pink dress. I open up all the windows in the flat because it's so warm and dry and there's a strong breeze going so a good chance to air out the place.

So then a few hours later I'm sitting on the loo and I hear rain. Not a lot, but it just seemed so strange when the air felt so dry. Reload my weather pixie, and only 37% humidity. Check the radar - yikes, big front coming over from the southwest with lots of rain. Check the lightning tracker, and well, that's the picture you see above.

So not only is the weather crazy, but Google has moved me up from number 4 to number 2 on a search for "kazza" .. woohoo!

So this is all after a mind-numbing day spent patching people's machines against the threat of the latest Microsoft exploit. One floor down, only about 8 to go :/

So according to the radar the rain is getting closer. May have to go close all the windows.

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