Christmas in Harry Potter?

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Flipping MT. Just lost a whole paragraph because when you hit back by accident, you can't go forward and get back what you were typing >:(

Was just commenting on the wierdness of Christmas in the Harry Potter world. I've always found it quite strange that the world of Harry Potter celebrates Christmas and Easter. The whole "Christian" and "magic" world are so totally opposite, you couldn't have them both at the same time. Wizards would be just as anti-christian as Christians are anti wizards. Why would wizards celebrate a holiday that wouldn't even exist without Christ? If there was such a thing as a magic world, Christianity wouldn't actually exist. I just find it really odd.

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CC said:

Hmmm. Interesting point you make. It'd never even occurred to me that that is a very interesting paradox, the last time I watched Harry Potter.

August 22, 2003 10:56 PM


Kimba said:

Actually, I don't see it as a contradiction in values at all.

There are presently, as has been covered quite frequently in the media, christian denominations which accept homosexuals for instance. People have an uncanny ability to merge beliefs and values - even those that seem to oppose one another.

Furthermore, the bible doesn't say that witchraft isn't real - just that it's evil - so your assertion that magic and christianity can't co-exist is not theologically sound (in fact, certain passages of the bible seem to indicate otherwise). A theologian might go on to ask, "why is witchcraft evil?" and, based on passages contained within the bible, conclude that it is because the source of power comes not from Christ/God - and that this makes it evil (perhaps a form of idolatory, or appealing to another god/power).

HP doesn't mention God, but seems to make a distinction between good and dark magic.... I'm sure that a open-minded, liberal christian in such a universe could quite easily conclude that magic is OK as long as you don't resort to the Dark Arts.

Perhaps the most logical explanation as to why they celebrate Christmas and Easter however, is that they are influenced by the culture around them. If the school were based in a country that did not celebrate Christmas - then presumably, neither would the school. Fact is, not many people believe in the classical christian God anymore - but they still celebrate Christmas. Christmas and Easter have become something more.

I personally hope these questions are never answered in the HP universe. Once of the good things about Harry Potter is that it doesn't get bogged down in religion. I hope it never attempts to explain these things, but leaves it up to the audience to reconcile the story with their own values/beliefs.

August 23, 2003 8:07 PM


aki said:

I don't see a contradiction.
Harry Potter characters that have magical powers were born that way--they didn't choose to become witches and wizards. So being witch or wizard isn't a religion to them, and there's absolutely no reason they can't choose to celebrate Easter and Christmas.

April 20, 2007 12:15 PM


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