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So when I swapped books with mum during our trip, she had brought along Palomino by Danielle Steel.  It looking like a bit of a horse book (I was obsessed with horses as a kid and had a whole stack of horse books), I thought I'd give it a go.  I quite enjoyed it .. 

but .. (spoilers)

A couple of things annoyed me about it.  Firstly Sam going from hating Tate to sleeping with him awfully quickly.  He basically jumped her before they'd really connected.  Then there was the kid, who seemed like he was manipulating her, and there was barely any coverage of the development of their relationship.  And finally the Tate stuff was all extremelly rushed at the end.  The whole thing just felt a bit unrealistic.

Still, it was a good read.  I wonder if the movie is in mum's collection ..


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Sunday night: 2:30am
Monday night: 12:30am
Tuesday night: 3:00am

Yeah I'm pretty much a zombie at the moment.  Don't really understand what's going on with my sleeping, given that the first few days at home I was totally fine.

Been busy at work solving other people's problems (which are usually much easier than my own problems!)

And I got another three days photos geotagged tonight and a couple of episodes of tv caught up on.

So after sleeping beautifully on Thursday night and Friday night, Saturday I was awake for ages in the middle of the night, had a sleep on Sunday, and consequently couldn't get to sleep at all last night :(  It was after 2:30am by the time I got to sleep :(  I'm hoping I'll be tired enough to sleep properly tonight.

Spent most of the morning catching up on emails and had a bit of tidying fun in the afternoon.  Real work calls though so that will keep me busy for at least some of tomorrow.

I also lost $85 in cash today :(:(:(  After travelling and not having stuff in my pockets, I had the notes in the wrong pocket, and they must have fallen out some time between getting to work and lunch time.  Hopefully it made *someone*'s day :/

The sweetie picked me up at work and we did some food shopping, then came home and I cooked salmon for dinner - yum!

Tonight has been spent cooking, washing up, geotagging and catching up on tv.

After unpacking and organising everything from the trip, I put together my purchases and souvenirs for a photo ..

Turkey purchases

Yesterday we went out to the club for the afternoon/evening for the club's birthday party.

The mushrooms are getting bigger ..

Club mushrooms

There's also a super cute ringtail possum that hangs out around the sauna

Ringtail possum

Ringtail possum

Ringtail possum

Woke up in the middle of the night and took forever to get back to sleep, so we came home mid-late morning and I crashed for an hour or so.

Really didn't get anything much useful done today, although I have geotagged three days of photos from our trip.

And I went and played with Kit's new chickies


When I travel I prefer to take a book that I know I will enjoy (this is probably after the time in 2000 that I was slogging my way through Starship Troopers which was not so fun to read).  So I took along "*batteries not included" by Wayland Drew.  Which was great except I finished it in a few days (at least half of it on the boat to/from Patmos).  Mum had the same problem with her book, so we swapped (I'm still reading hers).  She enjoyed it too :)

Gobble Gobble

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Since I don't post regularly, you might not have noticed that it's been a little quiet around here lately.

Well this time I have a good excuse - I was on the other side of the planet :)

Check out the blog (without pics) here.

After getting home just before midnight, I actually slept fairly well and had a decent sleep-in, so basically back to normal today.  

Today I unpacked, did some washing, finished downloading photos and blogging, tidied up and generally caught up with life.  The day went entirely too fast!

Tonight we had duck and venison sausages from Eco Meats, but they weren't as good as the last ones we had.  Then we watched Harry Potter (on DVD not tv).

Last Tuesday night we went to Bellucci's in Dickson for dinner.

For entree we shared some squid which was beautifully cooked and tender

Bellucci's squid

For mains I had the Vitello Saltimbocca (veal) which was *amazing* - tender and tasty

Bellucci's veal

And the sweetie had Confi di Anatra (duck) which was nice enough but nothing special

Bellucci's duck

Saturday I cleaned the house and we did our food shopping.

Nat and Andrew came over Saturday night for a lamb roast and Mario Kart.  Then we played a game of Carcassonne which I won.  Honing!

Mario Kart

Sunday was brunch at Pulp Kitchen with Josh and Ally and family.  We'd made a booking for 10:30am, however Pulp Kitchen doesn't pay any attention to bookings, it's still a case of first in first served.  As the place was completely packed we had to wait and wait and wait (in the freezing cold).  It was nearly 11am by the time we got in :(:(

Pulp Kitchen Farmhouse Breakfast

Fergus asleep

Went to Potty's for a bit, then came home.

In the evening we went to Stu's Japanese class dinner thing, where there was some discussion about the potential changes to the interpretation of the constitution about whether Japan should have more than just a Self Defence Force and be able to send troops to other countries.


This week I've been having fun cleaning up firewall rules :)

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