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So when I swapped books with mum during our trip, she had brought along Palomino by Danielle Steel.  It looking like a bit of a horse book (I was obsessed with horses as a kid and had a whole stack of horse books), I thought I'd give it a go.  I quite enjoyed it .. 

but .. (spoilers)

A couple of things annoyed me about it.  Firstly Sam going from hating Tate to sleeping with him awfully quickly.  He basically jumped her before they'd really connected.  Then there was the kid, who seemed like he was manipulating her, and there was barely any coverage of the development of their relationship.  And finally the Tate stuff was all extremelly rushed at the end.  The whole thing just felt a bit unrealistic.

Still, it was a good read.  I wonder if the movie is in mum's collection ..

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