A Week Passes By ..

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Last Tuesday night we went to Bellucci's in Dickson for dinner.

For entree we shared some squid which was beautifully cooked and tender

Bellucci's squid

For mains I had the Vitello Saltimbocca (veal) which was *amazing* - tender and tasty

Bellucci's veal

And the sweetie had Confi di Anatra (duck) which was nice enough but nothing special

Bellucci's duck

Saturday I cleaned the house and we did our food shopping.

Nat and Andrew came over Saturday night for a lamb roast and Mario Kart.  Then we played a game of Carcassonne which I won.  Honing!

Mario Kart

Sunday was brunch at Pulp Kitchen with Josh and Ally and family.  We'd made a booking for 10:30am, however Pulp Kitchen doesn't pay any attention to bookings, it's still a case of first in first served.  As the place was completely packed we had to wait and wait and wait (in the freezing cold).  It was nearly 11am by the time we got in :(:(

Pulp Kitchen Farmhouse Breakfast

Fergus asleep

Went to Potty's for a bit, then came home.

In the evening we went to Stu's Japanese class dinner thing, where there was some discussion about the potential changes to the interpretation of the constitution about whether Japan should have more than just a Self Defence Force and be able to send troops to other countries.


This week I've been having fun cleaning up firewall rules :)


natto said:


May 8, 2014 1:30 AM


Rosie Nicolai said:

Great images Kazza - would you contact me regarding high resolution images of the skitube images you have on your blog? Kind thanks, Rosie

May 17, 2014 12:21 PM


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