Sleep.. it's overrated..

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So after sleeping beautifully on Thursday night and Friday night, Saturday I was awake for ages in the middle of the night, had a sleep on Sunday, and consequently couldn't get to sleep at all last night :(  It was after 2:30am by the time I got to sleep :(  I'm hoping I'll be tired enough to sleep properly tonight.

Spent most of the morning catching up on emails and had a bit of tidying fun in the afternoon.  Real work calls though so that will keep me busy for at least some of tomorrow.

I also lost $85 in cash today :(:(:(  After travelling and not having stuff in my pockets, I had the notes in the wrong pocket, and they must have fallen out some time between getting to work and lunch time.  Hopefully it made *someone*'s day :/

The sweetie picked me up at work and we did some food shopping, then came home and I cooked salmon for dinner - yum!

Tonight has been spent cooking, washing up, geotagging and catching up on tv.

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