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Third Quarter Jigsaws

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Not that many jigsaws this quarter.  Although I'm trying to work through ones I took from David's place a while back so can do them and get them out of the house.

This one is by a brand which I've done several jigsaws of.  This is one that has a repeating pattern of 4x4, so sixteen shapes of pieces that repeat.  So I spent a lot of time sorting all the pieces out into the sixteen piles.

Colour jigsaw 4x4

Colosseum jigsaw

Because just look at this thing.  It's all brown and black.  Sorting the pieces takes ages, but then putting them in is very quick.

Colosseum jigsaw

Colosseum jigsaw

Colosseum jigsaw

Colosseum jigsaw

This is one of my birthday presents from the sweetie.  I've always said that gradients make jigsaws easy.  I could do a whole jigsaw of just sky if there was a good enough gradient on it.  So when I saw this a while back I wanted it.  There's actually no two pieces the same colour (although some of the greens are very similar!).  This was a super fun jigsaw and I finished it the morning after my birthday.

Colour jigsaw

Colour jigsaw

Then there's the three I did in Queensland

Osaka Castle jigsaw

Lions jigsaw

Fish jigsaw

And this is another birthday present from the sweetie.  A jigsaw of a jigsaw, by Mensa.

Mensa jigsaw

Again, luckily, a repeating pattern.  So I spent forever sorting out all the pieces in to the sixteen kinds of pieces (different brand to the Colosseum, so the pieces a bit different, but similar idea).

Mensa jigsaw

These are the edges

Mensa jigsaw

Once sorted, and the middle was done, it meant that I could work in rows (or columns) and only had about fifty pieces to search through, rather than nine hundred or so.  Worked well and went relatively quickly after that.

Mensa jigsaw

Mensa jigsaw

Mensa jigsaw

Mensa jigsaw

Mensa jigsaw

Mensa jigsaw

The fun thing about the Mensa jigsaw is that the other side of the jigsaw had a bunch of puzzles on it.  This was super easy to do because each puzzle had a different colour ink.  So it was simply a matter of sorting by colours, and putting together twelve small puzzles.  And then solve the puzzles :)

Mensa jigsaw

Mensa jigsaw

This one of the Britannia had some funky shaped pieces

Britannia Jigsaw

Britannia Jigsaw

This jigsaw was pretty awful.  The whole thing was out of focus, just blurry masses of white and grey and brown.  And every piece is the same (default) shape so my heart sank somewhat when I opened the box.  Fortunately though, you could pretty much tell which way up each piece went, which made it tolerable.

Polar bear jigsaw


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Last night after dinner, Doc came up for some gaming and Singstar.  We all played Buzz for a while, then some Mario Kart.  But during a race the picture on the tv fritzed out and died completely (still had audio).  Even a full reboot didn't help.  So then there was some drama with the other tv and cabling and consoles.  In the end we just did Singstar using the limited collection of downloaded tracks that I have, so ran through those and then called it a night.

Haven't tried the tv again today, but now we have to go through the drama of either getting the current one fixed, or getting a new one.  Blerf.

Today was just photo stuff, gardening stuff, pool stuff, shopping etc.

The Brother Was Here

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Wednesday I turned off our old proxies (finally).  We'd had them for six years, and while I'm mostly happy to see the back of the pain they caused, it was still a little sad.  Friday I completely cleared them out of the environment, so even if we turned them back on, they wouldn't work.  Actually it was a mostly cleaning sort of a week.

Thursday night the little brother came to stay for a couple of days (training day at the museum on Saturday).  We got pizzas and chillaxed.

Friday was a swim night (after I cooked a pasta carbonara for dinner, and the brother couldn't help himself - he had to mow our front lawn hehe - but even so, a whole lawn of flowers survived).

Surviving flowers

Saturday the little brother left.  We did some shopping and had lunch out.  In the afternoon we went out to the club for an Oktoberfest dinner which was nice.  And the same couple who brought the lambs last time had brought two orphaned joeys this time.  One was only just getting its fur, but the other was hopping around when not curled up in a towel pouch.  He was so freakin cute, and also happy to be picked up and held.  Too cute!

Club kangaroo

Club kangaroo

Club kangaroo

Today I've been alternating between re-typing dad's photo labels (he lost the files for the first thousand photos, fortunately there's still a hard copy), and cleaning out the pantry and spice/tea/coffee cupboard.  They certainly look neater, but there's still a lot of stuff on the counter tops that I want to avoid putting back in the pantry if I can.  Even if that means using it up.  Which is a problem considering the salt content of most of it.

Quotes from 1997

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So I decided today to export all the blood pressure readings (and heart rate and weight) from the app I've been using for the past four years (iBP Tracker by Finger Taps).  Turns out the export to email function doesn't actually work.  Neither does the online backup option.

So I was forced to go through each day's entry and manually record it elsewhere.


I got through the past month, which is what I want to take to the doctor.

What a piece of crap.  Guess what application I *won't* be using anymore.

Another thing I realised tonight is how much crap I have on my computer.  At least twenty year's worth.

I did find this list of quotes (file was last saved 16.10.97) which I remember well..

Life is short and DNA is long
If at first you don't succeed, destroy all the evidence
An optimist: someone who hasn't been given all the facts yet
Friction is a drag
Very funny Scotty. Now beam up the clothes!
Recycle!! Today's garbage is tommorrow's world!
Marriage is grand. Divorce? 20 grand.
Marriage - it's not just a word, it's a sentence!
Hello? Constipation Hotline? Yes, I can hold...
Support mental health... or I'll *KILL* you
If you're 1 in a million, there's a thousand Chinese just like you.
No matter where you go, there you are.
Psychic midget escapes from prison... Small Medium at Large!
World to end at 10pm! Film at 11
Floggings will continue until morale improves.
Who tested Preperations A through G, and why??
9 out of 10 men who try CAMELs prefer women.
8 out of 10 people suffer from hemmorhoids. The other 2 enjoy them.
Who is All, and why does he get so much mail??
Who is General Failure, and why is he reading my drive??
Who is General Protection, and why does he always find fault??
Who is Joy, and why does everyone jump for her??
Who is Will, and why should I fire at him??
Warning : Breathing may be hazardous to your health!
Shin : device for finding furniture in the dark
Stick : A boomerang that doesn't work
No trespassing... prosecutors will be violated!
Warning : research causes cancer
Ok, I pulled the pin, now what? Hey, where are you going??
When I get bored, I beam myself back and forth - Worf
The only way to avoid temptation is to yield to it.
Today's subliminal message sponsered by : Ben Dover
Today's subliminal message sponsered by : Justin Hale
Today's subliminal message sponsered by : Mike Rotch
Despite the high cost of living, it still remains popular.
The world is like a kleenex.. you use it, then you throw it away.
Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... no, it's a bird.
2 wrongs don't make a right, but 3 lefts do.
Tonight's forecast : darkness, followed by light.
In God we trust. All others require a credit check.
If practice makes perfect and noone's perfect, then why practice?


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I really wanted to have a hanami party this year.  Or at the very least have Nat and Andrew over.  But with Stu's dad in town, uncertainty about when we'd be expected to do family stuff, and Stu having an assignment to work on, it was all just too hard.  

But the tree was calling me.  Really.  It was actually humming.

Cherry tree

So I got some beer and the sweetie and I had a couple late yesterday afternoon.


Where were we?

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Pretty quiet week.  Nothing particular of note.  

Oh, we did have dinner at the Dumpling Inn for the first time since they were closed for so long.

Dumpling Inn

Dumpling Inn

And dinner with Stu's dad on Wednesday at The District.

The District

The District

Yeah so much for low sodium.

Friday I was depressed about food in general.  Watched Tora Tora Tora with the sweetie.  One of the better war movies from Dad's collection.  He last watched it in March 2013 - around the time he was diagnosed with his brain tumour.

Saturday the sweetie worked on his assignment.  I climbed mountains and did house and garden stuff.

Balloon over Belco

In the afternoon we went over to Scott and Kerry's for a family gathering.  Which was relatively pleasant.



Disco ball

Light sabre

Light sabre

Today was brunch with @phonakins who was in town for the weekend, and Helen and Sean (I think that was their names), internet friends of hers.

Shorty's Pork Burger

Then I did more garden stuff.  

Did an instant lamb roast for dinner (roasted veggies with some leftover lamb that was in the freezer).  And watched House and Frozen.  Do you wanna build a snowman?

Oh also.  My watch fricken died again.  #grunt

This time I really did!  But more on that later.

So it all started at drinks on Thursday night.  Steve and Simon asked if I wanted to go to the snow on the weekend.  I said sure, so long as my planned upgrade on Friday arvo went ok.

Well Friday arvo came along and my upgrade went badly.  Really badly.  Beg for help from *real* comms guys to help fix badly.  But the worst part was knowing that Steve was waiting for me.  I tried and tried and tried to get them to go without me, but they wouldn't so I just got more and more stressed.  It was an awful awful night.  Then I was so flustered I forgot the cable for my GPS, and I thought I'd left the Android at work, when turns out I'd actually left it at home.  So I pretty much lost it.  Fortunately the sweetie found the Android and was able to hack portals to keep my Sojourner badge going.  Phew.  But the GPS not being chargable really sucked.  It did the whole first day and til about 10:30 the second.  Sadmaking.

I was so stressed I couldn't eat anything on the way down Friday night, so I didn't actually have any dinner.  I think I would have thrown it up if I'd tried.  (and a very meat-heavy lunch certainly didn't help).  Woke up about 1am hungry, but got through it.

We stayed at a guy from work's place.  $30/night for an apartment in Jindabyne.  Pretty awesome value.  And I woke up naturally both mornings - much better than being woken up at 4am and being a zombie most of the morning.

So onto the snow.

It was very warm, and the snow was quite slushy in the morning, and even worse in the afternoon.

Day one we started at Front Valley, headed over to Mount P for a couple of runs, then I left the boys and did Pleasant Valley, then Guthega, then back to Blue Cow for lunch.  After lunch we did Roller Coaster, up Ridge, Excelerator, then by myself again Summit, back across to Pleasant Valley, Copperhead Road, Pretty Valley, Interceptor, then back to Telemark and done for the day.

Olympic from Mount P
Olympic from Mount P

Riding the Mount P triple
Snow groupie

Main ranges from near the top of Mount P
Main ranges from Mount P

Pleasant Valley
Pleasant Valley

Riding the Pleasant Valley quad
Pleasant Valley skis

Main ranges from Guthega
Main ranges from Guthega

Guthega Pondage
Guthega Pondage

Milk and pie.  Don't even talk to me about how much sodium is in that thing.
Pie and milk

Obligatory selfie

Day two we started at Smiggins, headed across via Interceptor to Roller Coaster, then I left the boys and went down to Guthega, back to Blue Cow, Pleasant Valley (the GPS conked out at this point), over to Mount P, back up and down the Quad Express.  At this point I thought I'd aim for the top of Telemark to go down that way back to Smiggins (from Mid station), but I must have taken a wrong turn somehow I got stuck somewhere I really didn't want to be - possibly in Wine Glass.  I got part way down and there was pretty much nowhere to go.  I had to take my skis off to get down.  Which really mucked around with my confidence.  I trudged back to Smiggins and collapsed in the cafe for lunch.  After three quarters of an hour I felt better again so did some runs in Smiggins while waiting for the boys to get back.  Was there for well over an hour an a half waiting and doing the same few runs.  Whoops.  

Ridge quad
Ridge quad

I told you several times this view never gets old for me
Main ranges from Guthega

Happy Valley from Mount P
Happy Valley from Mount P

A bit after three I found a nice spot under a tree to sit and watch the world go by.  And I built a snowman.  Only a little one.  But kinda cute.


Taking a photo on my phone and the battery gave out and it turned off.  hrmm no way to contact the boys.  So cleared some space on random camera (it was full) and got some photos on it.  Then headed down to see if I could find electricity, or at least wait at the bar.  Turns out the boys had just gotten there, so that was good timing.

Went back to the apartment to tidy up and pack up, then came home.

Took ages to sort out the GPS tracks.  I did fifty runs according to the Perisher dashboard.  Day one I covered fifty five kilometres up and down.  Day two nineteen kilometres before the battery died.

Fun times.  But my everything hurts.

Snow 2015

Snow 2015


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OK not really.

I've only finished scanning three of mum's photo albums.  She has dozens more.  But I've finished until she can come down with more for me to scan.

In the meantime, I'll start scanning the thousand photos of dad's that got lost somewhere along the line (which, considering how obsessed he was with backups, is very surprising).

Lord Howe Island

New Blog

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So I've got a new blog.  Well, subblog.

For a while I've thought about my Australian holiday blogging.  They never seemed major enough to warrant a whole new subblog like my overseas trips did.  So I embedded them into my main blog.  But now I'm scanning all mum's photos, and there's trips there that I'd like to blog, but don't want to clutter up my main blog.  So I decided to create an Australian Holidays blog.  There's already a few trips I'll probably migrate into it, and I'll also start blogging some of my childhood holidays there (well posting photos anyway, and any memories that I still have of them).

Check it out!

More backlog clearing

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Just some more photos gathering dust that need blogging.

These were all the dried up paint-by-numbers paints I threw out.  In February.

Paint by numbers paints

This was taken during a walk around Lake Ginninderra. In May.

Belconnen peninsula

Italian thick white hot chocolate in a Hug Mug.  OMFG soooo good!

Hug mug

After a very long lunch to farewell our team as it was, I built this.

Everything is Awesome!

We brought this box of Cadbury Creme Eggs home from Junee with us (they'd been sitting in David's pantry for about five years).  We're still getting through them.

Cadbury Creme Eggs

Stu got kitty snuggles with George

Kitty snuggles

This was my lemon meringue mush a while back.  It tasted great but the recipe needs work.

Lemon meringue mush

Lemon meringue mush

This time I got George (and Petal) snuggles

Me and the menagerie

Holy beer it's your birthday!

Holy Beer

We had a bourbon night a few weeks ago.  They all had fairly unique smells but tasted relatively similar.

Bourbon night

Cute little flowers we saw on the walk up the Owl to complete a mission




I totally love daffodils



Winter Weather

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Just some of the weather-related pictures that have been accumulating for the past few months..

Some morning fog in June

Morning fog

Morning fog

This winter *felt* very cold, although the pool only froze over a few times - and only once or twice thick enough to hold things

Pool ice

Snow out past Queanbeyan

Queanbeyan snow

Queanbeyan snow

And snow in Belconnen for TJ's farewell (didn't get any good photos of it - taking photos through a rain-soaked window is difficult - who knew?)

Belconnen snow


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So I got my watch back today.  It's been in for repair the better part of this year.


The last effort took like three months.  They've replaced the movement (again), but the result is different hands - black, not my original gold. Which is somewhat upsetting.  At least it has a second hand after this repair - the last time it came back with no second hand.  The time before that it had a new glass face.  It fell off after two days, took the second hand with it and that was the end of that.  I'm going to be really pissed if it dies *again*.  

More boringness

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Quiet day today.  Had a bit of a sleep in and a slow start.

Achieved almost nothing on my todo list. Did do some vacuuming.  And cleaned the kitchen.  Twice.  Did some photo sorting.  Water changed the two foot.  Did food shopping (by myself, the sweetie was studying).  Cooked salmon for dinner.  Did most of a jigsaw.  And watched some House with the sweetie.

Ok, so a *few* things on the todo list.

I'm so boring

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I really have nothing interesting to say these days.  And, unlike twelve years ago when I started blogging, I don't post every boring detail of my life every day.  Tonight we watched Green Zone, and it inspired me to go back and find the blog entry I did about the opening day of the Iraq war.  I then read through a couple of month's worth of blog entries from 2003.  My style was very different back then.  I suppose back in the day there was really noone else reading it, so I wasn't really thinking how other people might perceive it.  These days I don't blog much unless something interesting happens.  And even then I sometimes don't, because I'm a complete slacker.

So.  Boring details.  Does anyone care?  Do I care if anyone cares?  So few people read this blog now.  And much fewer bother to comment.  


Thursday: work drinks, not much else

Friday: not much

Today: bit of house work, listed some stuff on Freecycle, went for a walk with the sweetie, cooked a roast chicken dinner, watched some House (we're near the end of season 2) and Green Zone.

See, nothing of any particular interest to anyone.

Jon Ronson

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Last night we went along with EffanC to see Jon Ronson at the library.  He talked a bit about two of his books - The Psycopath Test and So You've Been Publicly Shamed - and told some stories.  He was entertaining, if somewhat distractable.

Just watching his TED talk - the psycopath stuff is the same as what we heard last night.  Even the delivery heh.

Library and tower

Jon Ronson talk

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