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Wednesday I turned off our old proxies (finally).  We'd had them for six years, and while I'm mostly happy to see the back of the pain they caused, it was still a little sad.  Friday I completely cleared them out of the environment, so even if we turned them back on, they wouldn't work.  Actually it was a mostly cleaning sort of a week.

Thursday night the little brother came to stay for a couple of days (training day at the museum on Saturday).  We got pizzas and chillaxed.

Friday was a swim night (after I cooked a pasta carbonara for dinner, and the brother couldn't help himself - he had to mow our front lawn hehe - but even so, a whole lawn of flowers survived).

Surviving flowers

Saturday the little brother left.  We did some shopping and had lunch out.  In the afternoon we went out to the club for an Oktoberfest dinner which was nice.  And the same couple who brought the lambs last time had brought two orphaned joeys this time.  One was only just getting its fur, but the other was hopping around when not curled up in a towel pouch.  He was so freakin cute, and also happy to be picked up and held.  Too cute!

Club kangaroo

Club kangaroo

Club kangaroo

Today I've been alternating between re-typing dad's photo labels (he lost the files for the first thousand photos, fortunately there's still a hard copy), and cleaning out the pantry and spice/tea/coffee cupboard.  They certainly look neater, but there's still a lot of stuff on the counter tops that I want to avoid putting back in the pantry if I can.  Even if that means using it up.  Which is a problem considering the salt content of most of it.

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