Where were we?

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Pretty quiet week.  Nothing particular of note.  

Oh, we did have dinner at the Dumpling Inn for the first time since they were closed for so long.

Dumpling Inn

Dumpling Inn

And dinner with Stu's dad on Wednesday at The District.

The District

The District

Yeah so much for low sodium.

Friday I was depressed about food in general.  Watched Tora Tora Tora with the sweetie.  One of the better war movies from Dad's collection.  He last watched it in March 2013 - around the time he was diagnosed with his brain tumour.

Saturday the sweetie worked on his assignment.  I climbed mountains and did house and garden stuff.

Balloon over Belco

In the afternoon we went over to Scott and Kerry's for a family gathering.  Which was relatively pleasant.



Disco ball

Light sabre

Light sabre

Today was brunch with @phonakins who was in town for the weekend, and Helen and Sean (I think that was their names), internet friends of hers.

Shorty's Pork Burger

Then I did more garden stuff.  

Did an instant lamb roast for dinner (roasted veggies with some leftover lamb that was in the freezer).  And watched House and Frozen.  Do you wanna build a snowman?

Oh also.  My watch fricken died again.  #grunt

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