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Zombie Day

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Couldn't get to sleep last night.  Too hot.  Too cold.  Too uncomfortable.  Too *something*.  Then because my brain is retarded, I woke up at 6am.  Yay.

I had a break in the low sodium diet tonight - we celebrated the sweetie's birthday with beer, pizza, and a couple of episodes of House.  Back to it tomorrow though.  Blerf.



Had a reasonably quiet weekend.  Stu has been sick since last week, so didn't go out Friday night.  

Saturday was the club AGM, but we only went out for it and came home again after.  I cooked duck for dinner and we watched The China Syndrome, which Stu had never seen.

Today Stu studied and I did jigsaws.  Correction.  The same jigsaw, just the other side.  All will be revealed soon.  And housework.  Always housework.  And started setting up another blog for all my Australian holidays (since I'm scanning all my old holiday photos and would be good to get some of them online).  Tonight I did a lamb roast (we have sooo much food in the fridge it's not funny) and we watched Highlander.  I don't think we've actually seen it since we went to Scotland in 2010.  Been theres! :)

Crap. We won.

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No thanks to DC, Duncan, Aquila, Neil and Ben, we won the damned trivia night tonight.  Which means we need to run the next damned one.



On a lighter note, I came home with three bottles of wine :)


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So we just had a lovely long weekend in Queensland (longer post to follow soon).  We were both inspired to eat better.  For Stu, he's trying to be more strict about low fodmap.  For me I'm trying to be more strict about sodium.  At least for a week or two to see if it makes any difference to my blood pressure.  To that end, we went shopping tonight, mostly for our own food.  And then I came home and cooked.  A kilo of chicken thighs, a scotch fillet steak, rice, mushrooms, potatoes, frozen veggies, and snacks.  I was cooking all fricken night.  Blerf.  At least I won't have to cook again til the weekend.

Had a pretty quiet weekend.  Stu was mostly just working on his uni assignments.  We did watch a couple of movies though - both I got on Bluray very cheap.  There was Les Miserables, and Ghostbusters.

I once saw an amateur stage production of Les Miserables and had absolutely no idea what was going on.  So seeing it as a movie was quite helpful and it was easy enough to follow that way.  I quite enjoyed it, but it was very *long* and towards the end I'm like, guys you really could cut that song length down a bit.. 

And Ghostbusters I haven't seen since *at least* before 2002 - probably a good while before that, so could easily be twenty years since I last saw it.  It's a bit silly and dated, but not nearly as much as I thought it could be.  Fun times.

And we're still eating those damned beans.

21. Again.

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Twenty One. Again.

Today I turned twenty one again. Supposedly now I should know the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. Or some such nonsense.

Last weekend when the little brother was here, he asked me about the photos he'd just sent me - photos he'd just had scanned of my 21st birthday. I did actually have the originals of the prints, which I'd scanned a couple of years ago. But it was still fun, and I said it was actually pretty scary how many of the things in the photo I still had. Then he said I should recreate the photo. I laughed, but then had a think about it, and for the most part decided it wouldn't be too hard to do.

So over the past few days I've collected together all that remains of my 21st birthday presents, as well as some of the other things in my room at the time.

Here they are!


21 again


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On Saturday night we were helping the catering for a club night, and the sweetie decided to do a white bean and ham hock soup.  Except I did most of the preparation.  Which was fine.  And it was pretty well received.  Except there were two kilos of beans and we maybe used a third of them.

So Sunday I went shopping for a bunch of ingredients for a cassoulet.  I'd never cooked one before and I think it turned out ok.  There's a good seven or eight meals of leftovers from that.

Tonight we thought we'd keep it simple - just beans, a big tin of diced tomatoes, and cheese.  Except after an hour the beans were still crunchy.  So they stayed in another hour.  By which time the cheese was pretty much burnt.  So it was a fairly epic failure.  And a meals' worth of leftovers.

Tomorrow I'm thinking using up the other tin of tomatoes, but have them going in the slow cooker all day.  We'll see if that works out any better.  There'll be leftovers for sure from that.

Four nights in a row of beans.  With many meals of leftovers.

And I don't even like beans.


Edit from Tuesday night:
I put the rest of the beans in the slow cooker with another big tin of tomato and some herbs and cheese and put it on low all day.  When we got home the beans were still crunchy.
Plus we'd had a big lunch and didn't feel much like dinner.  So I turned up to high for a few hours.  I had salad and cheese for dinner.  The sweetie had cassoulet.
At least all the damned beans are cooked now.

Of Mice and Men

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On Friday night I went along with Kit and Ben to see Of Mice and Men.

But let me backup a minute.

A few months ago I was looking at Kit's bookshelf and happened across the book by John Steinbeck.  I'd never read it before.  Never even knew the story.  So I borrowed it and read it a little while ago.  Like I said I knew nothing about the story.  I *did* know that Warner Bros cartoons referenced it ("Of Rice and Hen" anyone?). 

So I'm a few pages into the book and it's like I'm watching a Warner Bros cartoon.  Lennie sounded *exactly* like a cartoon.  I swear, whenever Lennie said anything it was with the voice of Mel Blanc.  

Seriously.  Listen to these.


So having only just read the book, I was quite surprised to find the play was almost identical to the book.  Except the dude who played Lennie should have been bigger ;)

Also, amazingly, my legs didn't play up during the show.  But I attribute that to the glass of champagne I had just before going in, and another one at intermission.

Not much

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Haven't been doing too much.  Had a very quiet weekend.  The sweetie was doing uni reading all weekend.  I organised and sorted and played UT2004.  Made potato bake for dinner Saturday night and turkey and roast veggies Sunday night.  And I made (well attempted to make) a lemon meringue pie.  It needs a bit of refinement though.  Still, it tasted good.

Today I was dreading having to deal with vendor support but in the end I just didn't "go there" for all but one of my open tickets and just got some other bits and pieces done.

Yeah not much else.

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