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On Saturday night we were helping the catering for a club night, and the sweetie decided to do a white bean and ham hock soup.  Except I did most of the preparation.  Which was fine.  And it was pretty well received.  Except there were two kilos of beans and we maybe used a third of them.

So Sunday I went shopping for a bunch of ingredients for a cassoulet.  I'd never cooked one before and I think it turned out ok.  There's a good seven or eight meals of leftovers from that.

Tonight we thought we'd keep it simple - just beans, a big tin of diced tomatoes, and cheese.  Except after an hour the beans were still crunchy.  So they stayed in another hour.  By which time the cheese was pretty much burnt.  So it was a fairly epic failure.  And a meals' worth of leftovers.

Tomorrow I'm thinking using up the other tin of tomatoes, but have them going in the slow cooker all day.  We'll see if that works out any better.  There'll be leftovers for sure from that.

Four nights in a row of beans.  With many meals of leftovers.

And I don't even like beans.


Edit from Tuesday night:
I put the rest of the beans in the slow cooker with another big tin of tomato and some herbs and cheese and put it on low all day.  When we got home the beans were still crunchy.
Plus we'd had a big lunch and didn't feel much like dinner.  So I turned up to high for a few hours.  I had salad and cheese for dinner.  The sweetie had cassoulet.
At least all the damned beans are cooked now.


Fiona said:

Beans, like everyehting, are okay for a time

But all week is not an ok time

August 12, 2015 6:53 PM


Kazza the Blank One said:

I heartily agree :)
we might have had pizza for dinner tonight ;)

August 12, 2015 10:01 PM


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