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Today marks:

* twenty years since Como Presbyterian Church reopened after the January 1994 bushfires

* twenty years since the Port Arthur Massacre

* fifteen years since Alan had his first heart attack.

Memorable day for me.


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The sweetie and I have been married eight years today :)  Happy anniversary sweetie, love you!! :):):)

The Proclaimers

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So a few months ago, DC asked "are you doing anything on the 20th April" and I'm like .. ummmmmmm

So he's like "I want to go to something but I probably wouldn't go unless I had someone to go with" and I'm like .. ummmmm .. and he goes "it's a surprise" .. hrmmm

Anyways.  So turns out, it was The Proclaimers.  The timing was pretty crappy.  I'm so fricken busy at the moment. 

The concert was ok.  I only know two of their songs.  And it wasn't much of a "show" - just the guys standing around singing.  And no real audience interaction which would have made the difference.  But it was fun for the two songs I did know..  And the drummer and the keyboardist were fricken awesome - so much energy and they were *going off* the entire show!  A pretty good night.

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

Friday morning I was actually excited to go to work.  I really wanted to test the thing I'd be doing on Thursday.  Except I couldn't get it to work.  So went back to feeling demoralised.

Friday night I woke up some time after denist time, and probably only got another hour or two's sleep.  So I was a zombie for Saturday.

Which of course we had to go to Sydney for.  My cousin's wedding in Dee Why.  Which was actually a lovely afternoon/evening.  Will post some photos soon.  We decided to stay in a quiet place in Oxford Falls for the night rather than going back to mum's.  We went to bed at something like 9:30 and apart from needing to go to the toiley in the middle of the night, I slept pretty solidly til about 6am.  So Sunday morning I felt great heh.  Had a simple breakfast at the motel then dropped by Dan and Emma's to see their crazy big old house in Gordon.  Then headed home.

Yesterday afternoon was just getting things done.  I have so much to do in the next week it's ridiculous.  Need to remember to breathe.

Old 100th

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I heard the Old 100th today.  In the most incongruous of places - in an episode of Homeland.

I miss the old Presbyterian hymns.

In other news.  I completely ignored my todo list (which I spent a morning compiling a couple of days ago) and got some actual work done today.  Think I made quite a bit of progress although I won't actually know until we go to test it....


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Thursday and Friday were better days.  Still not great.

The weekend was primarily *getting things done*.  Relatively successfully.  Saturday night I cooked some roast pork, and Stu invited Kit up to have some.  

Sunday cleaned up the upstairs two foot tank.

Two foot April

Sunday night was bubbly and cheese followed by beef bourguignon at Scott's.

Beef bourguignon

Today was back to the drama that is one of our vendors.  Something crashed on the weekend which led to lots of drama today and not getting anything useful done.  The ongoing dramas with their stuff is just killing me.  Especially since I really need to be working on other stuff.


Had a thoroughly awful day today :(

Mostly because of crappy proxies.  I take it personally when they don't work.  Which is a problem when they're just plain buggy and I don't understand how they work anyway and everyone expects me to be the expert when I'm damned well not.

Also, if you want me to freak out completely, just put me on the spot about aforementioned proxies in front of a room full of people from other organisations who want to know why our proxies are so bad.  Yeup.

And I also spent hours fixing another team's problem because I thought originally it was my problem.  But it wasn't.  *sigh*

Spent tonight geotagging photos.  Did all the random camera photos except for Disneyland, where I took over five hundred photos but didn't take the GPS with me.

Doubly Blerf

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I think it was Thursday night that we watched Star Trek Generations.  I can't actually remember.  Could have even been Wednesday.  Or even Friday.  No don't think it was Friday.

Friday morning I woke up at 3am and never got back to sleep.  Damned insomnia.  Annoying too because I had a *lot* of work to do on Friday.  Didn't really get it all done either.  Had lunch with Doc and Neil at Chatterbox though because I had a voucher I won last year.  On Friday evening the little brother and Kat came to stay.  We worked on a jigsaw and I had an early night.

Chatterbox risotto

Saturday I was at work all morning replacing firewalls.  It actually all went fairly smoothly.

In the afternoon I was all set to settle down and *get things done* when EffanC called us up and invited us over.  Which was lovely.  But it did mean I was out all afternoon.

Went home before dinner.  Had pizza for dinner.  Watched Footloose on tv (because I'd never actually seen it!)

Sunday morning was the Airport Open Day.  Spent all morning there.

In the afternoon Dave and Kat left, replaced by Graham and Pam.  We chatted for the afternoon (Pam has grand plans for our garden.  I'd rather not have a garden at all).  Then because we hadn't had any time to ourselves all weekend, and therefore no time to do any shopping, we went out to Dumpling Inn for dinner.  

Dumpling Inn Shallot Cake

Dumpling Inn Three Cup Wine Chicken

Dumpling Inn Pork ribs

Dumpling Inn Xiao Long Bao

Dumpling Inn Shredded Beef

Today I just felt like I needed a weekend to recover from my weekend.  At least Stu got a bit of down time.  

Today started off ok at work.  No dramas from the firewalls.  Just the proxies.  *sigh*  Got quite depressed about the whole thing actually.

Came home exhausted, hungry, tired and grumpy.  Had dinner, then helped move Kit's lizard (and associated large tank) down to Chris's.  Then just trying to catch up on life.  Have now finished geotagging all my Canon and iPhone photos from the last trip.

I'm tired.

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