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Super super busy couple of days.  Couple of weeks actually.  No really couple of months.


Tonight it was get home, cook up some food, watch the pilot of Homeland, and suddenly it's 10pm.  What the???

Can someone please stop the world, I need to get off.

Busy Weekend

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Saturday I was at work for six hours trying to get some work done before next weekend.  I was hoping to do it all.  I did maybe a third :(

In the evening we watched a documentary "My Beautiful Broken Brain" on Netflix, and the Bourne Ultimatum.

Sunday we headed out to Namagi with Kit to do the Granite Tors walk.  Took an hour twenty to get up (my heart was *not* thanking me for it) and an hour and ten back down.  Kit very nicely supplied some sausages and we had a bit of a bbq at the end.

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

This snake was *right next to me* on the path.  I only heard it after I'd passed it.  Scary!

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

We was up there

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

Nice spot for a picnic lunch

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

The remains of the tracking station

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

Granite Tors walk, Namadgi

In the evening we watched Star Trek Generations and had a relatively early night.

Today I did houseworkey stuff, cooked dinner before lunch, spent the afternoon blogging my USA 2000 trip and geotagging my Hong Kong photos.

In the evening we enjoyed deviled lamb shanks and watched the Bourne Legacy.

Totally Trivial

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So Wednesday night was the trivia night.

The problems started during the afternoon when we went to test the AV equipment.  The data projector and/or the long vga cable was faulty and the display was all horrible (missing grey).  Two different hdmi-vga dongles, and two different laptops including one with native vga and it made no difference, it was just stuffed.  Not to mention we had all sorts of dramas getting the amp/audio to work as well.  Then Doc accidently walked off with my phone and I started freaking out that someone had stolen it.


So we plugged the laptop into the tv instead with just hdmi, and Tony brought down a big speaker to use (audio through the tv wasn't working properly - it kept cutting off the beginning of the audio clips I had - more stress and drama).  But in the end got the whole lot working.  

So yeah after that the night went well.  Other than the questions being generally too hard.  But thirteen tables plus the bar - the place was packed!

Trivia night marking

Last night was a bit of p0ker with Ben and Serena.  With some very very weird rules - like no blinds and two packs of cards.  I think I was winning, but then Kit came up and we stopped playing.

Today I did house cleaning type stuff, as well as blogged some of my USA 2000 trip - which I realised recently I'd never actually blogged digitally.  The photos are online on conspiracy, but the journal was in a notebook.  So I'm digitising that and will put the photos with it.

Also went for a two hour long walk with Chris this afternoon (somewhat longer than I was intending, but over 14000 steps on the pedometer today to show for it).

Tonight we watched the very last episode of House, followed by the Bourne Supremacy.


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In March 1996 I went to the denist for a checkup.

I hadn't been back since.

So twenty years later I went again.

Just for a checkup.

Apparently my teeth are in pretty good condition (except some scale buildup which he scraped off), but my gums are a bit susceptible to damage - mustn't brush too hard! hrmm!

So busy at work I don't know which way is up.

And spent all of tonight on the trivia night - had a run through with the sweetie and he suggested a few things to check and change.  So it's done now.  Open Office is still crashing though :(


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So I spent pretty much the entire weekend doing trivia night stuff.  Saturday was researching all the questions to make sure they were right.  This morning was gathering pictures to make it look pretty.  This afternoon and tonight was *fighting* with Open Office.  It kept crashing and corrupting my file.  Very upsetting.  So it took about ten times longer to do than it should have :(  Worried the thing will crash during the presentation.  

Other than that, cooked epic lasanga (with epic zucchini instead of pasta sheets) - a bit better than the last attempt, watched Thirteen Days and The Bourne Identity with the sweetie, and went for a little walk with Chris.

Zucchini lasagna

I'm tired.

Half the week

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Wednesday Luc was in town, so we went for a drink after work, then back to our place for dinner (duck stir fry) and chatting.  Mostly chatting about travel.

Woke up at about 3am Thursday morning.  And never got back to sleep.  Stoopid brain just would. not. shut. up.  Super frustrating.  Took Luc to the airport then went and saw the balloons again (sadly no sun again).  Although the sun was out for the drive home, which made for a super pretty drive under all the balloons (which of course I couldn't document - doh!).

So Thursday was zombie day.  Good thing Lachie was busy doing other stuff, I don't think I would have been able to concentrate on the other stuff we're doing.

Also finished drafting the trivia night questions so the weekend will be spent researching, prettyifying and copying and pasting.

Last night slept for around nine hours, so feel a lot better today.


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I hate Logitech's Harmony remote control software.  

Twice in the past I've had to reprogramme the Harmony One remote we have.  Yesterday I had to fight with it again for the new TV.  It's an awful clunky piece of software (admittedly better than it used to be).  You need to have an online account with them which stores your remote info (why they can't store it locally I have no idea).  They've changed the software in the past few years which means old accounts aren't compatible with new ones.  And the software has changed completely and they say if you had previously programmed it with the old version you should keep using the old version.  After I'd already donwloaded and installed the new version.  

So after digging up my account details, I finally managed to get onto their site and load all the remote info in the correct version of the software.

Only to find that they don't have remote info for our tv.

Tried using something it thought was compatible, but after reprogramming everything to use it, I tested it out and nothing worked.

What a piece of crap.

Then I thought I'd bricked the thing because it kept popping up the software when I wasn't touching it and then went completely dead, but I think I'd just managed to flatten the battery on it because it had been on for so long attached to the computer.

So next up I'll have to see if I can manually teach this peice of crap software to learn the most important buttons on the tv remote.


I don't need this crappy drama in my life.


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Blink.  Whoops a week goes by.

I've been so busy at work I've barely had time to breathe.

Other than that, people drama is getting me down.  Sometimes I think maybe I should just go be a hermit somewhere.

Thursday night was nice though - bit of a farewell for Klaus.  Friday I wasn't feeling sociable at all, although we did end up going to Kit's for a while.  

Yesterday we had a pretty quiet day just doing housey stuff.  In the evening we watched Good Morning Vietnam, which the sweetie had never seen.  But aforementioned people drama came up again, even tho we weren't dealing with it directly.  Just made for a strange sort of a night.

I made these spinach and cheese pastries using some quite dried up puff pastry sheet's from Kerry's.  They still turned out pretty well we thought.
Spinach ricotta pastries

This morning I went with Chrissie to see the balloons.  But this was after hurty kept me awake for two hours in the middle of the night, so I only got about four hours sleep :(  Collapsed back into bed for a bit when I got home.  Good thing we get an extra day off this weekend.


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My lower back has been hurting a lot today :(  Meant today I hardly achieved anything, other than a bit of work on the trivia night.

But stepping back a bit.

Thursday I *finally* got another one of my firewalls in and working.  Not really any dramas to sort out afterwards which was good.

Friday the sweetie took me to Smoque for dinner, and then we had a quiet night and went to bed at 10:30.  But was too hot and uncomfortable to get to sleep.  Until 4am :(:(:(:(  I'm thoroughly sick of all this hot weather :(:(

Smoque wings

Smoque platter

Saturday Stu had to go to the club for a committee meeting, and we spent much of the afternoon in the pool which was nice.  EffanC came over for a while last night and we watched random things on YouTube.

Club dragon

Today was just discomfort from my spine.  Watched an interesting documentary on the Last Days in Vietnam tonight which was really good.

Hot Zombie Day

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Didn't get to sleep til quite late.  Woke up at 5am.  Got maybe half an hour more sleep after that.  Was a zombie most of the morning.

Did a whole heap of data entry today - putting a stack of device information into my whizz-bang database.

Tonight just suffered in the heat.

Dear summer: it's autumn now.  Go away!!!

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