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I hate Logitech's Harmony remote control software.  

Twice in the past I've had to reprogramme the Harmony One remote we have.  Yesterday I had to fight with it again for the new TV.  It's an awful clunky piece of software (admittedly better than it used to be).  You need to have an online account with them which stores your remote info (why they can't store it locally I have no idea).  They've changed the software in the past few years which means old accounts aren't compatible with new ones.  And the software has changed completely and they say if you had previously programmed it with the old version you should keep using the old version.  After I'd already donwloaded and installed the new version.  

So after digging up my account details, I finally managed to get onto their site and load all the remote info in the correct version of the software.

Only to find that they don't have remote info for our tv.

Tried using something it thought was compatible, but after reprogramming everything to use it, I tested it out and nothing worked.

What a piece of crap.

Then I thought I'd bricked the thing because it kept popping up the software when I wasn't touching it and then went completely dead, but I think I'd just managed to flatten the battery on it because it had been on for so long attached to the computer.

So next up I'll have to see if I can manually teach this peice of crap software to learn the most important buttons on the tv remote.


I don't need this crappy drama in my life.

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