Queensland 2016 - Day 4

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Monday was another very quiet day.

We watched the third season of Gilmore Girls, and I thought it improved towards the end.

Then got ready, said goodbye to everyone, and headed out to the airport.  We stopped in to get petrol for the car, but apparently someone had hit the emergency stop button, which means there was no petrol, and noone knew what was going on.  Eventually they managed to reset it (only after everyone finally put all their bowsers back) but that wasted a good fifteen minutes that I could have spent in the Qantas Club with a glass of bubbly.  As it was, we barely had time for quick bite to eat before it was time to board :(

The 737 we had on the way back (VH-XZF) was fitted out with media screens in the seats, just like international planes, which meant we could watch movies/tv etc.  Except for a one and a bit hour flight there's no point watching a movie, so I watched a documentary on Lego, followed by most of a documentary on life in the nature reserves around Chernobyl.

The conditions for photos weren't great, but I did see Lake George and Googong Dam full.

Lake George

Googong Dam

It was dinner time (actually after) by the time we got home, so just found ourselves stuff to eat, then watched the final season of Gilmore Girls.

Queensland 2016 - Day 3

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Sunday morning was also pretty lazy.  The others put on the next season of Gilmore Girls, which I partly watched, but then played a couple of games of Lost Cities with David.  Not very complicated, but also not all that interesting, you kinda of end up mostly playing your own game with not much need to pay attention to the other player.

In the afternoon we headed out.  Had some lunch at Springfield Lakes maccas, then headed up Mt Coot-tha.  Last time I was up there was in 2005.  Before that 1995, and before that 1988.

The sweetie and I at Mt Coot-tha

Brisbane from Mt Coot-tha

Then we popped into CUT so Chay could drop off some library books.

Then out to Sandgate to wander along the sand/mud flats and watch the kite surfers.


Headed home, had roast chicken for dinner, and watched The Fifth Element before yet another civilised bed time.

Queensland 2016 - Day 2

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Had a very quiet morning on Saturday.  Just hung around the house.



Although we might have done a naughty Maccas run cause the sweetie wanted a Maccas breakfast heh.

Chay and Kailyn and Stu started watching the new Gilmore Girls series.  Far out it's silly.  It kinda reminded me of the silliness of Ally McBeal back in the day.  David and I escaped and went up to Oxley to do a shopping run. 

In the afternoon we went for a drive - we went out to Cleveland and had a look at the lighthouse and fed seagulls and had potato scallops.

Seagull at Cleveland


Cleveland Point lighthouse


Came back.  Got out Kailyn's snake bracelet, which is quite a bit bigger this year, but still very small

Kailyn's snake

Got pizzas for dinner.  After dinner we watched the first episode of Stephen Fry in America.  Some of it seemed a little familiar, wonder if I've seen it before.  Then we watched Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, which was kinda cool to see them walking around Hong Kong, but a few annoyances, and a super annoying ending.  I mean I can see the artistic value of it, but it leaves you feeling a bit cold.

Then we played a little Buzz and Singstar, but still in bed by around midnight (we're all getting old!).

Queensland 2016 - Day 1

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We had a pretty civilised start for Friday morning - waking up at around 6am (although I woke up at around 4am on account of me being completely retarded).  Had a little bit of breakfast at the airport.

When we arrived I wondered if we'd be there to see the arrival of SQ291, in much better weather than the first time I saw it.  I followed it across New South Wales on Plane Finder and we were sitting on our plane when it landed!  Pretty exciting!


Had a seat on the left of the plane, so had a lovely view of Canberra in the morning sun as we took off, and we even came in from the south at Brisbane, which meant we had a good view of Brisbane as well - score!

Canberra from the air

Belconnen from the air

Bathurst from the air

Brisbane from the air

Picked up the car then headed out to Chay and David's (we took the scenic route past Stu's old flat and through the city).

Stu's old flat in Albion

David couldn't get the day off, so we took Chay out to Orion and we had some sushi for lunch.

Didn't do much in the afternoon, just hung out and chatted.  Although Kailyn and Chay and I did play a couple of games of Blokus and a couple of games of Carcasonne.

Had roast chicken for dinner and watched The Big Short in the evening.  I enjoyed watching the movie again, as the first time through I struggled to understand who all the players were.  So probably got a bit more out of it the second time.

Then a relatively early night.

So last day of the trip.

I finished the next jigsaw in the morning.

Fish jigsaw

Then we packed up and headed off.

Had an hour or so in the Qantas club.  

It was super warm in Brisbane (we were actually getting sweaty in the morning).  So it was a bit of a shock to get back to cold and wet and miserable Canberra heh.

As always, a lovely weekend.

Super slow day for everyone (and we weren't even having late nights - just holidaying).

I did jigsaw most of the morning.  I did head out around lunch time to hack a portal so I wouldn't lose my sojourner.

I finished the lions jigsaw after lunch.  

Lions jigsaw

In the afternoon we went out to Robelle to walk around the gardens.  Was very pleasant.


For dinner we to Springfield Garden Restaurant for a nice dinner out.

Came back and played some more Buzz.

Oh, and Kailyn got a snake.  Such an adorable little thing (six months old)



Another slow start on Saturday morning.

(Ichi had just had a face bath so his head is all wet)

For lunch we went out to McDonalds to build a burger.  I do like the burgers done that way, but they're very expensive.

Blue wren

Then headed up to Salvos at Goodna to get some jigsaws and to Oxley to do some food shopping.

Came back and did jigsaw all afternoon.

Had roast pork for dinner, yumm.

After dinner we watched The Sweetest Thing which has to be almost the silliest movie in the world (a close second after There's Something About Mary).

Played a little Buzz afterwards.


Friday morning and I woke up at the usual time, but played on my phone, and we all had a slow start.


Late morning Stu and Chay and I headed out, and went to Orion to get some sushi.  Then did some food shopping.

In the afteroon I pretty much just did a jigsaw all afternoon, and into the evening.  It was, in fact, a jigsaw I actually own - Osaka Castle, and it's quite an easy jigsaw.  So with a bit of help from Brandon, we finished it the same day.

Osaka Castle jigsaw

Chay cooked chicken and veggies for dinner, then we played a bit of Buzz, and I even did a little bit of Singstar with Chay.


This is actually the innaugural entry for a new blog I'm creating for all my Australian holidays.  I've been scanning old family photos and wanted somewhere to put them all without messing up my main blog.  But starting out with my last trip to Queensland.

So day 1, a Thursday, we got up pretty much at normal time and drove ourselves to the airport (for five days the difference between parking and taking taxis works out fairly similar).

Canberra fog

The flight was in a 737-800.  Seated up the back on the left.  It was pretty foggy in Canberra, but our flight was only delayed for about ten minutes.  The fog meant we couldn't really see much straight after takeoff.

Boeing 737-800 VH-VZA at Canberra

Snack of banana bread on the plane.

Approached Brisbane from the south, but came in and landed from the north-east, so no good views of Brisbane.

After collecting our bags, we went over to pick up our hire car.  It was really strange - Stu had been given the details of the car, we literally just had to get in it and go - just showing Stu's licence on the way out the gates.  Bizarre.

Got to Chay and David's and chatted for a while, before heading out to pick up some supplies.  Had a pretty quiet afternoon just chatting.


We got lots of pizzas for dinner, then watched Monsters University.  But David was sick, so there was no singstar, just a relatively early night.


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