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Sapporo, Japan
Kirin, Japan
Kirin, Japan
Carlsberg, Denmark
Tuborg, Denmark
So I had this thought.  What if I'm drinking too much water and that's why I like salty food?

Because on days that I don't drink enough, I can't stand the idea of eating salty food. 

So I wonder which is worse for your blood pressure/kidneys.. not enough water or too much salt?  Probably both ;)
Hasseroder, Germany
Amstel, The Netherlands
Heineken, The Netherlands
I have a soft spot for Heineken..   They say beer is an acquired taste, so in 2000 I thought I'd better acquire the taste.  It took about forty beers (I counted them) before I had a Heineken and thought "hey that's not bad!".  The rest is history ;)
Trappistes Rochefort 6, Belgium
Horst's favourite beer .. wonder what ever happened to him... haven't talked to him in ages..
Affligem Dubbel, Belgium
ok so technically it's not a beer.  In fact it doesn't taste like butter *or* beer - it's very sweet, and the foam bubbles!

Butterbeer, Hogsmeade

Meantime, England
Sakara Gold, Egypt
Stella, Egypt
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