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Had a mini whiskey night last night.  Three whiskeys.  The Hazelburn was probably my favourite, and the Balblair was very easy to drink.

January whiskeys

Then met up with Gaelian at the Wig & Pen.  Then to the Dumpling Inn for dinner, but I forgot it was Chinese New Years Eve, and the place was *packed*.  Oops.  Did some food shopping afterwards, then came home.  The house was super hot, but I think it was hotter outside than in :(  So jumped in the pool to cool off.

It's hot

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But at least it's not humid.

Three months ago today, we flew off to Hong Kong!


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Tonight while eating pizza, we watched the pilot of MacGyver.  I'd never seen it before - I only started watching it a few episodes in, way back in the eighties .. yipe!  Richard Dean Anderson was soooo cute in that show :)

Then I built Lego with Monty Python on in the background.


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If you dismantle something, does building it again mean you're remantling it?

hrmm, ok it's way past my bed time, too much Lego reconstructing and watching of disaster porn will do that.

Also had Annie and the kids over for a swim tonight which was nice.

Invasion Day Weekend

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Friday night the little brother came to stay for the night before running a train to Sydney on Saturday.  We watched the last episode of Sherlock (and he stayed up and watched All the President's Men).

Saturday morning Potty and the family came by to see all the Lego.  I think they were impressed.  They stayed for quite a while, so as soon as they left we got ready and headed out to the club.  I finally took a few photos of Stonehenge off Macs Reef Road.


At the club we had a bit of a swim then chillaxed for a while before heading up for dinner.  C&G did meat pies for Australia Day, and there was even some haggis for Robbie Burns' night.

Australia Day dinner

For dessert we decorated four pavlovas

Australia Day dessert

In the morning I finished dismantling the Lego I'd brought along, and did some work on a jigsaw in the club house before coming home in the afternoon.

A little later we headed out again to Mishi's for a games night (which is really just an excuse to sit around and eat and chat).  We did actually play a game - the Logo Game I'd borrowed off DC.  It was good, but the game play was a little confusing and we weren't quite sure how far we could go around the table each round.  Mishi won that game.

Today was a super quiet day.  The little brother came back on his train and dropped in for some lunch and a snooze before he went home (and he fixed the broken fan switch in our bathroom and wired up our aerial system a bit better, but sadly one of the light switches in the caravan is playing up again).  I just played with Lego for the afternoon.  Tonight we watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

And all too soon the weekend is over..

The Desolation of SmaugSo we went along to see the next Hobbit movie tonight.

Not bad, but not hugely great.

I mean it's a visual spectacle of course, but it felt really like a whole bunch of very long (and quite ridiculous) action scenes.  

The river scene was very much in the "yeah right" zone (much like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).

I don't really remember the book (it took me over a year to read it in ~2000-2001) - all I remember is each chapter was one little adventure with danger and rescue, and then the chapter ended and there'd be no incentive to keep reading.  So I don't know how much of the movie wasn't in the book (apparently a lot of it, according to one review I read on IMDB).

Anyways, enjoyed it on the big screen, but not as good as the first one.

Hid from the world today.  And the world was much better off for it.  Got some tidying done and had lunch with the sweetie which was nice.

Tonight we watched another Sherlock.  Really like that show.

And painted by numbers in front of When Weather Changed History and Air Crash Investigations.


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Thoroughly sucky afternoon.  The way things work mean that some things are super difficult which leads to much frustration.  Then people get upset, so other people get upset and the whole afternoon ends up being a write-off.  *sigh*

Came home completely depressed, although an episode of Sherlock made me feel a bit better.

So we were planning to go down the coast Friday night, but I was too worried about the fish.  So we stayed home, cooled the house a little, iced up the tanks, and then went down Saturday morning.

We made a lot of little stops along the way - brunch, lunch and a stack of Ingress portal hacking.  So it took us four hours to get there.  Whoops.

There was a lot of smoke around Nelligen
Bridge over the Clyde at Nelligen

Clyde River Bridge at Batemans Bay
Clyde River Bridge


Dolphin portal

Pelicans on the Clyde
Clyde River Bridge

I love how the pelicans sit on the light posts in Batemans Bay

Whatchu looking at?

Bird poop anyone?
Bird poop

Batemans Bay
Batemans Bay

I settled in with a jigsaw while the sweetie gathered himself, then we went up to Myrtle Beach.  It was a bit too crowded on the main beach for our liking, so we went further down to the next beach.  There was a lot of seaweed there which was a bit annoying, but it was a lovely swim.

Grasshopper .. taken with my iPhone!

I love the walk to/from Myrtle Beach
Track to Myrtle Beach

Came back and did some jigsaw, then got pizza for dinner.  Watched an episode of Buffy, then went in the spa.

Medium meatlovers, small puttanesca, small ham and pineapple

Yellow moon (handheld dodgy shot)

Had a pretty good nights' sleep.  Best all week in fact.  Being a heap cooler will do that.

This morning I finished the jigsaw, cooked us some bacon and eggs for breakfast, then we packed up and came home (via a few more portals).



Neuschwanstein jigsaw

Railcar at Bungendore station
Railcar at Bungendore station

So a fairly short trip this time, but very nice nonetheless.  Sadly we didn't get to meet the mythical Alice.  Maybe next time.

Also thanks heaps to Doc for taking care of the fish on Saturday for us.

This afternoon I sorted some photos (and a side note: challenge accepted), debugged the pool, had dinner and watched some Sherlock.

It's still hot

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Accidentally overflowed the pool last night.  AGAIN.  Fricken.  Fortunately the heat was keeping us awake and Stu heard it shortly after it started overflowing.  Almost broke my ankle racing downstairs in the dark (and in a state of delirium) to turn the hose off.

This morning I emptied many buckets worth onto the front garden, because it's completely parched.  Then this afternoon Annie wanted to come over for a swim.  Which was fine, but the pool was still completely full, and the displacement of five people (well, seven actually) was going to be a disaster.  So I spent ages emptying more buckets onto the garden.  Then did a backwash and rinse of the filter which needed doing anyway.  Was hot and stressed but felt better after the swim.  For about five minutes until the heat made it unbearable again.

Watched some Sherlock with the sweetie but otherwise just sweltered and tried to keep the fish tank temperature down with ice.


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It's very hot.  So hot the fish tanks have been overheating.  The lights are off, the lids are off, but the four foot is over 30C in the water - too hot for little fishies!  I've been adding ice as fast as I can make it but the weekend could be problematic, since there's no letup for at least two days.  Stressed ..

Home. It's hot.

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Left a 30C Sydney for a 40C Canberra, although thankfully it wasn't that hot when I got here.

Was so immersed in the world of Harry that I had to keep reminding myself to watch out for kangaroos trying to win themselves Darwin awards.  A vanilla coke also helped keep me awake.

Pretty much just got home, jumped in the puddle, then got ready for bed.  Lovely to see the sweetie again.

Duck Duck Duck

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Had lunch with @StuartCRyan today.  We did the usual.  That is, we went to Super Bowl and had Peking Duck.  And argued over whose fault it was that we were having Peking Duck yet again :)

Peking duck

Tonight we just scanned more photos.  We're up to 2006, although a lot of holiday photos haven't been gone through yet.  Pretty soon we'll be in digital land so won't need to scan anymore anyway.

Twenty years on

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We were scanning more photos of Dad tonight and came across this photo of him taken outside our church as it burnt down on January 8, 1994.  I believe this photo appeared in the Leader in 1994.  Well last week the same photo appeared in the Leader again for the twentieth anniversary of the fires.

Church burnt down, January 1994 Bushfires

Here we go again ..

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Came up to Sydney today.  Saw Dad.  Got grumpy.  Because he has that affect on people.  *sigh*

We threw out a whole lot of monitor and tv service manuals today.  Dating back to the seventies.  And all mum's meat orders from 1982 to 2010.  Because she kept those all in a file.  But she didn't think she'd ever need them again.  Did you know a 1.5kg leg of lamb cost $7 in 1985?  And 500g of mince was $1.55.  

Service manuals to chuck

1985 meat order

We kept a bunch of cutouts from electronics magazines dating back to the seventies.  They contained projects that a hobbyist *might* be interested in (I'm not holding out much hope).  Dad had copied them all from magazines he'd bought and ordered them neatly in folders, with a typed up description on the front of the folder with what was in it.

Tonight we scanned a whole stack of photos of Dad.  We're only up to about 1987..


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Went to Jake's today and basically took the rest of his Lego away.  So I have pretty much all of it except for what he got for Christmas.  Found a bunch of missing things which was useful, and matched up some of the pieces I had here with the sets he had mostly complete.  Only a couple more sets to check over now.

Had lunch in Gungahlin and did a bit of food shopping.

Otherwise the day was pretty much just housework, paint-by-numbers, Lego and watching telly with the sweetie.

Average day today.  Weird network problems that have been there for ages suddenly went away today.  I suspect it was because it knew I was looking at it.  Stoopid network.

Quiet night tonight.  Watched some Sherlock with the sweetie and worked on a paint-by-numbers while watching Airport 75.  Very dated movie.  The sexual harrassment in the workplace was so overt .. they'd never get away with that sort of thing now.  And it seems like they make all these efforts to make things "real", including the pilots running through checklists, but then show a head-on collision with a light plane making just a small hole in the cockpit and a gentle breeze afterwards.  The explosive decompression in the first Airport was a lot better.  Still, I wasn't watching it for that, I was watching it for the super cool footage of a 747 flying through the Rocky Mountains.  They must have had a lot of fun filming that!

November and December were a bit of a disaster for this little blog.  I don't think I managed to get *any* photos online in a whole two month period.  I made up for that over the break, getting online over a hundred and fifty photos.  So if you care (I doubt any more than about three of you would), you might want to check out my November/December (and even January) archive entries.

I also finished my 2013 year in review post, which is at the end of the December archive page.


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Also today ... significant day ..

I've been blogging for eleven years today .. happy blogiversary to me!

Also today marks the twentieth anniversary of the bushfires that tore through Como and Jannali in 1994, destroying our church and many of our friends' homes.

And it's David Bowie's birthday.

Because, Plane!

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Driving home from the club the other day and this plane was about to hit the ground .. so the little brother slammed on the brakes and we documented it.



See ya JJ

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Had a farewell lunch for JJ today at Turkish Delight.  We all had the banquet which made things pretty easy.  A good feed as always.  Burnt my tongue on the apple tea.  As always.

For the first night in two weeks I haven't really had any Lego to do.  Sad times.

We watched a cockatoo eating plums off the neighbours plum tree tonight for ages.  Then as soon as I went to get the video camera, it flew away.  I knew it would.

Still haven't taken the Christmas tree down.  I'm a slacker.  Plus it's so pretty ..


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Well mostly.  What I can anyway.  So that's pretty cool.  Will take some pics soon.

Went over to Lily's tonight to give her her birthday presents.

Lily cutting her cake (again)

Otherwise.. half the day was taken up with meetings...

Still not finished..

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Spent ages tonight going through some of the leftover pieces of Jake's Lego to see what sets they might belong to, as well as adding all the missing bits that I found later on after finishing other sets.  There's certainly a lot of random stuff where there's pieces definitely from certain sets, but the majority of the set doesn't exist.  So don't know what's up with that.  They're home from holidays now, so maybe they can find extra stuff lying around.

I swear I didn't know what day it was today.  Coming home I had to think twice, I thought it was like a Wednesday.  Silly really.

Watched a doco on the Sears Tower tonight (Mighty Structures), that was pretty cool.

Also, I'm a cloud ninja.  Says so on the tshirt.

Nearly There..

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Friday was another fairly easy going day.  Tried to automate some stuff to make my life easier.  Lunch at the Lighty just because.  Of course I was itching to get home and continue the Lego building saga.  Pulled out the pieces for a whole lot of sets, to be constructed at the club.

Saturday morning I was ready by 7am (stoopid insomnia) so continued with the Lego.

After lunch headed out to the club.  Had a swim which was nice and built the Lego I'd pulled out to do.  Did that pretty much all evening.

This morning was more Lego building.  Chris' sister and BIL were there and he suggested the most likely cause of the fridge not working properly might actually be a ventilation issue.  Stu actually tried it on gas and it worked really well, but really heated up the caravan in the process.  This dude reckoned without the proper ventilation even running it on gas could be dangerous, and we were likely to asphyxiate in our sleep.  So we tried to find a vent today, but the most handy shop didn't have them, so will try Fyshwick some other time.

This is the Hannah Cabinet at the Wood Works Gallery in Bungendore.  Absolutely stunning work.
The Hannah Cabinet

Anyway, after lunch had another swim, then came home.

Check out this bug outside our caravan.  Pic taken on my iPhone!
Club Bug

So Jake's Lego is nearly all sorted and built.  There's a few chunks of it missing, will see if they can find it around the house...

Easing Back Into It

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Had a relatively easy start back at work.  No disasters, a morning tea for someone's birthday, fiddling with new stuff.

Took an early mark and came home and spent the entire evening (except for a break for dinner of leftover pork and cauliflower bake) building Jake's Lego.  Slowly making progress there.  It's certainly getting easier to find pieces now that the piles are getting smaller!

Happy New Year

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Yesterday afternoon we headed out to the club.  Sadly the caravan fridge is still not working.  We had a swim when we got there, then chilled out for a while, then went up to the club house to socialise.  Was a lovely evening of eating and drinking and chatting and singing and dancing.  Then at midnight we turned off the lights, leaving only the fairy lights on, and watched the fireworks.  So a great night.

This morning we had bacon and eggs for breakfast then tidied up and came home.

I spent pretty much all afternoon and evening building Jake's Lego.  There's a *lot* of it!

Had dumplings for lunch (leftover from Fiona I think - thanks Fiona!), and leftover pork and a cheesy cauliflower bake for dinner.

Going to be trying for a *quieter* year this year I think.  More relaxing, less time on the computer.  And to bed on time more often!!

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