Here we go again ..

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Came up to Sydney today.  Saw Dad.  Got grumpy.  Because he has that affect on people.  *sigh*

We threw out a whole lot of monitor and tv service manuals today.  Dating back to the seventies.  And all mum's meat orders from 1982 to 2010.  Because she kept those all in a file.  But she didn't think she'd ever need them again.  Did you know a 1.5kg leg of lamb cost $7 in 1985?  And 500g of mince was $1.55.  

Service manuals to chuck

1985 meat order

We kept a bunch of cutouts from electronics magazines dating back to the seventies.  They contained projects that a hobbyist *might* be interested in (I'm not holding out much hope).  Dad had copied them all from magazines he'd bought and ordered them neatly in folders, with a typed up description on the front of the folder with what was in it.

Tonight we scanned a whole stack of photos of Dad.  We're only up to about 1987..

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