Gotta get down on Friday

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Average day today.  Weird network problems that have been there for ages suddenly went away today.  I suspect it was because it knew I was looking at it.  Stoopid network.

Quiet night tonight.  Watched some Sherlock with the sweetie and worked on a paint-by-numbers while watching Airport 75.  Very dated movie.  The sexual harrassment in the workplace was so overt .. they'd never get away with that sort of thing now.  And it seems like they make all these efforts to make things "real", including the pilots running through checklists, but then show a head-on collision with a light plane making just a small hole in the cockpit and a gentle breeze afterwards.  The explosive decompression in the first Airport was a lot better.  Still, I wasn't watching it for that, I was watching it for the super cool footage of a 747 flying through the Rocky Mountains.  They must have had a lot of fun filming that!


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