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Friday was another fairly easy going day.  Tried to automate some stuff to make my life easier.  Lunch at the Lighty just because.  Of course I was itching to get home and continue the Lego building saga.  Pulled out the pieces for a whole lot of sets, to be constructed at the club.

Saturday morning I was ready by 7am (stoopid insomnia) so continued with the Lego.

After lunch headed out to the club.  Had a swim which was nice and built the Lego I'd pulled out to do.  Did that pretty much all evening.

This morning was more Lego building.  Chris' sister and BIL were there and he suggested the most likely cause of the fridge not working properly might actually be a ventilation issue.  Stu actually tried it on gas and it worked really well, but really heated up the caravan in the process.  This dude reckoned without the proper ventilation even running it on gas could be dangerous, and we were likely to asphyxiate in our sleep.  So we tried to find a vent today, but the most handy shop didn't have them, so will try Fyshwick some other time.

This is the Hannah Cabinet at the Wood Works Gallery in Bungendore.  Absolutely stunning work.
The Hannah Cabinet

Anyway, after lunch had another swim, then came home.

Check out this bug outside our caravan.  Pic taken on my iPhone!
Club Bug

So Jake's Lego is nearly all sorted and built.  There's a few chunks of it missing, will see if they can find it around the house...

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