It was cooler down the coast

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So we were planning to go down the coast Friday night, but I was too worried about the fish.  So we stayed home, cooled the house a little, iced up the tanks, and then went down Saturday morning.

We made a lot of little stops along the way - brunch, lunch and a stack of Ingress portal hacking.  So it took us four hours to get there.  Whoops.

There was a lot of smoke around Nelligen
Bridge over the Clyde at Nelligen

Clyde River Bridge at Batemans Bay
Clyde River Bridge


Dolphin portal

Pelicans on the Clyde
Clyde River Bridge

I love how the pelicans sit on the light posts in Batemans Bay

Whatchu looking at?

Bird poop anyone?
Bird poop

Batemans Bay
Batemans Bay

I settled in with a jigsaw while the sweetie gathered himself, then we went up to Myrtle Beach.  It was a bit too crowded on the main beach for our liking, so we went further down to the next beach.  There was a lot of seaweed there which was a bit annoying, but it was a lovely swim.

Grasshopper .. taken with my iPhone!

I love the walk to/from Myrtle Beach
Track to Myrtle Beach

Came back and did some jigsaw, then got pizza for dinner.  Watched an episode of Buffy, then went in the spa.

Medium meatlovers, small puttanesca, small ham and pineapple

Yellow moon (handheld dodgy shot)

Had a pretty good nights' sleep.  Best all week in fact.  Being a heap cooler will do that.

This morning I finished the jigsaw, cooked us some bacon and eggs for breakfast, then we packed up and came home (via a few more portals).



Neuschwanstein jigsaw

Railcar at Bungendore station
Railcar at Bungendore station

So a fairly short trip this time, but very nice nonetheless.  Sadly we didn't get to meet the mythical Alice.  Maybe next time.

Also thanks heaps to Doc for taking care of the fish on Saturday for us.

This afternoon I sorted some photos (and a side note: challenge accepted), debugged the pool, had dinner and watched some Sherlock.

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