Invasion Day Weekend

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Friday night the little brother came to stay for the night before running a train to Sydney on Saturday.  We watched the last episode of Sherlock (and he stayed up and watched All the President's Men).

Saturday morning Potty and the family came by to see all the Lego.  I think they were impressed.  They stayed for quite a while, so as soon as they left we got ready and headed out to the club.  I finally took a few photos of Stonehenge off Macs Reef Road.


At the club we had a bit of a swim then chillaxed for a while before heading up for dinner.  C&G did meat pies for Australia Day, and there was even some haggis for Robbie Burns' night.

Australia Day dinner

For dessert we decorated four pavlovas

Australia Day dessert

In the morning I finished dismantling the Lego I'd brought along, and did some work on a jigsaw in the club house before coming home in the afternoon.

A little later we headed out again to Mishi's for a games night (which is really just an excuse to sit around and eat and chat).  We did actually play a game - the Logo Game I'd borrowed off DC.  It was good, but the game play was a little confusing and we weren't quite sure how far we could go around the table each round.  Mishi won that game.

Today was a super quiet day.  The little brother came back on his train and dropped in for some lunch and a snooze before he went home (and he fixed the broken fan switch in our bathroom and wired up our aerial system a bit better, but sadly one of the light switches in the caravan is playing up again).  I just played with Lego for the afternoon.  Tonight we watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

And all too soon the weekend is over..

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