Happy New Year

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Yesterday afternoon we headed out to the club.  Sadly the caravan fridge is still not working.  We had a swim when we got there, then chilled out for a while, then went up to the club house to socialise.  Was a lovely evening of eating and drinking and chatting and singing and dancing.  Then at midnight we turned off the lights, leaving only the fairy lights on, and watched the fireworks.  So a great night.

This morning we had bacon and eggs for breakfast then tidied up and came home.

I spent pretty much all afternoon and evening building Jake's Lego.  There's a *lot* of it!

Had dumplings for lunch (leftover from Fiona I think - thanks Fiona!), and leftover pork and a cheesy cauliflower bake for dinner.

Going to be trying for a *quieter* year this year I think.  More relaxing, less time on the computer.  And to bed on time more often!!

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