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Pho Viet

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Went to Pho Viet again a couple of weeks ago.

We had satay pork, a lamb curry, and lemon grass chili squid.  Tasty but irritated my poor sore throat and made me cough lots.

Pho Viet satay pork

Pho Viet lamb curry

Pho Viet lemon grass chili squid

So for our anniversary we both got the day off work, and decided to go for a drive out to Captains Flat.  Cute little town, although really not much there.  The pub didn't open til dinner time on a Friday - only open for lunch on weekends.  So we had some "lunch" at The Outsider cafe.  There was only SOS mobile reception there, presumably only Telstra has a tower there.  We went up and look at the old entrance to the mine.  But sadly we didn't go out to the radar, which was half the reason I wanted to go.  Stu says "next time".

Captains Flat sign, including ducks and horses
Captains Flat sign

Residents can get emergency water supplies from here
Captains Flat water supply

A photo of the mine on an info board
Captains Flat old photo

A memorial for miners who lost their lives
Captains Flat memorial

Stu inspecting the Molonglo River (that little bit of brown in front of him)
Captains Flat Molonglo River

Isn't he a cutie?
The sweetie

Captains Flat from Beazley Street
Captains Flat

The Outsider cafe
The Outsider

Captains Flat hotel
Captains Flat Hotel

Lake George Mine entrance
Lake George mine

Lake George mine

Captains Flat from the mine
Captains Flat

Old railway bridge
Railway bridge

Church at Carwoola
Carwoola church

Anniversary Food

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I think we ate all day on our anniversary!

Starting with oven-baked bacon, and eggs, for breakfast

Anniversary food - bacon and eggs


For lunch, well we happened to be in Captains Flat, and the only thing open was a little cafe - The Outsider.  So we thought we'd just have a slice of cake each to share for a snack.  


The slices were huge, and came topped with cream and chocolate and berries.  So instead of a snack, this was our lunch!

Anniversary food - The Outsider cake

Anniversary food - The Outsider cake

Anniversary food - The Outsider cake


For dinner we went to Pulp Kitchen.  We'd been there some years back (holy crap, was it six years ago?!?), and again it was a great experience.  So much yummy food!

Oysters kilpatrick ($3 each)
Anniversary food - Pulp Kitchen

Oysters with Gin&Tonic Granita ($3 each)
Anniversary food - Pulp Kitchen

Seared duck magret, house made duck sausage, fried duck egg, sorrel salsa verde ($35).  I only got to try a bit of Stu's duck, but it was great.
Anniversary food - Pulp Kitchen

I had roast sirloin steak, braised brisket, butternut pumpkin, garlic and herb puree ($33).  Those little green balls are actually a beef ball wrapped in a dough and baked.  Odd, but delicious.  Steak was pretty awesome too.
Anniversary food - Pulp Kitchen

Salad of green peas, bacon, croutons and herbs ($9).  Excellent salad.
Anniversary food - Pulp Kitchen

Selection of Australian and European farm house cheeses ($19).  This rivalled the fantastic cheese platter we had in Scotland.
Anniversary food - Pulp Kitchen

Five Years

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Stu and I got married five years ago today.

I still feel like we're newly-weds :)

Love you sweetie pea, happy anniversary :)

This morning I was all set to head up to Sydney to visit the parents, but mum rang me just before I was due to leave to tell me the news that Nana had died overnight.  The staff at the nursing home found her first thing in the morning, so it sounds like she went peacefully in her sleep.  She'd been wasting away for years, and the last few years the dementia really took over and she barely recognised her own children.

So I didn't go to Sydney.  I'll go up next week for the funeral instead.

Instead I ended up in a very strange mood.  I guess family members dying will do that to you.  

Growing up we didn't see my grandparents all that often, maybe every few months.  When we were kids sometimes we would stay there for a few days at a time during the school holidays.  

Grandpa died many years ago.  He fought in the war in the middle east and PNG.  He would never buy a Japanese made car because of that.  My mum was born just after the war, but her real mother died of asthma when mum was just three years old.  My grandpa remarried (my nana) and that was the only mother my mum ever knew.

Grandpa used to march in the Anzac Day march every year (when I was a kid I thought the march should be in March, not April heh) and we always used to look out for him and a man from our church who happened to be in the same battalian (and he's still alive!!).

So this afternoon (after being inspired by Lisa) I decided to bake some Anzac biscuits.  And I used some bicarb soda that used to belong to Nana - even the tupperware container is labelled with her writing.

Rest in peace.

Goodbye Nana

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My Nana passed away overnight.  She was not quite 85.


Where was I?  Wednesday .. 

Dealing with a crap crisis meant not getting any "real" work done today.

Drinks with Neil and Simon at Ha Ha, then La De da, and some very yummy fries.

La De Da fries

Then home to fight with technology.  Couldn't even get the old DVD player to play - could get audio to come through, but not video.  Which is a big stinking poo.  So we ended up watching the first couple of episodes of Firefly on Bluray.  Can't believe that series is over ten years old now.  And Neil is watching Veronica Mars again .. maybe I should too! heh :)

Still Coughing

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It's just not going away, and getting really rather tiresome :(:(:(:(

Went to bed at 10pm last night.  Was still awake at 2am.

Today Windy did help me solve a problem that I'd created on Friday (that'll learn me to clean up - slightly too efficiently oops).. thanks Windy!

Getting there..

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Saturday was still feeling a bit blah, but by the afternoon was starting to feel better.  Did our food shopping and in the evening we went over to Mishi's for a games night.  As usual most of the night was chatting over food, but we did end up going and playing some Fluxx and Monty Python Fluxx.  Damien won several games, and Geoffrey and Liam won a game each as well.

Today was feeling more back to normal (still a lot of phlegm) and was actually up to doing some housework.  But otherwise it was a pretty nothing day.

And so that's the end of that.. 


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These were taken with my iPhone...  *my iPhone* !!!

Slightly cropped, but otherwise just resized
iPhone flutterby

More closely cropped, a little bit resized
iPhone flutterby

Actual pixels
Actual pixels

Actual pixels
iPhone flutterby

Cough cough cough

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So after spending two days fixing problems, I finally got to do my scheduled work today.  I was hoping to have it done by about 2pm so I could go home early, but alas didn't finish til after 4pm, and even then I didn't finish because some other people were doing some other work which was getting in the way.

Cough if anything is getting worse not better. 


Mostly Fail Day

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So I dragged myself into work today (I really could have used another hour or three's sleep) because I really wanted to get my work done.  Except I couldn't because of a couple of problems.  So I wait for the developer to get in so he can tell me what the problems are.  But he doesn't show.  I'm getting really annoyed at this point.  Eventually I found out he's on training for two days.  !?  I wish I'd known that *before* I went in.  Anyways, he actually managed to get online and we did resolve a couple of the problems, so the day wasn't a complete failure.

I am so tired tonight though.  It's 7pm and I'm thinking it must be almost time to crash into bed..

Cough, splutter

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Yeah.  Cold.  Friggen heck.

At least Stu hasn't come down fully with it, but still has a sore throat.

Took the day off, in the hopes of recovering enough to go to work tomorrow - because I had work planned that I've been itching to do for literally months, and don't want any sort of delay to jeapardise that :(  Still coughing though and I'm sure I'll get told off if I turn up .. hrmmmmmm :(

Did some testing with the PS3.  Seems that it's just DVDs having problems.  Commercial ones don't play at all - don't even register.  DRM-free ones load but either won't play or play really jerkily and slow.  Bluray is fine.  So possibly just needs cleaning.  Hope it's that simple and that the componentry isn't dying.

So between a couple of bouts of failed sleep, watched Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 (not in that order).

Oh, and courier companies completely piss me off.  UPS supposedly attempted delivery of a package today.  They obviously didn't try very hard, because I was up when they supposedly tried to call, and there certainly weren't any attempts that I heard.

Sore Throat

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The sweetie and I both woke with sore throats this morning.  Not.  Happy.  Jan.

Number Plate

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Did a 24 hour trip to the club last night.  Hung out at the caravan for a bit before going up and having drinks and dinner with some of the others.  We brought all our own food, but as per usual Andrew cooked entirely too much, so we had some of his lemon chicken (which was awesome) and sweet and sour pork.

Slept ok, but the mattress tilts towards Stu which makes things a little uncomfortable (I have enough trouble being comfortable lying down at the best of times).

Had leftovers for breakfast and did my cross stitch while Stu woke up.  Vaccuumed the club house (kids+crackers and bark off logs for the fire make quite a mess - who knew?), then came home for lunch.

And is this not the coolest thing *ever*? :)

Kazza * Stu

Didn't get any photographs of this, as it was a pretty random dinner thrown together with bits and pieces of stuff that had to be used up.  But it was quite delicious!

It went something like this

  • quarter of a red cabbage, chopped
  • one zucchini, grated
  • three rashers of streaky bacon (about one and a half regular rashers), sliced
  • one portobello mushroom, diced
  • 300mL thickened cream
  • 150mL milk
  • tablespoon of corn flour
  • couple of big handfuls of cheese

Basically just chop up the veggies and bacon, mix the cream milk and corn flour together, add the cream to the dish, then top with cheese.

Bake for about an hour at about 160C

Try not to burn mouth on epic nommy goodness!

Movable Type 5.2.2.  Trying to mark comments as spam from the comments RSS feed - clicking on "junk".  Multiple spam messages on the one entry, so multiple attempts to publish to the same entry.  Get these errors:

Renaming tempfile '/path/to/page.html.new' failed: Renaming '/path/to/page.html.new' to '/path/to/page.html' failed: No such file or directory

And then the page is deleted until I go into the entries management and republish it.

This is so fricken fail.  And yet I can't find anyone talking about the same thing, other than the odd comment in people's blogs where people have obviously had the same problem when commenting on an entry at the exact time as someone else.

Last Friday Night

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Last Friday Night (last night) a couple of Daves and a Neil and I crashed @CLBradley's place for wine and pizza.  Lots of fun, but sorry Lisa for keeping Miss M up way too late!  (and she knows the words to TGIF much better than I do, which is slightly disturbing, given that she's eight!)

Wine lineup

Doc saw this Back In Black shiraz and couldn't resist buying it
Back in Black Shiraz

Mosquito coil

Doc and Back in Black wine


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Was channel surfing tonight and ended up on a Top Gear special where they went hunting the source of the Nile river.  Lots of fun, I like the specials they do.  I really must see the one they did in Japan - I only saw the last few minutes of it some time ago..

Last night we had Stu's colleague Rachel over for dinner.  The sweetie cooked up some rissoles which were pretty yummy.  Then we showed her a couple of Japan slideshows.  A very pleasant evening.

Lady Bugs

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When we were up Mount Ainslie the other day I went up to the aircraft beacon, and was promptly covered in lady bugs.  They were clustered on the post and kept taking off and crashing into me.  I ended up covered in them and had to get the sweetie check I had all them off me before I got into the car so that I didn't squish any!

Lady Bug

Lady bugs

Falling Back

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The weekend started with drinks at La De Da.  And chorizo.. yum!

La De Da Chorizo

Saturday morning we went to Black Pepper for breakfast.

Saw these little guys as we were walking back to the car.

Red Rumped Parrots

Red Rumped Parrots

Went and did our food shopping, them came home.

Pretty quiet afternoon.  I was in a bit of a strange mood which didn't help.

Went out for dinner - ended up at Little Siam in Gungahlin.  Turned out to be quite a nice little restaurant.  We got a chicken red curry and a pork larb, which were just on the upper end of my spiciness tolerance, but pretty good.  All the onion made the sweetie suffer afterwards though :(  Very reasonably priced.  In fact our two dishes and rice were only ~$30 - cheaper than breakfast!

Little Siam candle

Little Siam red curry

Little Siam pork larb

Afterwards we went over to Potty's and we all just hung out and chatted.

Today was another quiet day.  Probably wouldn't have left the house, but the sweetie wanted to take his car out (it had a flat battery the other morning, don't know why).  So we went went for a tour of the inner north of Canberra, then up Mount Ainslie.

Airport from Mount Ainslie

Fountain from Mount Ainslie

Canberra from Mount Ainslie

Black Mountain from Mount Ainslie

Tonight I cooked a roast pork.  It was only a small roast, so decided not to do the extended high heat at the beginning.  So the meat came out beautifully, as did the veggies, but the crackling wasn't the best.

Woke up at stoopid o'clock this morning.  Will be nice to wake up with the light again for the next little while... 

March Jigsaws

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As well as "Life", here's the other jigsaws I completed in March..

Waterfall jigsaw from work
Waterfall jigsaw

Lord of the Rings

Lighthouse, one from my parents from over Christmas
Lighthouse jigsaw

Toybox.  One of the $1 jigsaws from Kmart, the one I raced Nat with
Toybox jigsaw

Hot air balloons from Annie, but the box was split and had had kid involvment so a few pieces missing.  This was 750 pieces, but I completed it in about 3.25 hours - probably the fastest I've ever finished at 750-piece puzzle.
Balloons jigsaw

New York.  One of the horribly cut jigsaws in the same series as the swans and the fish.  The pieces are so similar that I couldn't do the top edge until the rest of the sky was done, and even then there were mistakes that I couldn't fix.
New York jigsaw

This was a $4 1000 piece jigsaw from Kmart.  Very flimsy pieces.
Horses jigsaw

Everybody Dies

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Watched the last couple of episodes of House tonight.  Which were pretty emotional for me, what with you know, well, that..

The after-special was pretty cool.  And after watching eight years of Hugh Laurie as House, it's still a bit jarring to hear his British accent! (this pic kinda sums it up)..


Gosh I just realised I never mentioned that D&Y came to stay on Saturday night.  They arrived fairly late after running a train to Bungendore, so didn't see that much of them, but was nice to see the both of them.


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On the weekend I somehow managed to end up with three cracked fingernails.  First world problem I know.  One of them was below the skin line, and has been ripping off more and more ever since.  Tonight it drew blood.  Yay.  

So.  Fricken.  Annoying.


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Was going to do a bunch more photo sorting tonight, but ended up doing jigsaws and watching TV ...

Not a bad day today, except when I looked at things.  I keep telling myself I should not look at things.  Because everytime I do my brain explodes.

And .. made it

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Stu and I were both in weird moods yesterday so didn't leave the house.  

Rinse and repeat today.

Did some jigsawing and photo sorting and a little bit of rearranging of clutter - trying to make it more in my face to be able to get rid of it more easily.  Well that's the theory.

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