Nana and Anzac Day

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This morning I was all set to head up to Sydney to visit the parents, but mum rang me just before I was due to leave to tell me the news that Nana had died overnight.  The staff at the nursing home found her first thing in the morning, so it sounds like she went peacefully in her sleep.  She'd been wasting away for years, and the last few years the dementia really took over and she barely recognised her own children.

So I didn't go to Sydney.  I'll go up next week for the funeral instead.

Instead I ended up in a very strange mood.  I guess family members dying will do that to you.  

Growing up we didn't see my grandparents all that often, maybe every few months.  When we were kids sometimes we would stay there for a few days at a time during the school holidays.  

Grandpa died many years ago.  He fought in the war in the middle east and PNG.  He would never buy a Japanese made car because of that.  My mum was born just after the war, but her real mother died of asthma when mum was just three years old.  My grandpa remarried (my nana) and that was the only mother my mum ever knew.

Grandpa used to march in the Anzac Day march every year (when I was a kid I thought the march should be in March, not April heh) and we always used to look out for him and a man from our church who happened to be in the same battalian (and he's still alive!!).

So this afternoon (after being inspired by Lisa) I decided to bake some Anzac biscuits.  And I used some bicarb soda that used to belong to Nana - even the tupperware container is labelled with her writing.

Rest in peace.


Lisa @ bakebikeblog said:

Baking Anzac biscuits sounds like the perfect tribute to your lovely Nana. May she rest in peace, indeed x

April 26, 2013 5:51 AM


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