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So I've been needing new shoes for a while now. But they don't make ladies laceup shoe-boot things. ie, a shoe with a high ankle, or a boot. If you're lucky at the beginning of the winter season, apparently some stores have get a very small stock of them.

So when I found a store last week that had three pairs of black lace up boots I thought *bargain* and got a pair. Unfortunately I didn't really try them on properly - that is, I didn't do them up and walk around. I was just happy that my toes weren't hitting the end like they were in the other pair they had. They also had a bit of a higher heel, and looked quite nice.

Really dumb idea.

Even dumber was not really trying them around the house before taking them outside. So I went out with them before I really realised that the heel made walking just that much more difficult, plus they were too big and I was sliding around in them. Not good.

So a couple of days I went back to try on the flat soled pair, thinking I'd save these other shoes for more formal, less walky type activities. This time I did them up and walked around for a bit and decided they'd probably do the job.

Except they feel really flimsy, very little support, and the corner of my heels rub in the joins.

So. $155 and two pairs of shoes later, and I'm still no closer to having some shoes that I feel I can wear for 8-10 thousand steps a day.

Got him!

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Caught a student using a bit torrent program today. Finally actually caught one red handed. Was very exciting. Had security guards and everything turn up. Totally freaked him out I'm sure. Hopefully he'll pass the message on that that sort of behaviour is not on.

The decision of whether to lunch with Jim/John got put off for another day, as they didn't do lunch today anyway.

And I had another "idea" today which was a little scary. Although it turned out to not be quite as an exciting an idea as first thought. Oh well.

What can you do?

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So Jim and John went skiing last weekend. They didn't tell me this before they went. They just all went. Forgetting any sort of practical issues with the situation, they still *went without me*.

So this morning Jim says to me "do you want to see some pictures?", to which I said "will I get jealous?" and complained that they keep going off without me. To which he said "oh as your employer I have to distance myself". Yah. Right. I wonder if it'd be any different if I weren't a girl.

So now I'm debating whether I want to keep lunching with them. It's not like I'll *ever* be counted as a "friend". I could start taking my own lunch in and save some money. And chat to Stu if he's at his desk. I dunno. What do people think?

My mother has recently gotten email, and keeps getting sent those soppy/inspirational chain mail things from a friend of hers which she passes onto me. Normally I read them and go "that's nice" and that's it. But there was a line in one of them recently that stood out. It said:

"You can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights."

Which I thought was fairly inspired. I don't know so much about the rainy day. I guess it depends on what you had planned to do with it :) Rainy days don't affect me all that much for the most part, because I'm rather an indoors girl. I can get mildly irritated if I have to get wet, but given Sydney's drought conditions and the scarcity of rain, I generally consider rain to be a good thing.

Lost luggage. Fortunately this has never happened to me. But I imagine I'd get pretty stressed out about it. A lot would depend on whether I was coming or going, who I was with, and what options there were for its retrieval. But in terms of getting stressed out by crap like that, a lot depends on who I'm with and how *they're* reacting to the situation. That is, if the person I'm with is getting stressed out (for example, my parents), I will remain relatively calm. If noone else is getting stressed, then I probably will. Go figure.

Tangled Christmas Tree lights. Well that depends on whether it's me trying to untangle them first up, or someone else has been doing it and has given up. If it's just me, I might get a bit flustered if the temperature is high, but probably not. Untangling I see as more of a puzzle situation that needs to be solved. Especially if someone else has given me the task.

Gosh this weekend has felt quite long. And not even 48 hours have passed.

Friday night was a CIA outing to Courtney's in Parramatta. Food was delicious and the service was excellent (we basically had the place to ourselves). Had quail and snapper and rich chocolate and wine and really ate far far far too much. It was a good night out, but trains really really suck at 11 at night, and it took two full hours to get home. Yay.

Saturday in between getting $100 cash back over three years from Energy Australia and having a powered smoke detector installed, I spent several hours chatting with Stu, which was fantabulous.

Went to the parents for a lamb roast on Saturday night. They of course started asking me about Stu, which was inevitable. My mum did say that even though they didn't get to know him very well last weekend, they trusted my judgement, which I thought was kinda nice. They also asked again *how* I used the internet to meet him, which I basically just didn't answer.. heh. I'd still rather they didn't read this. I guess one day they will find it and that'll be the end of that. Mum said she read one of my webpages .. I'm guessing it's my cia one, which I gave the address for at dinner last week, which doesn't have a link here. I didn't ask her *which* page she read, I didn't want to give her the idea there's more than one, so there's actually the slim chance she's already found this.

Plans for visiting Dave & Yvonne today fell through completely, so I thought I'd have a chance to talk to Stu some more, but he was planning to have Aurelius over, oh well. So thought I'd work on Project Declutter. Well was putting washing away and sun was streaming into my bedroom and it was all I could do to not just collapse into bed and have a siesta. Maybe I still will for a little bit...

Project Declutter

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I have too much stuff. Just clutter. Stuff that means nothing to nobody except me. I have boxes and boxes full of old uni and school notes. Books, although a small collection, but many from my childhood that I'm never likely to read again. Collections of train tickets, tickets to shows, show programs, toys I've had since I was a kid, and stacks of stuff that I simply never use, but can't bear to throw away. I've had a couple of goes since I've moved here to clean out stuff, and have achieved some success. But I still think I have a long way to go. And the other issue now is that I'm almost certainly going to be moving within the next couple of years, and it'd be nice to be free of all the clutter before I go. Stu did this a while back, and it's inspired me somewhat to do the same. Although I'm not sure I'm ready to let go yet.

I had a thought a while back that I could start scrapbooking a lot of bits and pieces, and write why a particular item was important to me. And use the funky collection of coloured pens I have for some noble purpose. I still haven't decided if I'll do this.

The other thing I'll probably do is take photos of some of the things I have that serve no purpose at all other than memories. I figure if I have a photo of the object, then that'll do me for the memory, and I can get rid of the actual object.

Of course I also can't bear to throw anything out that could be of some use to people, so will probably try and sell what I can on ebay, and donate the rest to charity or whoever else wants it.

So this will be my major project for the next couple of years I think. Just need to be able to break it down into weekend-sized chunks....

So I'm just driving down the road today and I come up alongside this trailer - with *people* on it. So I looked closer and it was actually a film crew! There was a cameraman filming someone inside an X5 that was sitting atop a flatbed trailer, with a lighting dude as well. It was the funniest thing to watch. But it was going a bit slower than normal, so I couldn't watch for long. Oh well.

Finished Google Earthing all the flights from my USA trip last year. Considering tackling the flyovers of the country I did in 2000 next :) In fact after looking through the pictures I took, I'm going to have a bucket load of fun doing it :)

The new series of The Mole started up tonight. One of the best ever reality shows they make. That and the Amazing Race. Totally love the Mole. I guessed who the Mole was in the first season, had a hunch for one of them, and got it completely wrong for another two. Hoping to do better this time around :)

And Lost finished off the season. Thanks to Dave's forewarning I was not disappointed with the rather lame ending. When you know to expect nothing, you don't get disappointed :)

Hoping to get to sleep before 2am tonight.

Still awake

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Can't breathe. Can't sleep. Getting annoyed.


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ok I don't actually feel all that bad.. I just can't breathe .. at least not through my nose anyway, so my mouth is really dry
gack gack gack

colds is no fun

Di has had a couple of posts recently about online dating. She personally doesn't like the idea. But she qualified her posts to note that she is not opposed to the idea of happening to meet people online, she just doesn't like the idea of pigeonholing people and thereby limiting the chances of finding love in an unexpected way.

I personally have never used an online dating agency (although I did browse through a Christian one once). Partly I didn't want to spend the money, partly I think it seems a little "desparate", partly meeting people is rather a tedious business - there's all the boring small talk of "where do you live" and "what do you do" which I hate having to go through over and over again. I can see their uses - it'd make it easier to find people that have similar interests and goals in life, but I'd still want to meet the person in real life pretty early on before taking anything too far.

So over the last couple of years I've been semi-actively looking for blogs of people that I could conceivably have an interest in. Mind you this wasn't a terribly effective method - I don't actually read any blogs of single guys in Sydney! heh. But blogging suits my style of meeting people. I can read all about what they have to say, without having to say anything myself. Sometimes I will respond to a post, and people may come and read my blog. Or vice versa, people start reading my blog. I figure if anyone is interested enough in my life to read my blog and comment on it, then what they say in their blogs must also have an interest to me. And so I read the blogs of quite a few students, and other people that I wouldn't necessarily have gone looking for. And I end up reading a very ecclectic collection of world views.

In April, a guy named Aurelius began leaving comments in my blog. I went over to have a look at his, and was intrigued by the location tag that said he was in Rome. But in the early posts I began reading he said he had just moved to Jerusalem. It didn't take me long to realise he was actually an Australian living in Brisbane, but his blog intrigued me enough to read it from the very beginning, something I rarely do. I also began to read the blogs of Pinky (his girlfriend at the time) and Stu (his best friend).

A few weeks later, my parents were planning a trip to Queensland and I was to tag along. So I left a message on Stu's blog that it would be cool to meet him and Aurelius. Several emails went back and forth, and on the way up a few smses. I thought for a while that I could end up meeting them without a word being spoken on the phone, but Aurelius called me from a landline because he had no credit on his phone, and plans were finalised for a Sunday night dinner at a cafe. And so we met. As the evening was drawing to a close, the plan was that Aurelius was to take me back to where I was staying, but Stu said "awwww". And I knew there was something there. Something that had potential. Not only did it tell me that he was interested in me, but it kindled a similar reaction in myself. I wanted to spend more time with Stu too. A couple of days later, when were staying on the Gold Coast, I wanted to go to Infinity, and was wondering whether my mum would want to come along. And then I had a thought - I wonder if Stu would be interested in coming down. So I smsed him, and he was. Several smses back and forth later and plans were finalised. And so we had a lovely night. I was starting to like this gentle man, but in my head I thought no, don't do it, bad idea, he lives a thousand kilometres away! But even as I was travelling home over the next couple of days, I was smsing him, and once home we began to spend a lot of time online chatting.

And so that's how it began. Completely and utterly unexpected. Something that would never have happened without the internet. Without Vic telling me I should write a blog two and a half years ago. Without Aurelius happening to find me and post here. And at a point in our lives where the both of us had resigned ourselves to being single forever. As Stu would say "it's a funny old life".

Kaz and Stu


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Work. Meh.
Not helped by being quite depressed about sending my boy home last night.

Tonight while Stu was playing removalist for Aurelius, I kept myself busy catching up on blogs, doing the weekend's washing up, and giggling over entries on this funny page Yvonne sent me. The label in French on the laptop bag is pretty funny. This self-referential story is kinda cool, and I giggled all the way through this experiment with USPS.

And the damned llama song has been in my head all weekend. Damned flipping!! arghh!!

Here's a llama, there's a llama,
And another little llama.
Fuzzy llama, funny llama,
Llama llama DUCK!

Llama llama, cheesecake llama,
Tablet brick, potato llama,
Llama llama, mushroom llama,
Llama llama DUCK!

I was once a treehouse, I lived in a cake,
But I never saw the way the orange slayed the rake.
I was only three years dead, but it told a tale,
And now listen, little child, to the safety rail.

Did you ever see a llama,
Kiss a llama on the llama?
Llama's llama tastes of llama,
Llama llama DUCK!

Half a llama, twice a llama,
Not a llama, farmer, llama,
Llama in a car, alarm a
Llama, Llama DUCK!

Is that how it's told now, Is it all so old?
Is it made of lemon juice? Doorknob ankle cold.
Now my song is getting thin, I've run out of luck.
Time for me to retire now, and become a DUCK!


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Another lovely day today. Took Stu to church with me, and as predicted, the first thing people asked was "where do you live" and "what do you do". Honestly, can't people think of more original questions than that?? Oh sure they're just being friendly and all that (even if a little in your face as in the case of Mike), but it gets old really quickly.

Came home and had some lunch and a generally relaxing afternoon, before wandering out to a luggage store to look for backpacks, and then I took Stu to work to show him my office and our servers. Wandered back home again and just hung out some more while I did a small lamb roast (which turned out quite well for a first time effort).

And then it was time to take Stu to the airport. Feeling quite flat now. My house feels quite empty without him :( Dreading the thought of going back to work tomorrow. Don't have the energy or inclination to clean up after dinner, the cockroaches can have a feast if they want :/

<puts the llama song on while getting ready for bed> (had that damned song in my head all weekend.. thanks arian .. not .. ;P )

Today was perfectly pleasant. Slept late and did a whole lotta nuthin. Stu gave me a cool birthday present - a Logitech webcam, which we tested successfully with Arian. In the afternoon we made a pilgrimage to the aquarium and then to the shops to buy meat and beer. Then onto James & George's for a bbq birthday dinner thing. Dinner was great, and Dave & Yvonne fairly successfully took over most of the conversation ;) although my brother could of course be trusted with dropping not-so-subtle hints.. ok *blatantly telling* some people about my new bed and my blog. Honestly, little brothers, who'd have em? ;) <Considers chmod 700ing my blog in case the parents really do decide to go do a google search on kazza> Although I did throw them off the scent slightly when they asked what my website address was, and I said Dunno if that'll fool em :)


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So. Friday. What happened today? Nothing of any particular note, except my boy is here!!!! Somehow blogging feels so redundant at the moment.. funny that.. Sleepie time now methinks, don't expect to see much of me this weekend heh

24 hours to go!

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/me bounces round the room.

Somehow managed to avoid having to do too much real work again today. Spent an hour setting up another ups and threading power cables round the racks. A bit disturbed by how drained the battery was after it had been disconnected for a mere half a day. Will have to run some tests with it.

Spent the rest the morning and all the afternoon either in meetings or sitting behind Jim while he hacked away at the cms and I observed. It was good actually, cause I couldn't really do that programming myself, but it was good to be involved to get more of an idea of how the whole thing works.

It was also funny today.. I had kind of a "told you so" moment. I kept asking them how long it was going to be and how many problems were we going to have to encounter before we switched our thinking on how to approach a method of integrating data into our cms. They kept saying, not this version not this version. Well this morning they had had a go at doing it the way I had suggested doing it. As a proof of concept more than anything. We may not end up doing it that way, as it has plenty of its own problems, but it was funny because they kept saying they wouldn't do it, and then they did. Silly really.


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  • Felt like I was in over my head at work with the CMS, which is due for soft release next Friday
  • Avoided real work most of the day by fluffing about with upses and what we're going to do with them
  • Went on a shoe-shopping expedition at lunch. Went into four shoe stores and couldn't find a single pair of ladies lace-up boots. Well actually I did find one pair, but they were too small. *sigh*
  • Redid all the Google Earth points I did yesterday, this time saving regularly
  • Meat for dinner with James & George followed by watching Jason Isaacs, er, Harry and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Went to bed far too late :)

  • Damned Google Earth

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    1) Engrossing me so utterly
    2) Not saving place markers until you quit the application

    So I spent nearly two hours tonight placing markers for all my photos over LA last year. I had finished, and was thinking about quitting and reloading the application, but I thought I'd show Richard the flyover first, and the really cool trajectory of dots across the city. Was doing that for a bit and suddenly there was silence and darkness. Blackout. I lost everything. Not happy Jan!

    Oh well, at least I should be able to find the spots I'd marked on Google Earth a bit quicker next time. For example I know whereabouts on Santa Catalina Island a few of my photos were, which should save some time, as they took quite a while to find the first time.

    We then had to shutdown servers, as the upses don't last very long. However the upses really really don't last very long, and I managed three machines and Sami managed one before one ups drained its battery and shut down, leaving servers on one power supply connected to other upses, which put those upses into overload condition, and they promptly shutdown as well, leaving the room in silence, aside from the beeping of the remaining unhappy upses.

    Fifteen minutes later power was restored, so then I had to make sure machines all booted up properly. Funfullness.

    Notes to self: Get torches in case of power failures. Script or otherwise improve the speed of shutdown of servers in full power failure.

    Thanks :)

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    Thanks everyone for your lovely birthday wishes :):):)
    It was probably one of my best birthdays ever. The complete opposite of my 10000th birthday which was probably my worst.

    Today was a much more back-to-reality type day. Not helped by waking up at the crack of dawn tired (how does that song go, "I'm so tired, of waking up tired" .. heh). With all chores done (except brushing my teeth), I'm off to bed :)


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    So I turned 100000 today. Bit of a milestone from 11111.

    Arian sent me the *best* present - 80 pictures of Stu, only a few of which I'd seen before. That was last night. Went to bed in a ridiculously happy mood. Woke with a similarly inflated mood (although subdued a little by an alarm waking me up in the middle of a brilliant dream about Stu).

    The day was just gorgeous and my happy mood carried me through the entire day.

    Ate far too much. A roast pork with crackling and apple sauce for lunch with the parents and Dave & Yvonne, followed by roast chicken at Alan & Marylons. Two birthday cakes, mmmmm. The big lunch meant all the wine I drank at dinner didn't really go to my head too much, but feeling suitably relaxed and happy anyway.

    Even got some quality time in with my boy this weekend which made me very happy.. and all the pictures were really icing on the cake (both of them ;) )



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    By Jupiter!

    I had a great long list of things I wanted to do this weekend.

    But I bludged in front of the computer most of the day (it wasn't my fault, Stu and Arian were online!)

    I did manage to wash some sheets and towels.

    And top up fish tank five.

    And wash my hair.

    But I still need to do a thorough gravel vacuum in tank 5, even if I have to filter the water and put it back in again. Not sure when though, tomorrow is going to be busy.

    Last time Jupiter was this close to the moon I was kicking myself for not taking a picture of it. So when I saw it again on Wednesday night I took a couple of snaps of it. 1/200th second, f2.8, handheld out the front of George's place.

    I don't do a whole lot of thinking. I try and avoid thinking as a general rule. Some would see this as strange I guess. My mind is always full of *noise*, often from the tv, or reading blogs, or chatting. I don't stop. This could also be why it takes me at least half an hour to get to sleep, because it's just so noisy in my head. And not with anything useful, just clutter.

    The only time I do any sort of thinking is usually when I'm driving. It's the place where I get the least mental input and can actually ponder over things, or more usually stress about stuff. It's where I usually get great ideas for blogging, and I sit there and think about how I should word it. The problem is, you can't blog legally in the car, and by the time I've gotten home, had dinner, chatted, watched tv, read emails, read blogs, it's far too late and I have no energy to write. Although strangely, this entry was going to be a quick entry saying how I didn't feel like articulating all of this, and yet here it is.. go figure. Must be Friday. Fridays rock.

    On an unrelated tangent, Stu gave me one of his treble recorders to play with, and I've found O For a Thousand Tongues works quite well on it (the little descant recorder goes into "screech" notes making it quite difficult to play). Sadly I found only three other hymns that I know in the hymn book that don't go down too low to play on it (it only goes down to F, and most stuff goes down lower than that, so I'd have to rearrange the octaves - far too complicated!

    I have a busy weekend ahead, and hoping to get more than a ten minute stretch of time to talk to my boy.

    Google Earth

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    So the other night I thought I'd download Google Earth and have a play with it.

    I ended up spending four hours in two nights after work plotting the course of my flight to Brisbane and back. I set the zoom and tilt to match most of my photos, and plotted each one with a place marker. Once plotted you can then "play tour" and literally reenact the flight as I saw it through my camera. Way coolness.

    What was even more remarkable was that I managed to find the location of every single one of my photos, even some that all I had to go on was a few bends in a river or a few bumps of mountain. The terrain mapper certainly helped with those!

    My next project will be to do the same thing for my flights in the USA last year :)

    Queensland trip on Google Earth

    Bits and bobs

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  • Got woken up before 6am by Gamera having a spack
  • Finally started integrating my database into the new cms at work
  • Ate too much all day
  • Finalised birthday plans
  • Watched Philosopher's Stone with George
  • Got too bed far too late for my level of tiredness

  • Peace

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    I felt strangely at peace today. Of course a solid 8.5 hours of sleep helped immensely. But unusually I wasn't stressed about being late for work or adding 15 minutes to my trip by crossing to the other side of the road to get petrol (a trip which involves crossing the highway twice and three sets of traffic lights), or crazy people on the roads, or the impending deadline for our new website (which Peter is much more stressed over than anyone else). I felt vaguely like there is much more to life than day-to-day trivialities. That Stu is probably the only thing of any real importance in my life at the moment, the only thing worth worrying/caring about. I had all these ideas about some sort of profound blog entry about it all, but two sentences was about as good as I could get it, heh.

    I did get moderately stressed out when I spent most of the day trying to get one thing done that should have taken an hour or two, but blew out to four or five after interruption after interruption after interruption. I was getting ready to disconnect my phone and shut down icq just to get some peace.

    Spent the evening catching up on blogs, chatting to Arian and half watching reruns of CSI and will wander off in the general direction of bed shortly.

    .. oh I forgot.. I also spent a couple of hours after work today flying up and down the coast on Google Earth, marking out points where I took photos out of the plane. And only did about half of them too :)

    1000km commute

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    So when Aurelius came over last night, we went and hired Garden State because Stu had seen it and liked it. It's one of those rather odd movies, quirky and funny but kinda sweet. Then we took Aurelius home to Will & Javaira's and came back and crashed out.

    This morning another sad farewell, although not so sad because it's only two weeks till he'll be down for our birthdays. And then a thousand kilometre commute to work. Aside from the fact that it took most of the morning, the flight is only an hour and a quarter.. I could handle a commute like that. It's all the fluffing around on either end that takes up all the time. But I still think a teleporter would solve all our problems. Well at least a few of the biggest ones anyway :)

    Work was a writeoff. TTotM hit with a vengeance just as I got to work, and then I was just so whacked in the afternoon I couldn't keep my eyes open during a meeting on the new website. I'm sure I should have been paying attention, because I'm going to have use it for the project I'm working on.. but maybe Jim will do most of the hard stuff (given it's mostly in lotusscript).

    And then tonight, spent over an hour trying to decide what carpet and edge runners to put in all the stairwells. Good thing there were only four of us there, or we'd have never made a decision!

    And now, it's time for bed.


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    So here I am in sunny Brisbane. Two glorious days in a row of wearing just t-shirts, and wondering why on earth I brought my warm winter jacket.

    It's been a busy weekend, over far too quickly. Really not looking forward to going home tomorrow :(

    So yesterday began at five am, after about four hours of sleep. Luc very kindly picked me up and dropped me off at the airport, where I secured a window seat on the left side of the plane. Reminded myself again never to book such an early flight - the sun hadn't even risen when we took off, making it too dark for any decent photos. But I did get a pretty cool movie of the takeoff. Even though much of the scenery was quite boring (lots of gentle hills and farmland), at least being on the left side of the plane meant I could see it all. On the right hand side all you could see was the glaring sun and nothing else. I also managed to get a row of three seats to myself which wasn't bad.

    Stu picked me up from the airport, and we went back to his place and caught up for a while. It was pretty damned good to see him again, I'll tell you that. And funny to see all the places that I'd only seen on his webcam when I had a virtual tour of the flat with it. Late morning we headed into Fortitude Valley ("The Valley") for a late breakfast, and then wandered through the Brunswick St markets and around The Valley and New Farm for a tour of places-that-mean-things-to-Stu. We did a fair bit of walking, which helped burn off the big breakfast!

    Storey Bridge

    In the afternoon we vegged out in front of a dvd (Spirited Away) before heading to Chay and David's for dinner. Dinner was roast pork (I wondered if someone had been reading my blog recently heh) and afterwards we played SingStar on the playstation where Chay and David beat Stu and I rather soundly. 11 points to 3 on two different versions. Oops :)

    This morning we mostly just vegged out. I played a bit of recorder and Stu read the paper. Then we went out for lunch, and ate too much again :) Followed by hunting around pet stores to look at fish. Then it was back here for a bit of an afternoon siesta and are now just waiting for Aurelius to arrive for dinner.

    At least my flight home tomorrow is at a much more civilised hour, and hopefully should provide some better photo opportunities. But really don't want to go. *sigh*


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    Just a few of them at the moment. Mostly on account of having to places on time at the crack of dawn.

    Must sleep. Will get five hours tops :/

    Go Uchenna and Joyce! Thoroughly enjoyed this season of The Amazing Race. Even though I thought Rob and Amber didn't need the money and didn't think they needed to win, but because none of the other teams wanted them to win, and because they really are true survivors, I kinda wanted them to win anyway. For a moment there it looked as if they would, but a held plane and a bit of luck let Uchenna and Joyce beat them by a few minutes. I was quite happy that they won, I would have been a little disappointed if Ron and Kelly had won.

    Shrek 2

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    Shrek 2

    Watched Shrek 2 tonight (finally) with George. Was as good as it was cracked up to be. Thinking I might need to invest in the two of them on dvd, if only to watch them a few more times each to pick up all the references to other movies in them :)

    And what's the deal with the weather today? So hot I had to take my jumper off, and even now it's still 19C!


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    So it looks like we're going to have to raise $30000 over the next few months to fire-safetyify the building. Yay. Meeting went for two and a half hours. Good thing I had a big lunch.

    Now if the notes servers let me I'm going to have an early night.

    Goodbye Angel

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    A very sad day here. I had to euthanase one of my black angels :(:(
    Since the weekend she'd been totally flipped out, swimming at odd angles and bashing into the glass, and her fins were quite damaged, possibly from the krib biting her whenever she got anywhere near him on the bottom of the tank. When I came home tonight she was face down in the gravel and looking pitiful. I couldn't bear to see her suffer, so put her in a small amount of water in the freezer.

    She was two and a half years old.


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    I've had pork for dinner four nights in a row, two fresh, two leftovers. None of them as good as my mum can do a pork roast. Bacon for lunch yesterday, and bacon as part of the chicken caesar roll today.

    Pork. A wonderful, magical animal.

    Kazza's "Boring Life Of a Geek" aka BLOG

    IT geek, originally from Sydney, moved to Canberra in 2007. Married to "the sweetie", aka Stu. Prolific photographer, Lego junkie and tropical fish keeper.

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