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Today was perfectly pleasant. Slept late and did a whole lotta nuthin. Stu gave me a cool birthday present - a Logitech webcam, which we tested successfully with Arian. In the afternoon we made a pilgrimage to the aquarium and then to the shops to buy meat and beer. Then onto James & George's for a bbq birthday dinner thing. Dinner was great, and Dave & Yvonne fairly successfully took over most of the conversation ;) although my brother could of course be trusted with dropping not-so-subtle hints.. ok *blatantly telling* some people about my new bed and my blog. Honestly, little brothers, who'd have em? ;) <Considers chmod 700ing my blog in case the parents really do decide to go do a google search on kazza> Although I did throw them off the scent slightly when they asked what my website address was, and I said Dunno if that'll fool em :)


Yvonne said:


No really I clobbered him later....We would like you two to stay over here one day to eat drink and watch Futurama and MASH...Whaddusay?

August 21, 2005 7:06 PM


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