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So here I am in sunny Brisbane. Two glorious days in a row of wearing just t-shirts, and wondering why on earth I brought my warm winter jacket.

It's been a busy weekend, over far too quickly. Really not looking forward to going home tomorrow :(

So yesterday began at five am, after about four hours of sleep. Luc very kindly picked me up and dropped me off at the airport, where I secured a window seat on the left side of the plane. Reminded myself again never to book such an early flight - the sun hadn't even risen when we took off, making it too dark for any decent photos. But I did get a pretty cool movie of the takeoff. Even though much of the scenery was quite boring (lots of gentle hills and farmland), at least being on the left side of the plane meant I could see it all. On the right hand side all you could see was the glaring sun and nothing else. I also managed to get a row of three seats to myself which wasn't bad.

Stu picked me up from the airport, and we went back to his place and caught up for a while. It was pretty damned good to see him again, I'll tell you that. And funny to see all the places that I'd only seen on his webcam when I had a virtual tour of the flat with it. Late morning we headed into Fortitude Valley ("The Valley") for a late breakfast, and then wandered through the Brunswick St markets and around The Valley and New Farm for a tour of places-that-mean-things-to-Stu. We did a fair bit of walking, which helped burn off the big breakfast!

Storey Bridge

In the afternoon we vegged out in front of a dvd (Spirited Away) before heading to Chay and David's for dinner. Dinner was roast pork (I wondered if someone had been reading my blog recently heh) and afterwards we played SingStar on the playstation where Chay and David beat Stu and I rather soundly. 11 points to 3 on two different versions. Oops :)

This morning we mostly just vegged out. I played a bit of recorder and Stu read the paper. Then we went out for lunch, and ate too much again :) Followed by hunting around pet stores to look at fish. Then it was back here for a bit of an afternoon siesta and are now just waiting for Aurelius to arrive for dinner.

At least my flight home tomorrow is at a much more civilised hour, and hopefully should provide some better photo opportunities. But really don't want to go. *sigh*


Aurelius said:

Should be careful playing Stu's recorder.
Might get boy germs.

August 9, 2005 6:08 PM


kazza said:

mmmm boy germs. Depends who the boy is of course :)

August 9, 2005 7:42 PM


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