Amazing Race fun (spoilers)

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Go Uchenna and Joyce! Thoroughly enjoyed this season of The Amazing Race. Even though I thought Rob and Amber didn't need the money and didn't think they needed to win, but because none of the other teams wanted them to win, and because they really are true survivors, I kinda wanted them to win anyway. For a moment there it looked as if they would, but a held plane and a bit of luck let Uchenna and Joyce beat them by a few minutes. I was quite happy that they won, I would have been a little disappointed if Ron and Kelly had won.


Kevin said:

I got so sick of Ron and Kelly's constant bickering. That and Kelly made herself look like such an ignorant ^%*$ with her comment about Ron taking the easy way out of the Marine Corps by becoming a POW. Yeah, real easy there.

My wife and I were rooting for Rob and Amber early on because we knew them from Survivor. But, as time went on, we were really rooting for Uchenna and Joyce because they not only needed the money, but they played the game the best and won through skill and determination, not just cunning and trickery (although that still makes for great TV).

August 5, 2005 2:55 AM


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