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Another lovely day today. Took Stu to church with me, and as predicted, the first thing people asked was "where do you live" and "what do you do". Honestly, can't people think of more original questions than that?? Oh sure they're just being friendly and all that (even if a little in your face as in the case of Mike), but it gets old really quickly.

Came home and had some lunch and a generally relaxing afternoon, before wandering out to a luggage store to look for backpacks, and then I took Stu to work to show him my office and our servers. Wandered back home again and just hung out some more while I did a small lamb roast (which turned out quite well for a first time effort).

And then it was time to take Stu to the airport. Feeling quite flat now. My house feels quite empty without him :( Dreading the thought of going back to work tomorrow. Don't have the energy or inclination to clean up after dinner, the cockroaches can have a feast if they want :/

<puts the llama song on while getting ready for bed> (had that damned song in my head all weekend.. thanks arian .. not .. ;P )


Yvonne said:

Oh well to keep yourself busy, come and show me how to get Google earth to work. Damn thing. GRR

August 22, 2005 10:49 AM


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