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I felt strangely at peace today. Of course a solid 8.5 hours of sleep helped immensely. But unusually I wasn't stressed about being late for work or adding 15 minutes to my trip by crossing to the other side of the road to get petrol (a trip which involves crossing the highway twice and three sets of traffic lights), or crazy people on the roads, or the impending deadline for our new website (which Peter is much more stressed over than anyone else). I felt vaguely like there is much more to life than day-to-day trivialities. That Stu is probably the only thing of any real importance in my life at the moment, the only thing worth worrying/caring about. I had all these ideas about some sort of profound blog entry about it all, but two sentences was about as good as I could get it, heh.

I did get moderately stressed out when I spent most of the day trying to get one thing done that should have taken an hour or two, but blew out to four or five after interruption after interruption after interruption. I was getting ready to disconnect my phone and shut down icq just to get some peace.

Spent the evening catching up on blogs, chatting to Arian and half watching reruns of CSI and will wander off in the general direction of bed shortly.

.. oh I forgot.. I also spent a couple of hours after work today flying up and down the coast on Google Earth, marking out points where I took photos out of the plane. And only did about half of them too :)

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