Cough. Splutter. Sniffle. Repeat.

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Finished Google Earthing all the flights from my USA trip last year. Considering tackling the flyovers of the country I did in 2000 next :) In fact after looking through the pictures I took, I'm going to have a bucket load of fun doing it :)

The new series of The Mole started up tonight. One of the best ever reality shows they make. That and the Amazing Race. Totally love the Mole. I guessed who the Mole was in the first season, had a hunch for one of them, and got it completely wrong for another two. Hoping to do better this time around :)

And Lost finished off the season. Thanks to Dave's forewarning I was not disappointed with the rather lame ending. When you know to expect nothing, you don't get disappointed :)

Hoping to get to sleep before 2am tonight.

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