It hasn't even been two days..

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Gosh this weekend has felt quite long. And not even 48 hours have passed.

Friday night was a CIA outing to Courtney's in Parramatta. Food was delicious and the service was excellent (we basically had the place to ourselves). Had quail and snapper and rich chocolate and wine and really ate far far far too much. It was a good night out, but trains really really suck at 11 at night, and it took two full hours to get home. Yay.

Saturday in between getting $100 cash back over three years from Energy Australia and having a powered smoke detector installed, I spent several hours chatting with Stu, which was fantabulous.

Went to the parents for a lamb roast on Saturday night. They of course started asking me about Stu, which was inevitable. My mum did say that even though they didn't get to know him very well last weekend, they trusted my judgement, which I thought was kinda nice. They also asked again *how* I used the internet to meet him, which I basically just didn't answer.. heh. I'd still rather they didn't read this. I guess one day they will find it and that'll be the end of that. Mum said she read one of my webpages .. I'm guessing it's my cia one, which I gave the address for at dinner last week, which doesn't have a link here. I didn't ask her *which* page she read, I didn't want to give her the idea there's more than one, so there's actually the slim chance she's already found this.

Plans for visiting Dave & Yvonne today fell through completely, so I thought I'd have a chance to talk to Stu some more, but he was planning to have Aurelius over, oh well. So thought I'd work on Project Declutter. Well was putting washing away and sun was streaming into my bedroom and it was all I could do to not just collapse into bed and have a siesta. Maybe I still will for a little bit...


Yvonne said:

Yeah sorry. Work rang at 10am and the guy that was coving my shift went off sick. Now with 4 people qualified, and three off, not good odds. I was very annoyed. Again humble apologies.

August 29, 2005 3:22 PM


kazza said:

These things happen :)

August 29, 2005 9:28 PM


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