1000km commute

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So when Aurelius came over last night, we went and hired Garden State because Stu had seen it and liked it. It's one of those rather odd movies, quirky and funny but kinda sweet. Then we took Aurelius home to Will & Javaira's and came back and crashed out.

This morning another sad farewell, although not so sad because it's only two weeks till he'll be down for our birthdays. And then a thousand kilometre commute to work. Aside from the fact that it took most of the morning, the flight is only an hour and a quarter.. I could handle a commute like that. It's all the fluffing around on either end that takes up all the time. But I still think a teleporter would solve all our problems. Well at least a few of the biggest ones anyway :)

Work was a writeoff. TTotM hit with a vengeance just as I got to work, and then I was just so whacked in the afternoon I couldn't keep my eyes open during a meeting on the new website. I'm sure I should have been paying attention, because I'm going to have use it for the project I'm working on.. but maybe Jim will do most of the hard stuff (given it's mostly in lotusscript).

And then tonight, spent over an hour trying to decide what carpet and edge runners to put in all the stairwells. Good thing there were only four of us there, or we'd have never made a decision!

And now, it's time for bed.

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