24 hours to go!

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/me bounces round the room.

Somehow managed to avoid having to do too much real work again today. Spent an hour setting up another ups and threading power cables round the racks. A bit disturbed by how drained the battery was after it had been disconnected for a mere half a day. Will have to run some tests with it.

Spent the rest the morning and all the afternoon either in meetings or sitting behind Jim while he hacked away at the cms and I observed. It was good actually, cause I couldn't really do that programming myself, but it was good to be involved to get more of an idea of how the whole thing works.

It was also funny today.. I had kind of a "told you so" moment. I kept asking them how long it was going to be and how many problems were we going to have to encounter before we switched our thinking on how to approach a method of integrating data into our cms. They kept saying, not this version not this version. Well this morning they had had a go at doing it the way I had suggested doing it. As a proof of concept more than anything. We may not end up doing it that way, as it has plenty of its own problems, but it was funny because they kept saying they wouldn't do it, and then they did. Silly really.

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