Damned Google Earth

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1) Engrossing me so utterly
2) Not saving place markers until you quit the application

So I spent nearly two hours tonight placing markers for all my photos over LA last year. I had finished, and was thinking about quitting and reloading the application, but I thought I'd show Richard the flyover first, and the really cool trajectory of dots across the city. Was doing that for a bit and suddenly there was silence and darkness. Blackout. I lost everything. Not happy Jan!

Oh well, at least I should be able to find the spots I'd marked on Google Earth a bit quicker next time. For example I know whereabouts on Santa Catalina Island a few of my photos were, which should save some time, as they took quite a while to find the first time.

We then had to shutdown servers, as the upses don't last very long. However the upses really really don't last very long, and I managed three machines and Sami managed one before one ups drained its battery and shut down, leaving servers on one power supply connected to other upses, which put those upses into overload condition, and they promptly shutdown as well, leaving the room in silence, aside from the beeping of the remaining unhappy upses.

Fifteen minutes later power was restored, so then I had to make sure machines all booted up properly. Funfullness.

Notes to self: Get torches in case of power failures. Script or otherwise improve the speed of shutdown of servers in full power failure.

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