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Had a Christmas party today with a bunch of people that I haven't been together with in probably at least 3 years. It was this core of people that mostly used to live locally and go to the same church. Since then it's diverged somewhat, and 10 (!) offspring have been added. The reason I haven't seen several of them much in the past few years was because of something that happened when I was going through some pretty deep depression a few years ago, and two of them rejected me at the time and made me feel even lower, if that were possible. As I've said in previous entries, I have trouble with forgiveness. But I decided I would at least try, and so went along to this Christmas party, which is the first time I've been in the same place with the two of them since that time. So it was all good, I was civil, and even friendly, and basically relaxed (and a beer or two certainly didn't hurt either). Then towards the end of the party one of the girls says to me "I'd like to compliment you - you are happy and friendly blah blah blah". To which I said, well what are you comparing it to, we haven't seen each other more than twice in three years. And she's going well yes you're more happy. Ok so everything I've been trying to forget all comes back to me, and it's like, well if I wasn't happy in your presence before, it was *because* of you and the hurt you caused me. But of course I couldn't say any of that cause I'm too chicken. So I ended up grumpy and pensive after all. *sigh* I should definately have said something.

The night finished off with some of the boys playing xbox, which I was invited to play, but I had absolutely no idea about the game so gave up and left; and then to top off the night the flipping eway toll tag thingie didn't bleep cause the sticky tape died in the heat today and it fell off and I just had the thing on the dashboard. So now I have to chase that up on Monday. Just what I really didn't need.

Christmas presents

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It's about that time of year when I have to start thinking about Christmas presents for people. I'm utterly hopeless at thinking up presents for people. I tend to prefer asking people what they want, and then just going out and getting it. Vouchers can be good, but are a bit of a non-event and I try to avoid giving them where possible.

I do have a wishlist going, but the things on it tend to be out of the price range that people would give as a gift. For example:

5-way power board with switches
filing cabinet
decent tweezers
new digital camera
john farnham best of cd?
fiddler on the roof cd
car cd player
dvd recorder

And a lot of them have been out of my price range also, hence I don't have them :) Others I've just never gotten around to finding.

mmm sleeeeeep

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It's amazing how much more human you can feel after a decent sleep. I've had a shocker of a weeks' sleep and after losing it totally at work over something completely insignificant I came home at lunch time and slept for the afternoon. Feeling much more alive.

Apparently me little brother found this blog yesterday.. that's a scary thought, let me tell you ;) Not as bad as if my mother found it I suppose..

The sun came out!

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The sun decided to come out this morning for the first time in a week, which made driving into the sun that much more painful. I also had to laugh at the speed signage on the M4. In five hundred metres on James Ruse Drive and the M4, it went from 70 to 90 to 70 to 90 to 70 to 90. How ridiculous is that?

/me needs to go back to sleep badly

My angels laid another batch of eggs yesterday. Amazingly, the eggs are still there today, which is a better effort than last time. And I was all set to do a water change today too. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. The eggs don't have much of a chance in the community tank anyway.

On a sillier note, I updated the definition files on the antivirus program on my parents computer, and it found the opaserv worm. Looks like it came through an open share, as my parents had shared the c drive with full access and no password *sigh*. I set passwords on their shares, but it looks like it got infected in september. I didn't have time today to try and clean it up, but so long as they're off the net it probably won't be an issue.

Gingerbread House night

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Ginger Bread House.jpg
We had our church's annual gingerbread house night tonight. Was a blast, and 110 fantastic looking gingerbread houses were decorated. When I get around to it I'll put the photos up on conspiracy.. there's only several *hundred* of them ! hehe

This being the third year I've done one, I can safely say that "more is more" - the more lollies and chocolate you can cram onto it the better. And I also had a lego tree borrowed from George, and a little classic space minifig :)

Was just watching A Current Affair where they had an interview with an animal liberationist whose group fed ham to a bunch of sheep to stop them being exported to the middle east, and a Muslim leader. The interview was absolutely hilarious because the muslim dude was telling the activist that the stunt was pointless because it wasn't going to make any difference after three days when the pork passes through the sheeps' system.

But talk about a stoopid thing to do in the first place. Yes I can see why people would want to stop the sheep getting shipped on hot/humid transportation for weeks, but ultimately all they're doing is hurting the farmers, who struggle enough as it is without wingnuts like that trying to screw things up for them.

First and last

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thanks to Little Lioness

first real kiss: Charles, 1991
first job: part time: at a news agent in 1990; full time: OzEmail 1996-1997
first screen name: kazza
first self purchased album: first cd was the Labyrinth soundtrack on cd, before I had a cd player
first funeral: the mother of our minister at the time
first pets: Bluey the budgie when I was 7
first piercing: and last, my ears in year 9
first true love: Mark (urgh)
first big trip: New Zealand when I was 18 months old
last big car ride: Aside from some long commutes, probably down to me little brother's place in the 'gong
last kiss: Chris three years ago *sigh*
last good cry: no such thing as a good cry is there?
last movie seen: at the movies, Matrix Revolutions
last beverage: orange juice
last food consumed: chicken alfredo
last phone call: a "wrong" number at work
last TV show watched: Channel 9 news
last shoes worn: my old and dying boots
last CD played: dunno
last item bought: lunch
last disappointment: myself
last soda drank: Lift
last ice cream eaten: hrm, that's been a while
last shirt worn: shirt? how about a t-shirt? this one!

I've had such a sucky day. I was positively bouncing yesterday compared with today. Perhaps it was sleeping in a different bed. Perhaps it was the hour and a half commute. Perhaps I just ran out of serotonin - used it all up yesterday or something :/ At any rate I had no energy all day and everything pissed me off. My boss even managed to stress me out within 30 seconds of coming into the office for the first time after he'd been away for a few weeks.

I've been looking for new boots for months but they don't make women's black boots, except in winter, if you're lucky enough to find them. So I'm going to have to get shoes instead or something.

I did find a very cool craft shop today, though, and got some plaster of paris. Going to try out the plaster and icing sugar mix and see if it makes any difference to the cockroach population here.


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Get home, run around like crazy, race off again!
argh! :)

Noticed this morning there were only five neon tetras left in my big tank. Might almost be time to pull them out and put them in the other tank. Either that or buy some more :) Just not sure if they're becoming snacks for the angels or not.

How sad

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My site has finally dropped off Google. Hits to my site have dwindled to almost nothing. I am back to square one. Oh well. I guess I'll work my way back up eventually. I'm sure google won't take that long to increase my rankings for such search terms as MacGyver DVD, care bear quizzes, creative cockroach control and the like. Although I will need to be linked to from other sites, so anyone that reads my blog can you please update your links?

While I'm at it, I should have a rant about Coldfusion. It has to be the dodgiest piece of software I've ever used. Every single time we've done an upgrade, things have gone wrong. This time, it refuses to talk to access databases. SQL databases are fine. Go figure. There's next to no help available online for the specific errors that I'm getting.. for example within the coldfusion administrator under Data Sources, it lists all the datasources, then at the bottom has this error:

Element ISJ2EE is undefined in DS

which of course has a grand total of two links in google (actually just subsequent posts in the one forum). After stuffing around with it for ages, and eventually getting it to the point where coldfusion pages weren't even being served anymore, I gave up and rebooted the server. At least we're back to where we were this morning.

Fixed comments

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One of the peculiarities of MovableType is that you can't configure all of it within the blog interface. Which I suppose makes sense, since it will initially need *somewhere* to figure out how to configure it initially. My MTCGIPath field was wrong, which turns out to be in the mt.cfg file. Fixed now :)

Calendar Girls

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Calendar Girls

Saw "Calendar Girls" today, which was not a bad movie. Based on a true story too.

But it was at the Beverly Hills twin, a cinema I haven't been to in years. And probably for good reason. The screen was absolutely tiny, and to make matters worse, the whole picture was out of focus.

Bring back the Mecca *please*!!

New url

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For now, until I can think of something better, my blog will be at, please update your bookmarks. Yes I've sold my soul to the devil. We'll see how long it lasts.

Third time lucky?

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Hoping to get a decent sleep-in tomorrow. Somehow doubt it will happen.

Survivor this week was pretty cool. Although talk about a cliffhanger to see who'd get to go back into the game next week.

Nothing much else is happening really.

1. Using one adjective, describe your current living space.

2. Using two adjectives, describe your current employer.
cute, patient

3. Using three adjectives, describe your favorite hobby/pasttime.
addictive, time-consuming, fascinating

4. Using four adjectives, describe your typical day.
frustrating, relaxing, good, bad

5. Using five adjectives, describe your ideal life.
happy, healthy, contented, comforted, satisfying

Matrix Revolutions

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Matrix Revolutions

Didn't get home in time to blog last night. Pretty tragic really, especially on a school night :)

Went and saw Matrix Revolutions with George last night. It was ok. I wasn't expecting too much from it, so I wasn't disappointed, but I found this, as well as Reloaded, just too cryptic. I "got" the first one with no problems, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but the second and third were just a little too out there.

I tried to sleep in this morning, but alas woke up early, hungry and needing to go the toilet. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

First paid gig

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Had my first paid masseur gig tonight. Two hours, 20 people, $100. Not sure if it was worth it or not. I didn't know anyone except Sami, and the whole room was so noisy it was next to impossible to listen to conversations anyway. Not to mention I'm thoroughly exhausted, I've never gone for that long before. Still, $100 and dinner isn't anything to complain about :)


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Somehow I managed to get myself invited to dinner and so much fizzling involved. Even passed by a random breath test on the way home (I wasn't driving of course) but we didn't get stopped; but it still would have been cool to get tested to see what my blood alcohol was.

Spent another day at James' moving bricks. Was a lot more pleasant after the sun went behind the house and the temperature became bearable.

Now watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - the best in the trilogy. Although I was just looking on IMDB and see that they're doing a fourth Indiana Jones movie!

A day in the life of Kazza the Blank One:

8am: nuke customer mail that's over quota. Clear a gig or two of disk space off an almost full disk drive.

9am: book David Bowie tickets. Pretty crappy seats unfortunately, but what can you do. I've been waiting 13 years for this.

11am: head over to James and George's and help demolish a brick staircase/play chauffeur/chuck bricks off the ute into the tip with three minutes before closing time to get them all off

5pm: go to Guy and Sami's flat warming. Managed to not freak out at "scary" person being there. Still didn't really talk to her at all, but at least could make eye contact with her once or twice. After a barbie the girls played games while the boys watched the footy. Decided Rapidoh is not my thing, especially when up against Lizzi, but Pictionary is still my specialty.

11pm: get home and check email. Find someone is willing to "give a generous offer" for this domain - Not for sale buddy :) (and it's actually illegal to sell .au domain names anyway)

12am: sleeeeeeeeeeep

A Wrinkle in Time

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I was doing some cleaning up this afternoon and looking at some of my old books, wondering if it'd be worth selling any of them on ebay. One of the books I saw was "A Wrinkle in Time" by Madeleine L'Engle. I actually stopped and thought about the book for a moment. I got it when my brother's school was getting rid of some old text books, and I remember quite enjoying the book when I read it.

So then I get back to my puta and lookup the tv guide for the night - and there it was - A Wrinkle in Time on tv tonight. Spooky!

There's some classic references in the movie though - like a reference to the Matrix ("is this a *training* sequence?" and "there is no spoon") and to Harry Potter (a direct quote of Dumbledore). Funny stuff.

I hate computers

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They keep me up late and make me get up early.

Sooo looking forward to a sleepin.

damned flipping

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Rebooted a server tonight, and it came back (I saw it respond to pings) but then 10 minutes later it was not pinging again. Have to go in at the crack of dawn tomorrow to kick it in the head.

A Reality Tour

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oooo heard this advertised on the radio today
very excited, have been waiting 13 years for this :)

Onya Makybe Diva!

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Makybe Diva

Thanks Makybe Diva, you won me $25 in the office Melbourne Cup sweep! My first ever win on a sweep, it was pretty cool. Actually I didn't even know it had won until after the race when they put up the results - the tv was a bit blurry and the volume wasn't loud enough. Funny stuff.

Other useless Melbourne Cup trivia: the horse that won in 1986 was called "At Talaq" which I found out recently means "divorce" in Arabic. The horse was owned by a "Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum" .. maybe the dude was going through a rough patch when he named the horse :)

But so far they're proving it by their latest scam - the SIP N FLIP 2 WIN promotion. I call it a scam because the only prize of any value - the $10 dstore evoucher - is impossible to claim.

The first time I tried to claim it, their site gave an sql error and wouldn't allow me to enter my details. I emailed them twice asking what could be done, and they completely ignored me. I still haven't received a reply.

The second time, with another code, I could enter my details ok, but it said I'd already registered and refused to go any further. So I still don't have a voucher. Time to call them up and call them scammers I think.


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Being the first of the month there has been much fizzing involved and hence less ability to type. Much needing of backspace key at present time.

Very excited about birth of boss' new baby.

Also had fun last night at Sydney Cave Clan Newbie's Night. Other than that spent today at Church, sleeping and reading Harry Potter.

Must keep head horizontal or brain will freak out.

It's a girl!

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Congratulations to Jim and Joanne for the birth of their daughter, Nina Jane

Bad news

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When I got up this morning, all the eggs were gone :(
I suspect the glass catfish - they come out in the dark, and they were hanging around the eggs when I went to bed :(

Oh well, at least I know I have a breeding pair, I'm going to need to setup another tank for them.. :)

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