Long but generally satisfying day

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A day in the life of Kazza the Blank One:

8am: nuke customer mail that's over quota. Clear a gig or two of disk space off an almost full disk drive.

9am: book David Bowie tickets. Pretty crappy seats unfortunately, but what can you do. I've been waiting 13 years for this.

11am: head over to James and George's and help demolish a brick staircase/play chauffeur/chuck bricks off the ute into the tip with three minutes before closing time to get them all off

5pm: go to Guy and Sami's flat warming. Managed to not freak out at "scary" person being there. Still didn't really talk to her at all, but at least could make eye contact with her once or twice. After a barbie the girls played games while the boys watched the footy. Decided Rapidoh is not my thing, especially when up against Lizzi, but Pictionary is still my specialty.

11pm: get home and check email. Find someone is willing to "give a generous offer" for this domain - kazza.id.au. Not for sale buddy :) (and it's actually illegal to sell .au domain names anyway)

12am: sleeeeeeeeeeep

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